Connor Bedard Rookie Card Value is expected in the range of $500 to $1,000. The Upper Deck will most likely release the card in early 2024.

Generational ice hockey prospect Connor is almost certain to be the 1st overall pick for the Chicago Blackhawks in the upcoming NHL 2023 draft.

With the highly awaited draft scheduled to take place on June 28-29 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, all eyes will be on the 17-year-old center.

Connor Bedard is certainly worth the hype, thanks to his elite skating skills, shooting pedigree, and puck-handling abilities of the highest caliber.

As rookie cards depict the beginning of a professional career and considering Connor is expected to have an iconic hockey career, his rookie card will be highly sought-after in the coming days.

Well, it is yet to be seen how much of an impact the young lad will have in the National Hockey League, but the craze has well and truly peaked.

Connor Bedard Rookie Card Release Date

Connor Bedard card release date will be late February or March 2024. The ice hockey center will be in the Upper Deck Series 2, not the Series 1.

The hockey card collection is not just a hobby nowadays, rather it has been the investment trend of late, with a massive scope for business value.

Although the Upper Deck Series 1 is set to release on 2023 August, the widely speculated hockey prospect won't be there. By the time his rookie card releases, almost half of the 2023-24 NHL season will have taken place.

Bedard featured in the Draft Preview issue of The Hockey News on June 2023.
Source : instagram

If Connor lives up to the hype and showcases his potential early on with the Blackhawks in the NHL, his card value will rise significantly. However, if he doesn't live up to the buildup and takes some time to adapt to the league, the value will slightly decrease, which has been the trend so far!!

Rob Collins, the Ultimate Sportscards owner in the city of North Bay, is expecting the first NHL rookie cards of Bedard to go for more than nearly times what Edmonton Oiler's captain Connor McDavid's rookie cards went for back in 2015-16.

Since these cards are produced in limited quantities in comparison to later-year cards, they are not only rare but also carry a huge significance among collectors. Add that to the growing demand and popularity of Bedard, they will prove to be worth a lot of money in the future.

Connor Bedard Hockey Cards Upper Deck

Upper Deck has included Bedard in some of its Team Canada products so far. Some of his crucial hockey cards released early are listed below:

  • 2020-21 Regina Pats Connor Bedard
  • 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Patch Autographs #76  
  • 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Gold Spectrum Autographs #117  
  • 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Prospect Momentous Connor Bedard #PM-17
  • 2021-22 Upper Deck CHL Star Rookie #401  
  • 2021-22 UD CHL First Draft #FD-1

WHL Rookie Card of Connor listed on sale at $550 in January 2023.
Source : twitter

The first-ever card for Bedard was a team-issue minor league card of Regina Pats from the 2020-21 Western Hockey League season. It is part of a 26-card Pats team set with limited availability since it was released exclusively in the Regina region only.

The 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Patch Autographs card is very rare numbered to just 25. This highly valuable card not only features Connor's autograph but also has his game-worn patch. 

Released as part of the 2021 Team Canada Juniors set, it is the reminiscence of Bedard winning the gold medal with the Canada U-18 team at the 2021 IIHF World U18 Championships.

The 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors Gold Spectrum is another Team Canada card featuring the signature of Bedard. The prominent ice hockey center created history leading Canada to the gold medal at the 2022 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

Likewise, the 2021-22 UD CHL First Draft #FD-1 is part of a 20-card subset. This insert card features Connor in the Regina Pats jersey with "First Draft" written at the top. The white version is very rare at #/5 whereas the red versions are #/99.

Another Upper Deck card titled 2023 Connor Bedard Hockey Rookie Card with Gem Mint grading is currently trading at $59.99 on Amazon.

Connor Bedard Autographed Cards

Although few autographed cards of Bedard from junior hockey have been released, his MLB-signed cards will only be available in early 2024.

Considering Connor signed cards from his junior hockey days with Canada are in huge demand, his NHL Draft will further increase the market.

One of the 25 Premium Autographs from the Team Canada Juniors issue of the Bedard card was sold for a whopping $7,999 in October 2022.

Connor Bedard Young Guns card, expected to release in Upper Deck Series 2 in early 2024, will cost around $500 to $1,000 per speculations.

Tier 2 patch autograph card of Bedard from the 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors.
Source : comc

Some of the most valuable Connor Bedard cards available on the prominent collectibles site, COMC are listed below:

  • 2020-21 Regina Pats Team Issue - $2,781.10
  • 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors (Patch Autographs) - $3,583.06
  • 2021-22 Upper Deck CHL - $1,680
  • 2021-22 Upper Deck CHL - $1,351.10
  • 2020-21 CHL Star Rookies #/100 - $339.23
  • 2021 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors (Blue #32) - $772.49
  • 2023 Upper Deck All-Sports Game Dated Moments - $143.10
  • 2021-22 Upper Deck CHL - First Draft #FD-1 - $87.65