NBA 2K24 New Zealand release time is 8 am ET on September 7. The game will launch one day before the United States due to the time zone difference.

With the game only a few days away from its official release, fans can't wait any longer to get their hands on the latest edition. Every gamer would want to play the NBA 2K24 as early as possible even if it's by only a few hours.

The latest edition of the basketball game series which will launch simultaneously at midnight worldwide will be available much earlier in some countries based on their time zones. The 2K fans residing in New Zealand and Australia are lucky since they are a few hours ahead of Eastern Time.

This means that players in these countries will be playing 2K24 on September 7 while people in the United States will still be waiting to get their hands on their favorite video game. However, there is another way to access the game much earlier than the actual release date and time.

NBA 2K24 New Zealand Time Hack

NBA 2K24 New Zealand time trick will allow players to access the awaited game 16 hours earlier. The game will launch a day early in New Zealand at 8 am ET.

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The game is usually launched at midnight for every region and Wellington, New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of Eastern Time. Therefore, the game can be enjoyed by the fans on September 7 itself.

NBA 2K24 release date and time is scheduled for 8 September 2023 on Friday at midnight but with the time zone trick of New Zealand, it can be played earlier.

Many might wonder if using this hack is actually necessary or not but 2K fans have been waiting for the game for a year now. Nobody would want to miss the opportunity to play the game much earlier than others.

The hack is applicable for both Xbox and PlayStation but the latter comes with a bit of a hassle and is a tad bit risky. The hack does not require much work and can be done easily by just changing the time zone on your console. It is not so easy on PlayStation though.

How To Change The Time Zone on Xbox and Play NBA 2K24 Early?

The changing of a time zone can be done on the Xbox Series X|S as well as on Xbox One with the same steps. Gamers have been successfully using this hack to gain access and experience the latest versions much earlier.

Step 1Click on Settings
Step 2In the settings option, click on System
Step 3Once inside the system section, click on the Language and Location option
Step 4Set the language option to English (New Zealand) and the location to New Zealand
Step 5Restart your console and sit back and enjoy the game

Source : twitter

NBA 2K24 release date Australia will be on September 7 at 10 am ET since their time zone is 14 hours ahead of Eastern Time allowing players early access.

The same method can be used to play the basketball game earlier if you can not wait for 14 more hours by changing the language and location settings on your Xbox console.

As mentioned earlier, using this method on your PlayStation console is somewhat tricky because you will have to create a new PlayStation Network (PSN) account. You will need to set up an account for New Zealand which would not be a risk worth taking since the game will launch a few hours later in your time zone.

Is There Early Access For NBA 2K24?

NBA 2K24 will not have an early access period like other video games. 2K has made sure that fans will have to wait until the game releases officially.

Even with pre-orders of the game, early access will not be available on any console. The only way to play the game early is to use the time zone trick or wait a few hours for the official launch.

Most video games have the option of early access if you pre-order the game by paying a slightly higher price. It will gain you a 24-hour early access period and usually has some extra perks for the extra dollars that are invested.

This will not be the case for NBA 2K24 and everybody will be able to enjoy the latest edition on the scheduled release date with only the timing varying due to the different time zones.

Release Date Pre Order

NBA 2kK24 release date pre order is set for September 8 with only a few more days left. The game has four editions available for pre orders.

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Kobe Bryant Edition for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 ($69.99)

  • 5,000 Virtual Currency
  • 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (one per week)
  • 5x Six MyCAREER Boost Types
  • 3x Three Gatorade Boost Types
  • 95 Rated Kobe Bryant MyTEAM Free Agent Card

Kobe Bryant Edition for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ($59.99)

  • This edition will also have the same bonuses with only the price of the two and the definition differing from one another.

Black Mamba Edition ($99.99)

  • This edition too will have the same digital items included with the pre-order of the edition. It will though have some extra perks like a T-Shirt of Sabrina Ionescu, 3 Kobe Bryant T-Shirts, 2K24 electric skateboards, and many more items.

25th Anniversary Edition ($149.99)

  • The most expensive edition will also have the same digital items but will have slightly different and additional perks included. The primary perk is that it will also come with an NBA League Pass subscription (12 months).

A thing to be noted and kept in mind is that the 25th Anniversary edition is only available till September 10 and the league pass offer will only be available if you purchase the edition (Digital) before September 10, 2023. Any purchase after the given date will not have the offer.

All the editions will come with different perks and bonuses depending on your edition. It is to be noted that none of the pre-orders of the editions will grant you early access to NBA 2K24.

Why NBA 2K24 Will Be Better Than Other Versions

NBA 2K24 will be better than its previous editions by introducing the new ProPLAY technology. It is a technology that will translate NBA footage directly into the gameplay.

The new technology will give fans a more realistic experience while playing their favorite video game and sport. The technology takes the real-life movements from the NBA games and integrates them into the game.

Things could not get more real than that for a video game. Before the technology, the players would meet up with the game developers to recreate moments and movements created by motion capture. It would then be incorporated into the game.

The game will also have several MyNBA mode eras, like in the previous edition. The latest edition will have a new era called 'The LeBron Era' which will be based on his career.

The game has also introduced the Mamba Moments where players can recreate Kobe Bryant's signature skills in the new challenge mode. The City in MyCAREER mode also looks exciting, where you embark on your journey to become the best.

One of the major selling points of NBA 2K24 would be the latest and revised soundtrack for the game. The 2K series is known for its upbeat and exciting selection of songs that feature some of the most famous artists.

In addition to these features, the game will also introduce the crossplay feature, which the series desperately needs. The only limitation is that it will only be limited to the next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.