Sian Cotton is now chasing his dreams in the world of rap music. Cotton is NBA superstar LeBron James best friend in high school.

King James, along with his four friends, Cotton, Willie McGee, Romeo Travis, and Dru Joyce also famous as the Fab Five, dominated high school basketball, winning the state championship twice.

However, not every one of his close pals went on to be an NBA legend like him. After retiring from playing, Sian began seeking other pursuits and found a passion for music. He has been working hard to make a name for himself in the industry.

The 2023 biography drama movie "Shooting Stars," directed by Chris Robinson, is a cinematic adaptation of James and their friends' high school journey. Actor Marquis Mookie Cook plays LeBron, whereas Khalil Everage takes on the role of Cotton in the film.

What Happened To Sian Cotton?

Sian Cotton transitioned into pursuing a music career after his basketball career. Cotton, like LeBron James, was born and raised in Akron, Ohio.

Apart from his work in the music industry, Sian has also taken on a role as a Representative for HR Mezcal starting in July 2012.

Sian with LeBron during his high school days
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His journey with Lebron and other Fab 5 members goes way back to when he was just a teen boy. Sian went to the same church as Dru Joyce. Dru later became the coach of the Irish team, and because of this connection, Sian became friends with three other members of the gang.

Sian did not initially like basketball, but King James inspired him to start playing, even though he preferred other sports at first. Even though the lads originally wanted to go to Buchtel High School and stay together, they ended up choosing St. Vincent-St. Mary High School instead.

Sian Cotton Ohio State Football Journey

Cotton joined the Ohio State University and played football as a defensive tackle. However, he soon realized that football might not be his proper path.

Cotton played for Ohio State football program
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Sian only played a little during his first two years with the Buckeyes. So, he decided to switch teams and transferred to Youngstown State. Later on, he moved to Walsh University, which is part of the NAIA league, to finish his football career.

After calling his athletic career an end, Cotton decided to pursue his love for music. In 2013, one of Cotton's songs made it onto the soundtrack of the popular video game NBA 2K14.

Sian Cotton Featured A Song For 2k

Sian Cotton song "Almost Home" made it onto the NBA 2K14 video game soundtrack. His music is available on PS4 and Xbox One editions of the game.

Other popular tracks also selected for NBA 2K are Coldplay's "Lost!," Eminem's "Not Afraid," Jay-Z's "The Ruler's Back, and Drake's "Started from the Bottom."

Besides, Cotton has been dynamic about music since a young age and even had rap sessions with LeBron since they were nine years old.

After his retirement, Sian began working on his song. He wanted his solo Almost Home to be in the NBA 2K14 game. When he heard that his old buddy LeBron James would be on the cover of the game, he thought it would be an excellent opportunity to ask LeBron for help.

When LeBron found out that Sian had sent his music to be considered for the NBA 2K14 game, he decided to take matters into his own hands. James stepped up for his friend in getting his song featured in the game.

Sian Cotton 2k song gave him a big break and boosted his recognition in the music industry despite facing challenges and difficulties finding opportunities. Besides, his single, Almost Home, has over 250K views on Youtube alone.

He launched his first album Black Moth in 2015, which includes some of his top-selling music, such as Here we go Again, Kingdom ft—LeBron James, etc.

Sian Cotton Songs

  • Superb
  • Hey Mama
  • Hallelujah
  • Blessed
  • One More Night
  • Fingers Crossed
  • Conans
  • Ancient Mayans
  • Brand New

Sian Cotton Personal Life

Sian Cotton family includes his wife Britt Cotton, and two children. Cotton grew up with his mother Debra C. Sadler Cotton and his brother Luciano Gav.

His daughter just had her 17th birthday on March 25, 2023. Sian planned a special outing for her important day, where a team of four set off on an exciting adventure to various locations and had a delightful meal together.

Cotton also has a son who is also a talented athlete, just like him. He is always there for his kids and is also in a happy relationship, and often goes out with his partner to different events.

Sian snaps picture with his clan during
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Cotton's social media is pumped with pictures of his close-knit clan. Recently, he shared a picture of them at the premiere of Shooting Stars in their hometown of Akron, Ohio. The photo created a lot of excitement and buzz among his followers.

Although Sian has chosen not to divulge the names of his family members, the sheer depth of love he exudes towards them through his social media presence leaves no doubt that they hold the highest value in his heart.

Besides, Sian Cotton net worth of $10 million comes from his various endeavors, including his music sales and other business activities he has been involved in.