NBA 2k24 arcade edition release date is a month after the console version. The console version is set for release by 8th September 2023. 

NBA 2k24 cover art is of Sabrina and Kobe Bryant's Lakers edition along with Black Mamba Edition. Both of them are eye-catching covers but the Mamba edition looks more fired up and serious.

The game has added a crossplay version where XBox series or Playstation 5, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch users can play with one another online. 

Despite the fancy upgrade, mobile gamers only want NBA 2k24 to also be available to Android. NBA 2k20 and other older versions are available in the play store. 

Moving on, the Mobile version of NBA 2k23 was released on 18th October 2022 in the app store. Thus, developers (Visual concepts) shall release the game in a similar timeline. 

NBA 2k24 New Features

2k's latest release shall include gameplay, pro play, my NBA, The City, and update version of my career
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NBA 2k24 new features in mobile gaming include upgrades in animation, My Park, My Team, and Career mode. Gamers have wished for additional attributes in accessories. 

Visual concepts had heard the grievances of mobile gamers and they made changes to the NBA 2k23 from their previous version. Thus, the community hopes that they do the same in the upcoming game. 

2k24 is expected to improve the Pro Play version. They shall remove glitches and update the animation of the players. These advancements are to be expected in the mobile edition. 

2k is trying to become one of the best in the NBA games thus they are opting for more realistic simulation.

'23 had some changes with aimbot thus some features might be hidden for those who loved attributes of older versions. 

NBA 2k updated features for their '24th iteration are as follows;

Mamba Moments

Kobe's captivating skills and plays shall be included with his signature attributes. The player's mamba moments shall give the gamers an edge after unlocking the character.

2k is paying homage to the basketball legend in the latest version by adding new animation, his playstyle, and the finals celebration. 

Similarly, Bryant's fashion like NBA Jerseys, sleeves, and other accessories might be made available in order to boost his stats. We shall also be able to add his team play with Shaq. 

Immersive Modes

NBA MVPs like Jokic and other all stars featured in the NBA card for the 2k mobile
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Immersive modes are updated in single-player and multiplayer modes. My career's mission to create a journey for your player is likely to be a bit easier than grinding for small upgrades.

Some essential changes are made in My team to create your dream squad. The salary cap on the general manager is added to my NBA.

Gamers might have criticisms over the salary cap but there were options to turn off the cap in My GM 2k23. Similar arrangements might have been made in '24. 

Furthermore, other expected improvements are as follows;

  • Updates in Builder and batch system
  • Changes in jump shots and dunks with the addition of an immersive gaming style.
  • Addition of contests (dunk or 3-point) in My Career to make the game more appealing to mobile users who feel a bit neglected by the studios. 
  • Improvement in My Park and Streetball shall take place in this latest version. The multi-players controls are added thus competition of 1v1, 5v5, and 3v3 shall take place. 
  • Optimized controls and seamless transition of offense and defense in the game. 
  • Fewer lags and bugs thus NBA 2k are evolving with each edition. They are creating one of the best versions to entertain the fans.
  •  Crossplay shall be featured on XBOX and PS4, it is not built for mobile gamers instead multi-player mode will take place. 

NBA 2k24 My Player Builder

My player builder stats include playmaking, shooting, defensive, and offensive abilities.
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NBA 2k24 My Player Builder is similar to the 2k23 but a few changes like build names and stats are likely to happen, for 2k24 to become a success. 

Moreover, improvement in the gameplay is to be expected thus player's build and his gameplay shall synergize to bring out the best results. 

In addition, fans have complained that builders do not have strengths and weaknesses thus developers might have addressed those concerns in its latest release.

Visual Concepts shall take positive aspects of '23 and work on all faulty mechanics and update those factors in '24. The immersive style of MMORPG games like BG3 to appeal the audience. 

In addition, moving playings shot is Kobe's attribute, which will be added in the latest version as the 2k. The developers officially stated that they will bring Kobe's best plays.


The attributes and badges depend upon how your character (My player) will perform on the court. These basketball traits for 2k24 include the following;

Finishing Shots

Close shots are the finishing shots taken standing close to the rim i.e. 10 feet near the rim. 24 shall bring out improvement in hook shots, alley-oop, and putback ups and introduce new dunk styles as well. 

Moreover, other attributes include the following;

  • Driving Layup
  • Driving Dunk
  • Standing Dunk
  • Post Control and many others. 

Thus, the player's gameplay shall match these attributes for 2k to succeed in its latest version. 


After discovering Steph's card you might have been OP in the shooting but 24 shall balance out the stats and manage the shooting percentage similar to an NBA game. 

It shall only take notes from real games than copying the stats thus you shall still have leeway or advantage to secure more if you have players like Dirk, Klay, Nash, Kidd, Steph, or Magic

Moreover, different shooting in the game are as follows;

  • Mid-range shot
  • Three-point shot
  • Free Throw

Occasionally, you can make shots from one court to another, if you have maxed out the attributes of your character.


Playmaking includes successful offensive and defensive skills for your team to reach the playoffs and win the championship, here are the updated skills in 2K. 

  • Pass Accuracy
  • Ball Handle
  • Speed With Ball
  • Interior Defense
  • Perimeter Defense
  • Steal
  • Block
  • Offensive rebound
  • Defensive rebound


Physical characteristics of players include speed, acceleration, strength, vertical, and stamina. The player's physical are dependent on the character design, training, and maxing out your character. 

Will NBA 2k24 Be On PS4?

Anniversary edition of the game is a limited version which shall additional features for the gamers thus anniversary edition showcases NBA championship ring as its cover
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Yes, NBA 2k24 shall be on PS4 and PS5 (console version). The option for cross-play is also added that which shall facilitate the compatibility of the Playstation and X-Box series. 

However, only higher-end Playstation and X-Box shall be compatible with the game thus older versions will not support the cross-compatibility function.

Furthermore, the release of NBA 2k24's 25th-anniversary edition is available for pre-order. It is a limited offer available till the 10th of September. 

You can play all the enhanced features of my career, my team, and my NBA in the game. Similarly, all versions shall be game shall be available next month. 

Additionally, 2k24 shall include new rewards and exciting features for you to immerse in the game. It shall introduce pro-play that shall pay heed to authentic moments of players to make the game more realistic.  

Furthermore, PS4, Xbox, and PC offer a more detailed experience than arcade gaming. Nonetheless, mobile gaming offers convenience to the players to play the game at anywhere and anytime.