PBA Players Championship payout for 2023 is $400,000 out of 128 entries with $100,000 going to the champion at Bowlero North Brunswick.

The overall reward budget has fluctuated annually, influenced by various factors, such as the size of the prize pool and the number of participants competing.

Jason Belmonte took home $100,000 from a total prize pool of $565,300 as the crowned winner of the 2022 Players Championship. Similarly, the 2023 competition kick-started on April 30 at Bowlero North Brunswick bowling alley in New Jersey.

After several days of intense bowling matches involving qualification rounds and preliminary stages of play, the field for the 2023 Players Championship has been whittled down to the final eight competitors.

EJ Tackett, who led the qualifying round with 10,832 points, faced ninth-seeded Kevin McCune. However, McCune emerged victorious in the game and booked the semifinal spot alongside Anthony Simonsen.

Tackett is one of the top players in the tournament who is awaiting to make a significant impact like Kyle Troup in past contests.

PBA Bowling TV Schedule 2023

PBA Bowling TV Schedule 2023 began on Sunday, April 30, with eight Pre-Tournament Qualifier (PTQ) games on Fox Sports.

In March 2018, the PBA signed a multi-year agreement with Fox Sports for the exclusive broadcast rights to all PBA championship events, including the PBA Tour, PBA Playoffs, and PBA League.

K. McCune celebrates after a win against Tackett in the QF of 2023 PBA Players tournament
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As part of the deal for one of the most popular sports in the US, Fox Sports agreed to broadcast all PBA championship events live on its various platforms, including Fox Sports 1.

The PBA Players Championship 2023 roadmap to the finale has nine rounds:

  • Pre-Tournament Qualifier (PTQ) - April 30, 2023
  • Qualifying Round - May 2 and 3
  • Advancers Qualifying Round - May 4
  • Top 24 Qualifying Round - May 5
  • Top 18 Qualifying Round - May 5
  • Round of 12 - May 6
  • Round of 8 - May 7
  • Semifinal Round - May 12 and 13
  • PBA Players Championship TV Final - May 14 on FOX: 1 p.m. ET

The start of May brought more intriguing 2023 PBA Players Championship bowling games as the qualifying round began on May 2nd. 

The games comprise four rounds, and player progression depends on their combined standing in the ranking table. At the end of the qualifying round, only one-third of the players will move forward to the Advancers, while the remaining two-thirds will be eliminated from the event.

In the Advancers Round, two phases of six games are conducted on May 4, and based on their combined ranking, the top 24 players go to the next stage. 

Starting from May 5. the number of participants was reduced from 24 to 12 as the Top 24 qualifying round and Top 18 qualifying round were scheduled on the same day. 

EJ Tackett won his third PBA trophy of the 2022-23 season in March
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EJ Tackett finished first, whereas Sean Lavery Spahr finished at the bottom. Once the final 12 competitors are locked in, the tournament becomes a single-game knockout round. 

Followed by Round of Eight games on May 7, the PBA Players Championship 2023 is now down to the top four contestants, who will compete against their opponent on May 13 to reach the tournament's final on May 14.

PBA Players Championship 2023 Purse

PBA Players Championship 2023 purse has a total prize pool of 400 thousand dollars. The tournament purse was $565,300 in 2022.

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) collaborated with Snickers for the 2023 tournament as the major sponsor. This year's competition has less prize money compared to its previous iterations.

In 2022, it was $565,300 and had a total entry of 326 participants. The 2022 PBA Players Championship winner, Jason Belmonte from New South Wals Australia, received $100,000.

Jason Belmonte is the winner of the 2022 PBA Players championship
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Meanwhile, the silver medalist, Sean Rash, collected a cash prize of $60,000, which is $10,000 less than the prize money offered in the 2023 competition.

Furthermore, the 2021 PBA Players Championship had the highest competition purse of a staggering $1 million, with the champion Kyle Troup, receiving $250,000.

PBA Players Championship 2023 Purse Breakdown up to 10th place finishers

  • 1st - $100,000
  • 2nd - $50,000
  • 3rd - $25,000
  • 4th - $25,000
  • 5th - $13,000
  • 6th - $13,000
  • 7th - $13,000
  • 8th - $13,000
  • 9th - $8,000
  • 10th - $8,000

The primary reason behind the reduction in prize money for the 2023 championship is because of fewer contestants. In 2022 it was 326, and this year there are just 128, a sharp decline of 198 players, which is a massive loss to the organizers. 

As in 2022, the first-place holder will secure $100,000, but there is a gradual decrease in pay for the remaining rank holders.

Compared to the 2022 season, the second-place finisher in the 2023 competition will receive a sum of $10,000 lower. The player ranked third will only be granted $25,000, representing a $20,000 reduction in their prize money.

On the other hand, the bottom-place finisher, 42nd position, in the 2023 tournament will receive a cheque of $2,500.

PBA Players Championship Results Breakdown

PBA Players Championship results of quarterfinal games, Kevin McCune and Anthony Simonsen have advanced to the semis.

In an unexpected turn of events on March 7th, McCune, who had placed 9th in the Top 18 qualifying round with a score of 10,479 points, emerged victorious over the formidable EJ Tackett in the tournament.

Bill O'Neill, the 2020 PBA Players Championship winner will play against Matt Russo
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Tackett was in the lead from the early qualifying round and was on top by the end of the Top 18 Qualifying Round. As the top seed, he was directly qualified for the last eight.

Meanwhile, McCune had to play against the 8-seed player Zac Tackett. He defeated Zac by 200-189 to face EJ. McCune got the best of both Tackett and is through to play in the e semifinal.

Round of 8 games

  • EJ Tackett vs Kevin McCune
  • Anthony Simonsen vs Tomas Kayhko
  • Matt Russo vs Bill O'Neill
  • Keven Williams vs Jakob Butturff

Likewise, Anthony Simonsen beat Kayhko in the second quarterfinal game and will now play against McCune for a place in the final.

Jesper Svensson with his spouse in Copenhagen, August 2021
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The remaining QF game is between Matt Russo vs Bill O'Neill and Keven Williams vs Jakob Butturff. Russo finished third in the 18 qualifyings and received a bye in Round 12. He will go up against O'Neill, who defeated Dom Barrett.

Following his win over Jesper Svensson in the Round of 12 games, Keven Williams is preparing to take on Jakob Butturff, the second-seeded player, in the quarterfinals.