There is no doubt LeBron James has made his name at the top of basketball, but when it comes to the memes, his fame is undeniable. 

A 37-years-old basketball player, who has accomplished so much in his sports career, has always been the target of memester. Although the King of the Court becoming the meme star may sound peculiar, people have loved it.

Nevertheless, James doesn't seem to be minding these jokes on him, remaining unbothered. What is more interesting is that the player himself has found some of the memes funny and gave his reaction to them. 

Being one of the greatest basketball players who has climbed the height of success, earning a name on the court has also attracted many memesters for himself. Well, the fame comes with a price, but he went with a bunch of memes and him being its target.

His followers have loved his habit of not minding the business and even passing vibes when needed, which has outshined him among other players. No wonder his admirers have known him as one of the funny people in the NBA.

Here are 15 Hilarious Memes on American professional basketball player LeBron James, who plays for Los Angeles Lakers, that no one wants to miss out on;

1. NBA Finals Memes On Basketball Star LeBron James

LeBron James memes while NBA Finals approaches
Source : facebook

It is one of the most famous NBA mems in 2018, which has secured thousands of likes and comments on the Facebook page. It was the time when the basketball fanatics were discussing if he would make it to the finals or not. 

Meanwhile, some of the page followers named it the most humorous joke they have ever heard on the King of the Court and a point to make by mentioning he gives it all every year for Finals. 

2. #LeBron James Crying Went Trending

LeBron James memes over Trophy
Source : pinterest

The memes recall the 2014 championship when LeBron James played for Miami Heat, being as the Big Three, together with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. However, the Heat lost the finals to the San Antonio spurs and took the trophy with them. 



The same year, James changed the club and went to Cleveland Cavaliers. The Miami Heat fans wished to win the game most at that time but instead became the target of the meme

3. LeBron James Pick and Roll

LeBron James caught picking his nose
Source : memesmonkey

The NBA's most hilarious capture was when the King of the Court, LeBron James, was caught while picking a nose. The memester has created a perfect relatable basketball meme for these pictures, telling his favorite play is "Pick & Roll."

James might not have been cautious of the camera at that moment, or he might not have cared about a thing when this hilarious photo got taken that then changed to one of the hilarious memes. 

4. LeBron James Joining Stephen Curry?

LeBron James team over Stephen Curry team
Source : memesmonkey

The 2018 moment, when LeBron James's team lost the game to the Stephen Curry team, thus the next iconic meme hit the internet. Also, the same year, he shifted the club to Los Angeles Lakers. 

As James was changing his club often, many thought he might again shift to warriors after losing the match to the Curry team. Nevertheless, it was just a meme created based on the situation and nothing more serious. 

Stephen and LeBron are known as great rivals in the NBA, which might also be the source for this meme especially now they have the same number of rings

5. The Trophy Is Mine- LeBron James

LeBron James memes on claiming Trophy
Source : twitter

The meme went viral in 2015, mainly among those who watched the match against the Cavaliers and noticed LeBron James' actions. 

The Cavaliers closed the 2015 NBA season setting a high note, with the second-best regular-season record behind the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference. The meme points out James, who became the first player to lead both teams in the NBA history at that time. 

6. LeBron James Called Out As Flopping

LeBron James
Source : facebook

The 2017 memes targeted the mishap of LeBron James during the games. Instead of being the King of the court, he was called the King of Flopping.

Although the year was a series of misfortune for James, the memes on him went viral over the internet. While most of the opponent team's followers find the joke hilarious, many of the LeBron fans' felt offended by these memes. 

However, as expected, the NBA star did not seem to care about the jokes about him; instead, he focused more on improving his games.

7. Memes On LeBron James Hair

LeBron James hairlines memes
Source : quickmeme

The memes on LeBron James's hairline are not unheard of, as there are loads of jokes on his hair. The player seems to have suffered from hair loss, resulting in the increasing hair gap.

Over the years, loads of people have talked about LeBron hairlines, and the player seems to have fixed the thing. Even so, the memes on him don't seem to fade away and are still considered hysterical. 

8. LeBron James Is Not Sad

LeBron James crying face
Source : pinterest

Oh No! LeBron James is not sad, but why is his crying face meme ruling the internet all these times. All those years in basketball, & he is best known for his crying picture that shook the web. 

Fun Fact! his crying face was also compared to Jordan, calling him the successor of the "crying Jordan." The photoshopped image of him has been used everywhere for every kind of meme, mainly for the NBA jokes. 

9. LeBron James Hairline Joke Is Never Too Old 

LeBron James hairlines
Source : pinterest

Two pictures combined of LeBron James with Marlo on the Miami Heat to create the funny meme. The first one shows somewhat like Marlo is pointing out his hairlines, and the second one is as if James was about to pick a fight because of mentioning hairlines. 

However, this is all the scenario that memester created to entertain the internet users. 

10. LeBron James 3 Rings In A Nutshell 

LeBron James escorted from court
Source : twitter

LeBron James got carried off the floor while escorting from the court in the fourth quarter, and thus, the meme hit the internet at the speed of lightning. However, it shows that he got his three rings with the support of champs like Chris Bosch and Dwyane Wade. 

No doubt! He is an excellent player, but in that instance, many believed that he would not have his three rings without the help of the champs in his team. 

11. LeBron James As NBA Logo

LeBron James as NBA logo
Source : twitter

The memester has captured the funniest picture of LeBron James playing on the court and captioned it as "New NBA Logo: LeBron James Edition?"

While there are loads of players' editions on the NBA Logo, the James logo seems to be a bit wittier. No wonder people have known him as one of the most comical players. 

12. LeBron James On Mount Rushmore- Wait, What?

LeBron James memes
Source : pinterest

The memes of LeBron James seem to have hit the net just fun with no stories behind them. But, of course, it has brought laughter to the player's followers, who have been following him & are addicted to his NBA memes.

It's like where there is James; there are NBA memes. The player has made the matches more fun to watch than usual with his new actions and gestures every time. 

13. LeBron James Getting Help To Cool Off

LeBron James getting cooled off
Source : memesmonkey

One of the hilarious moments caught between LeBron James and the opponent player remains fresh on the internet. In the picture, his rival seems to be blowing air on his face, which looks a bit tense. 

James, who often appears to be losing his cool on the court, is getting cool off by the opponent player, or so the meme has pointed out. 

14. Oh Gosh! LeBron James Is Missing

LeBron James missing jokes
Source : memesmonkey

LeBron James' missing memes came to the surface when he did not appear in the fourth quarter of the match. 

The memes included, "Last seen in San Antonio was supposed to meet his teammates in the 4th-Quarter but never showed up. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US AT THE CRYBABIES HOTLINE AT 1-800-HE-DONE-QUIT."

15. LeBron James Says No Foul

LeBron James foul-no-foul memes
Source : twitter

LeBron James became a controversial figure for a foul play in one of the matches. The meme is somewhat a satire for the player, viz., it's not what it looks like, or is it?

Either way, he has become the meme following the match, and people have already begun discussing the matter. Moreover, with James's future games and the recent games, will we get to find such hilarious memes on him? Well- the question remains in the public's interest until we discover some new NBA memes.