Jude Bellingham girlfriend Asantewa Chitty is an Instagram model. The du0 started dating in 2022 while he was playing for Dortmund.

Asantewa came into the limelight after a relationship with English player Jude Bellingham surfaced. Jude is a professional footballer who plays midfielder for the England national team and Real Madrid.

After joining Borussia Dortmund, he created the history of the youngest-ever goalscorer in his first competitive game.

Jude participated in UEFA Euro 2020 as a national squad member and debuted for the senior team. He became the youngest player to participate in a European Championship and the youngest Englishman to play at any major competition.

Bellingham completed his blockbuster move to the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Asantewa was delighted. He will join the likes of the young core with Valverde, Camavinga and Tchouameni.

Who Is Jude Bellingham's Girlfriend Asantewa Chitty?

Asantewa Chitty is the girlfriend of English footballer Jude Bellingham. She is an Instagram model and social media personality.

Asantewa posts stunning pictures on her social media profile and looking at her profile she enjoys exploring new places.

She posted a stunning photo of her Paris visit on November 1, 2022, on her Instagram account with the caption "Doin up tourist." She posed for a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower and looked gorgeous in the picture.

Asantewa Chitty is an Instagram model and a social media peronality.
Source : instagram

Asantewa is not only an Instagram star she is also active on her TikTok account. Her Tiktok videos are famous as she has 27k followers and 860.7k likes on Tiktok.

She posts entertaining videos, beauty tips, and other content on her Tiktok account.

Asantewa can be found on Instagram under the handle @santchitty_ and her Tiktok username is @santchitty.

Asantewa Chitty Age: How Old Is She?

Asantewa Chitty is 21 years old, she was born in 2001.

On February 16, 2022, she uploaded different polaroid pictures of her birthday on her Instagram account with the caption "The people that are in my life, are meant to be. Forever grateful for the love I have in my life."

Asantewa Chitty posted pictures of her birthday celebration on her Instagram account.
Source : instagram

She received birthday greetings from all of them, as well as from singer Bentley Green.

Asantewa is 5 feet 2 inches as she uploaded a picture on her Instagram account with the caption "5'2 n she cute."  

She appears to be 55-60 kg according to her picture. She has long hair and a flawless body.

Asantewa Chitty Is Fashionable

Asantewa Chitty is stylish and focuses on current trends in fashion.

She has a good fashion sense; on December 21, 2021, she uploaded a photo with the caption "Moon Walking." In the photo, she was dressed in a half-jacket, black slacks, and a boot, and she looked stunning.

Asantewa Chitty has uploaded many fashionable pictures on her Instagram account.
Source : instagram

She uploaded a photo wearing a grey bodycon dress on June 28, 2022, in which she looked stunning and her body was perfect. The comment was filled with the love emoji.

She has, however, posted a lot of stylish images, and her haircut is also unique.

Asantewa Is Obsessed With Her Nail

Asantewa Chitty loves maintaining her nails. She maintains her nails using a gel manicure with her preferred nail paint.

Asantewa maintains her nail and loves to paint her nail with different color.
Source : instagram

On her Tiktok account, she posted a video where she was seen manicuring her nail with black polish.

In each picture and video, her nails look appealing as she maintains her nail with different color polish.

Asantewa Is An Avid Pet Lover

The Instagram model Asantewa Chitty is a pet lover. She has an affection for cats and dogs.

Asantewa shared a photo of a puppy and a cat as the highlight of her Instagram story. She captioned " I want a kitty now" on her Instagram highlight story.

Asentewa enjoys taking care of pets.
Source : instagram

Also, her Facebook account has posted pictures and videos of cute dogs. 

Asantewa uploaded a picture of three dogs on her Facebook account with the caption "Needing good homes," She has also posted, "Message me some puppies still available for homes in 3 weeks."