Taylor Fritz Family Life with Parents Kathy May Fritz and Guy Fritz

Taylor Fritz parents are Guy Fritz and Kathy May, both professional tennis players. Taylor grew up in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego. The No.1 American tennis player was bound to make it big into the tennis world, given his fantastic birth givers' vas...

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50+ Hilariously Funny Tennis Jokes, Puns & One-Liners

Tennis is a sport that two or four play but everyone can make jokes about it. See what we did there, name it singles or doubles, we have got you covered. The players use rackets to hit a ball over the net and into the opponent's court while preventin...

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Shelby Rogers Boyfriend John Slavik And Their Love Story

Shelby Rogers and John Slavik toured the Intercoastal waterway to celebrate her 30th birthday with their family in October 2022.  Shelby Rogers boyfriend John Slavik is a ice hockey player who played with the Indian Tech Warriors from ...

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