Chris Kamara now lives in Yorkshire home with his wife Anne Kamara. Former footballer Kamara is originally from Middlesborough. 

Chris, who is a former football player and a coach is popular among the fans of the clubs he has played for and managed in the past years. Kamara is more lovingly called Kammy by millions of fans who adore him and have fond memories of his previous career as a professional player and manager.

Kamara started his career by joining the youth team of Portsmouth FC. He started his senior career after being promoted to the Portsmouth senior team in 1975. Kamara would go on to play for the next 20 years and during these 20 years, he played for 11 teams including Portsmouth FC.

After hanging up his boots in 1995 with Bradford City FC, he immediately transferred into a managerial career and started off by managing Bradford City itself starting from 1995. 

Where Does Chris Kamara Live Now?

Chris Kamara currently resides in Wakefield in West Yorkshire. Kamara stays with his long time wife Anne Kamara in his residence.

The current Yorkshire house is significant for the former player and coach because he has his son Jack living next door with his family consisting of a wife and a daughter.

Kamara and his wife Anne married in 1982 and have been together since then. They share two sons, Jack and Ben, of whom Jack resides nearby.

Chris Kamara resides with his wife Anne Kamara in Yorkshire
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Although, his sons' information is rare and not much is known to the public, his son Jack is reported to be a footballer just like his father.

Chris Kamara Made A Name For Himself As A Pundit

After his playing and managerial career came to an end Chirs Kamara Made a name for himself as a football pundit. Chris Kamara worked with Sky Sports.

Chris was with the Sky Sports network for 24 years and during his time as a pundit, he gained a lot of popularity and acclamation. Not only punditry but he was also very prevalent as an in-game reporter and broadcaster host. Many of his peers and co-workers have praised his football knowledge and understanding.

Arsenal and England midfielder from the years past, Paul Merson appreciated Kamara's knowledge of the game saying that his knowledge is second to none.

Chris Kamara worked with Sky Sports as a pundit and reporter for 24 years
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Chris Kamara Is Diagnosed With Apraxia

Chris Kamara revealed to the world that he was diagnosed with Apraxia of speech in March earlier this year.

Apraxia is a disease that affects a person's neuro system and prevents them from doing what their mind wants them to do in proper sequence or semblance even though their physical condition and desire allow them to do it.

In Chris' case, he has Apraxia of speech, meaning that what he wants to speak out will be extremely difficult for him as his neurons will not work in sync with what his mind wants to do. Hence, his speech might sound different and out of the ordinary.

Chris Kamara using the Oxygen chamber for his speech recovery
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Due to all this, Sky Sports legend Kamara is leaving his job of punditry and reporting after 24 long and prosperous years.

This is a sad thing that such a legend is walking away from the Sports punditry. However, Kamara has remarked that he will be following Sky Sports and his program Soccer Saturday regularly as a fan.

Chris Kamara Managerial Career Was Not Exactly Fruitful

Chris Kamara managerial career was not fruitful or successful by any stretch. Kamara during his managerial tenure managed Bradford City and Stoke City.

He was at the helm of 126 total games for both clubs and during those games, his overall winning percentage was just 32.5%. His time at both clubs came to an unsavory end.

Kamara's Tenure at Bradford City FC

Right after he ended his playing career Kamara jumpstarted his managerial career by taking the reins at his last club.

Chris Kamara during his time as the manager of Bradford City FC
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He went on to manage Bradford for a little over two years. He took over in November 1995 and left the job in January 1998.

Kamara oversaw 112 games as the manager of Bradford City FC and he managed to get a win in 40 of those games while 26 were tied. However, since he lost more games than he won with 46 losses to his resume, his win percentage was only 35.7%.

While at the club, Kamara made some signings that were impressive and helped the club in some way. However, after a falling out with the chairman of the club and his not-so-great results as the manager, he left the club in 1998 and suggested his assistant take the reigns after him.

Kamara's Tenure at Stoke City FC

If Kamara had a bad stint with Bradford City FC his stint with Stoke City was forgettable. He had played for the club previously which helped him get the job.

Chris Kamara during his time as Stoke manager
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Chris only managed to last fourteen games with Stoke City FC as their manager. In those 14 games, his team registered just one win with eight losses and five draws. These results had Kamara's win percentage with Stoke at a mere 7.1%.

Kamara was sacked from the position just after 14 games. He survived for just four months as their head coach.

We've covered the long legacy and the current situation of the Sky Sports Iconic figure Chris Kamara. Whatever his record as a manager, he has established himself on a different pedestal as a football reporter and a pundit and gained legend status. We wish him the best of health and good life in the future.