Golf Le Fleur meaning is Golf The Flower representing unique blend of sporty and floral aesthetics. Le Fleur was launched at Made LA in 2016.

The inception of Golf Le Fleur began with establishing a partnership with Converse, which has continued to thrive to date. Converse granted Tyler unbridled artistic freedom to pursue any desired creative outlet, footwear or apparel. 

Its footwear line is known for its distinctive floral designs and bold colors, and it has become quite popular among Tyler, The Creator's fans, and sneaker enthusiasts. 

The brand has released several styles of sneakers, including the One Star, the Chuck Taylor, and the Gianno.

In addition, the initial collaboration focused on Tyler's unique twist on the classic Converse shoe profiles, specifically the Chuck 70 and the low-top Converse One Star.

What Does Golf Le Fleur Mean In English?

Golf Le Fleur is a French term that roughly translates to the flower in English. The brand's logo is inspired by Tyler The Creator's Flower Boy album cover.

The brand's name is a combination of two words: "Golf," which is a reference to Tyler, The Creator's love for the sport, and "Le Fleur," which means "the flower" in French. 

Tyler has previously expressed his reverence for flowers and their beauty, reflected in the brand's colorful and playful designs.

Tyler launched it's pop store in Malibu, California in December 2021
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In June 2016, Le Fleur was introduced at the Golf Wang fashion show during Made L.A. It was a shoe collaboration between Converse and Tyler, the Creator, and was stylized as "Golf le Fleur.". 

It was first released in 2017, the same year as Tyler's Flower Boy album. The initial release was a light blue version of the Converse One Star shoes called "Clearwater."

By December 2021, Le Fleur had evolved into a luxury lifestyle and apparel brand independently of Golf Wang. The brand debuted with an exclusive pop-up shop in Los Angeles, which was invite-only.

Golf Le Fleur Shoes Collaboration

Golf Le Fleur is known for collaborating with Converse on their signature footwear line, including the Converse One Star and Chuck Taylor styles. 

These collaborations are highly anticipated and sought after by sneaker collectors and fans of the brand. 

On June 11, 2016, Golf Wang marked its first appearance on the runway during the premiere of Made LA, an illustrious fashion event created by IMG on the west coast. 

Notably, this show debuted the highly anticipated 'Golf le Fleur' shoe collaboration, which added to the brand's already established presence in the fashion industry.

Le Fleur collaborated with Jordan Clarkson for basketball accessories and headbands alongside other Lakers players.

Here are some of the notable Le Fleur shoe collaborations:

Converse x Golf Le Fleur One Star

The initial collaboration between Converse and Le Fleur was released in 2017 and highlighted the Converse One Star shoe with floral accents and the Golf Le Fleur branding, per Complex.

The Converse One Star features in two new colourways
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The collection included four colorways: Jolly Green, Solar Power, Vanilla, and Airway Blue.

Converse x Golf Le Fleur "Two-Tone" Collection

In 2018, Fleur and Converse released a two-tone collection of the One Star shoe. 

The shoes featured a split-color design with two contrasting colors on the upper and the signature Fleur flower logo on the side.

Converse x Golf Le Fleur Chuck Taylor 70s

The collaboration expanded to include the classic Chuck Taylor 70s style in 2018. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star 70s shoe
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The shoes had a floral design that was bolder and had more colors and patterns than the One Star collection. The Chuck Taylor 70s collaboration also included apparel, such as hoodies and t-shirts, with matching designs.

Converse x Golf Le Fleur "Burlap" Collection

In 2019, Fleur and Converse released a unique "Burlap" collection of the Chuck Taylor 70s shoe.

The shoes featured a textured burlap material on the upper with the Golf Le Fleur flower logo embroidered in bright colors. The collection also included apparel with matching burlap designs.

Converse x Golf Le Fleur "Colorblock" Collection

In 2020, Le Fleur and Converse released a "Colorblock" collection featuring the One Star and Chuck Taylor 70s shoes with bold color-blocking designs. 

The shoes featured bright and contrasting colors on the upper and midsole, with the signature Golf Le Fleur branding.

Collaboration With Lacoste Clothing

Le Fleur collaborated with Lacoste to produce a clothing line following the triumph of their Converse partnership. 

This collection combined Tyler's unique fashion sense and personality with classic French tennis apparel, causing the brand to ascend the ranks of high fashion. 

The collection comprised classic, ageless items, such as cardigans, polos, and trousers, incorporating Tyler's emblematic pastel color scheme.

Le Fleur Lacoste Teddy Jacket Green from SS19
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With the momentum from their successful joint ventures, Le Fleur introduced their debut independent clothing line in 2021. 

This posh, gender-neutral collection featured a refined array of garments that served as Tyler's debut in high fashion. It significantly departed from his prior skate punk streetwear and Converse collaborations, showcasing a matured fashion sense focused on elegance and style. 

The collection included upscale garments such as mohair cardigans, leather jackets, silk tops, trousers, knit polos, and other sophisticated apparel.

Golf Le Fleur Venture In Beauty And Accessory Line

Le Fleur made its solo clothing debut and ventured into the accessory and beauty industries.

The collection featured a range of essential accessories for travel enthusiasts, including sunglasses, handkerchiefs, and a particularly impressive briefcase. 

French Waltz's collaboration with Le Fleur launched a new fragnance on December 13, 2021
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This premium briefcase resulted from collaborating with The Globetrotter, a distinguished British luxury brand.

Furthermore, Le Fleur launched a 3-piece, gender-neutral nail polish set with French Waltz. This decorative collection added a touch of sophistication to the brand's repertoire, complementing its elegant clothing line.

Who Owns Golf Le Fleur?

Musician and record producer Tyler Gregory Okanma owns Golf Le Fleur. Professionally known as Tyler the creator, he is a founding member of the music collective known as Odd Future. 

At 32 years of age, he has amassed numerous accolades, including two Grammy Awards, a BRIT Award, three BET Hip Hop Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award. 

His brand's clothing collections are inspired by wanderlust to explore the world, reflected in their European aesthetics, vibrant color palettes, and premium fabrics.

Tyler's portrait from January 29, 2018
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Likewise, the brand strives to instill this sense of adventure in its customers through its well-crafted and comfortable clothing.

Tyler expressed his vision for the brand in an interview with Women's Wear Daily in 2021, stating that he wants people to "live in these clothes." He encourages wearers to experience life to the fullest in his garments, to scratch them up, and even get holes in them.