NHL on TNT announcers for 2023-24 are Brendan Burke, Kenny Albert, Brian Boucher, Darren Pang and Jennifer Botterill.

Starting from the 2021-22 season, The Walt Disney Co shared its exclusive right to broadcast all the NHL games to Turner Sports, a division of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Turner Sports signed a seven-year deal to become one of the two rights holders of the National Hockey League in the US, alongside ESPN/ABC.

Under this deal, TNT will broadcast up to 72 nationally televised regular-season games, the NHL Winter Classic, and half of the Stanley Cup playoffs, while the other half will be aired on TBS and the Stanley Cup Finals in odd-numbered years.

Likewise, from the 2022-23 season onward, Turner Sports announced that some of the NHL games would also be aired on another network, TBS.

Avid hockey fans do not acknowledge TBS as the primary source to watch all the NHL events. However, with TNT airing several NBA games simultaneously, TBS will broadcast a few matches on its channel.

TNT hockey crew members are:

  • Liam McHugh
  • Anson Carter
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Paul Bissonnette
  • Rick Tocchet
  • Henrik Lundqvist

TBS Hockey Announcers Tonight

TNT Hockey Broadcast team tonight consists of:

  • Brendan Burke
  • Kenny Albert
  • John Forslund
  • Randy Hahn
  • Dave Goucher
  • Rick Ball

The 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs are now underway, starting from April 17, 2023, with the First Round wrapping up by the end of the month.

Studio crew NHL on TNT 2023
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With both the NBA and NHL playoffs in full swing, their live broadcast schedules overlapped in 2022-23 season. In response, TNT has delegated some of its telecasting responsibilities to the TBS network.

TBS broadcasted ten first-round playoff games, the first being Game 1 between the Devils and Rangers on April 18. Then it launched one Game 2 match, five Game 3 matches, and three Game 4 matches, concluding its run with Kraken vs. Avalanche on April 24.

The experienced American sportscaster Kenny Albert who joined Turner Sports for the 2021-22 season, led the NHL announcing team for TBS in 2023. Albert came from a family with a rich heritage of broadcasting.

The son of the NBA on TNT head announcer, Marv Albert, Kenny is the only sportscaster currently announcing all four major sports leagues, NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL, in America and Canada. 

He takes the lead play-by-play announcer for the channel, with Brendan Burke and John Forslund being other crew members.

Burke joined Warner Bros. Discovery Sports. in September 2021 in the new roster for NHL coverage. Besides, the 38-year-old has also been providing commentary for several other studios, such as the New York Islanders, MSG Networks, and NBC Sports. 

Brendan teaming (L) with Darren Pang for NHL coverage at Ball Arena in October 2021
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The third play-by-play announcer, John Forslund, became a part-time broadcaster for the NHL on TNT crew in 2022. Additionally, the Seattle Kraken brought Forslund as their television announcer on Root Sports Northwest in the fall of 2021.

Meanwhile, Jim Jackson, the current Philadelphia Flyers announcer, has a different story. Born in Utica, New York, the 60-year-old sportscaster has been on the broadcasting line for over 25 years. Jackson will always be the voice of the Flyers for generations to come.

The San Jose Sharks play-by-play anchor, Randy Hahn, 64, joined the star-studded crew of the NHL TBS broadcast team in 2022 alongside John and Jim.

Hahn served for NBC Sports for most of his career, three-decade to be precise, out of his 40-year broadcast experience. Besides, he has also covered Canadian Football League teams on the radio.

The rest of the TBS announcers are Vegas Golden Knight broadcaster Dave Goucher who joined in 2022, and Rick Ball, a Sportsnet commentator, who came in late in 2023.

Who Are The TNT Hockey Studio Analysts?

The TNT Hockey studio analysts are:

  • Keith Jones
  • Meghan Mikkelson
  • Shane Hnidy
  • Colby Armstrong
  • Eddie Olczyk
  • Bryce Salvador
  • Butch Goring
  • Mike McKenna
  • Jody Shelley
  • Darren Eliot
  • Drew Remenda
  • Bret Hedican
  • Darren Pang
  • Jamal Mayers
  • Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre

The hockey on Turner Sports squad commenced their performance with a dazzling display, as Keith Jones and Eddie Olczyk expertly welcomed all the viewers. The experienced broadcaster Darren Pang was equally adept, giving his insights about the game.

Keith Jones, a former professional ice hockey player who played in the NHL for over a decade, is now a television analyst and commentator for NBC Sports.

Jones spent ten seasons in the league and has been a popular commentator since retiring. He joined TNT Hockey in 2021 as the lead "Inside-the-Glass" analyst.

Keith Jones at Lincoln Financial Field to cover an NHL game between the Flyers and Pens in February 2019
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Lead color commentator Eddie Olczyk is a former NHL player and coach who has been prominent in hockey broadcasting for over 30 years. Olczyk became a part of the TBS hockey analysts panel in 2021.

Darren Pang played as a goaltender in NHL and has been a respected broadcaster for over two decades. He has been affiliated with TNT Hockey since 2021, bringing a unique perspective from the goaltender's angle to the broadcast.

Similarly, the 2006 Stanley Cup winning defenseman Bret Hedican, who played for over 17 seasons in the league, joined Turner Sports in 2022 as a fill-in color commentator, providing expert analysis from the defensive standpoint.

Another NHL champion Butch Goring won four Stanley Cups during his 16-year career. The Canadian former player is a television analyst for MSG Network. Besides, Goring signed with TNT Hockey in 2022 as a playoffs color commentator.

Drew Remenda is a hockey analyst and former coach who has worked for various NHL broadcasts for over 20 years. The San Jose Sharks on-air person joined TNT Hockey in 2022 as a playoffs color commentator, and now he also acts as an analyst. 

Meaghan Mikkelson with NHL on TNT in June 2022
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Shane Hnidy is a former NHL defenseman who played for 11 seasons in NHL before resting his boot and venturing into television as a sportscaster. Shane announced he would work for TNT Hockey in 2022 as a fill-in color commentator and "Inside-the-Glass" analyst.

One of the few female representatives on the network is Meaghan Mikkelson. She played in the Olympics and World Championships during her playing days.

Mikkelson is a respected voice in women's hockey who toiled as a reporter and analyst for TSN and Sportsnet before joining Turner Sports in 2022.

TNT Hockey Intermission Commentators

TNT Hockey Stanley Cup Intermission Commentators are:

  • Liam McHugh (host)
  • Henrik Lundqvist
  • Paul Bissonette
  • Rick Tocchet
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Anson Carter

Half-time commentators are a team of studio hosts and analysts. They provide commentary and analysis during intermissions of NHL games on live broadcasts.

The crew of hockey experts typically discuss the highlights of the game, provide analysis and breakdowns of key moments and plays, and offer their opinions on the performance of the players and teams.

Moreover, they update other NHL games happening simultaneously and preview upcoming games. Most of the staff on the broadcast are former NHL players or coaches, or even journalists who have a long attachment to hockey and know it inside out.

Liam McHugh leads the studio of TNT or TBS hockey commentators, a position he has held since 2021. McHugh is a well-known sports broadcaster with extensive hosting and reporting experience.

 Liam McHugh on the set of NHL on TNT in April 2023
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His talent lies in his ability to engage with guests and viewers alike, providing insightful commentary and analysis that adds value to the NHL on TNT broadcast.

Wayne Gretzky is a former NHL player who joined NHL on TNT as a studio analyst and Heritage Classic color commentator in 2021. Gretzky, an NHL legend presence on the network, adds expertise and credibility that few others can match. 

Moreover, his great wisdom in the game is invaluable to the NHL on TNT broadcast, and his match breakdowns are highly respected by fans and players alike.

Anson Carter, a TNT studio analyst since 2021 who played in NHL for 22 years with various NHL teams, brings a wealth of experience and mastery to the channel. His foresight into the game is admiringly esteemed, and NHL supporters and viewers highly value his critique.

Another former NHL player, Paul Bissonnette, who joined TNT hockey intermission commentators in 2021, played for the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Phoenix Coyotes during his career and is known for his outspoken personality, on and off the ice. 

TNT studio announcers on discussion during Stanley Cup playoff game in April 2023
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Bissonnette's talent lies in bringing a fresh perspective to the live broadcast, offering unique insights that add value to the channel's coverage.

Similarly, a retired New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist has been on the studio as a rotating commentator since 2021, and former NHL player and coach Rick Tocchet are among the other members of the intermission commentating crew.

TNT Hockey Sideline Reporters

TNT hockey sideline reporters have a talented cast of Jackie Redmond, Jennifer Botterill, Nabil Karim, and Tarik El-Bashir.

They are best known for their intensive field reporting from the ice. Hence, hockey sideline reporters are also called ice-level reporters.

TNT ice-level reporter Jackie Redmond with E.J. Hradek and Billy Jaffe at Ball Arena in June 2022
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Among all the sportscasters working on live broadcasting in any sport, sideline reporters have the most demanding tasks because presenting on the live events and running around for interviews and reporting requires unmatched agility and alertness than just sitting on a comfy chair in an air-conditioned room, critiquing.

NHL Sideline Reporters

  • Shannon Hogan
  • Taryn Hatcher
  • Julie Stewart-Binks
  • Jackie Redmond
  • Tarik El-Bashir
  • Jennifer Botterill
  • Nabil Karim
  • Erika Wachter
  • Alyson Lozoff
  • Meaghan Mikkelson
  • Ashali Vise

Jackie Redmond is the lead ice-level reporter for TNT Hockey, who has been with Turner Sports since 2022. Then The Athletic senior contributor Tarik El-Bashir is second in the hierarchy, followed by fill-in studio host Nabil Karim.

Julie Stewart-Binks is among the others from the chart who might have a familiar face. She is a Canadian journalist who worked at ESPN and Fox Sports before joining Turner Sports in 2022 as playoffs sideline reporter.