List Of NFL Teams Named After States

NFL Teams named after states are Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans. The NFL has 32 teams in the league and only 6 are named after states. The remaining teams are mostly named ...

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What Is The Black Strap That NFL Players Wear?

The black strap that NFL players wear on the back of their necks is known as Q-Collar. It is a device used to prevent them from brain injuries upon impact. You must have come across seeing NFL players wearing a band-like thing on the back of their n...

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Why So Many Achilles Injuries In NFL?

As Tom Brady said there is always a 100% injury rate in the NFL and Achilles injury is one of the most common as most of the NFL stadiums have artificial turf. 15 NFL stadiums have artificial turf surfaces whereas the remaining 15 have either grass ...

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