Guardian Of Faith BG3 Rosymorn Monastery room can be found on the second floor and it is located right across the end of the hallway with a full of Gremishkas.

It is able to find a conjuration sitting in a locked room and surrounded by a gold circle. You can pick up a weapon that is placed on the gold circle in the stained glass window room for the Blood of Lathander quest.

At the BG3 Guardian of Faith monastery, you can take a quest called Blood of Lathander and reach the level called Githankyi Creche where the BG3 spirit guardians Of Faith live. 

BG3 has so many different kinds of challenging fights that the game planners at Larian Studios have crafted to make them feel fresh. Some are easy while others will become more tough as you progress through the game levels.

Guardian Of Faith Baldurs Gate 3 Gameplay

 Unlock Lae’zel in the Idle Champions Ahghairon Day event to recruit her into your party
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Guardian Of Faith Baldurs Gate 3 Gameplay can get to the Rosymorn Monastery after gaining access to the mountain pass.

The upper floors of the Guardian statue BG3 hold so many secrets. Do spend time exploring the place.

The room can be found on the second floor of the Monastery and it is located right across the end of the hallway with a full room of Gremishkas. You will notice that the door is enchanted and also barricaded with beds while you inspect the room entrance. 

You will have to go around through the open window that can be found in the room with the Dawnmaster's Crest.

Instead, it will only attack the characters if you pick up the weapons Ceremonial Battleaxe off the ground or step into its gold circle. Not only that but it has some devastating attacks that can leave your group stunned if you do not know the proper way to kill it.

Guardian Of Faith is a spell in the BG3 game and it is a level 4 from the conjuration school. Spells can be used for dealing damage to Enemies, inflicting status ailments, and gaming characters who interact with the environment. 

It can be acquired by the following classes:

  • Cleric
  • Life Domain
  • Light Domain
  • Oath of the Crown
  • Oath of Devotion
  • Protection Domain
  • Solidarity Domain
  • Celestial

List of Side Quest Details

Recommended LevelLevel 4
RewardsCeremonial Battleaxe
LocationRosymorn Monastery
CoordinatesX:95, Y:45
Ranged AttackFire Bolt
Bone ChillMagic Missile

BG3 Ceremonial Weapons List

The Sussur Greatsword is one of your three options for using the Sussur Bark to Finish the Masterwork Weapon.
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BG3 is a big game with a ton of content experience. The dice rolls randomize the gameplay and can alter the storyline of the game and quest progress. 

The BG3 game also has so many puzzles and lots of loot. Here we talked about the Dank Crypt Puzzle a while back, and more stuff is coming. The Blood of Lathander in the Rosymorn Monastery is one of the biggest puzzles of the game. 

There are three ceremonial weapons available for picks, and you need them to solve the Rosymorn Monastery puzzle. You can find all of the weapons in and around the place.

To explore the Rosymorn Monastery in BG3 as players, they may find a puzzle that centers around the window mode that is surrounded by four pedestals. 

This complete guide will help gamers locate the Monastery ceremonial weapons and accomplish the large stained glass window puzzle in BG3. Furthermore, here is the list of BG3 ceremonial weapons:

  • Ceremonial Warhammer
  • Ceremonial Battleaxe
  • Ceremonial Mace
  • Ceremonial Longsword BG3

Ceremonial Warhammer

The Ceremonial Warhammer can be found on the roof of the Rosymorn Monastery at the coordinates X:76 and Y:42, which can be accessed by climbing the Knotted Roots that across from the Enchanted Door. 

You will find the Warhammer on the ground but do not pick it up. Some Giants Eagles will be angry because of that. There are so many methods to go about this process. If you have the quest from the Blue Jay, you just want to kill the Eagles. Killing the opponent and then taking the Ceremonial Warhammer is a pretty easy task. 

Ceremonial Battleaxe

The Ceremonial Battleaxe BG3 can be found on the Rosymorn Monastery's first floor around X:94 and Y:87 coordinates. Finally, the Battleaxe is in a playing room with an inert Guardian boss. To go to this room, first, you must unlock the Enchanted door which is immune to damage and many effects. 

BG3 users can bypass that door with a lockpick and then clear the furniture barricade with standard attacks. Depending on how you handle this, you will get the Ceremonial Battleaxe the tricky way. 

Ceremonial Mace

To find the Ceremonial Mace, you must go to the Rosymorn Monastery at around X:43 and Y:30 coordinates. That specific room is a wine cellar and is filled with some pretty angry Kobolds.

Before picking the Mace, you should proceed with caution and deal with them safely. After the fight, loot the Kobold Looters where you can find the Ceremonial Mace.  

The list is separated into the following all unique rare weapons types:

Melee Weapons 

  • Daggers
  • Flails
  • Glaives
  • Greataxes
  • Greatswords
  • Longswords
  • Maces
  • Quarterstaves
  • Scimitars
  • Shortswords
  • Sickles
  • Tridents

Ranged Weapons

  • Heavy Crossbows
  • Longbows

Simple weapons are easier to wield and generally more common than other martial weapons in Baldur's Gate III. There are so many characters that will be able to wield simple weapons. Moreover, if your character is proficient with simple weapons, they can easily access all of these.  

Know about every weapons types in BG3 and see which are differentiated as Simple Weapons verse Martial Weapons. 

Simple Weapons List

Weapon Proficiency in Baldur’s Gate 3
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Melee Simple Weapons

  • Mace
  • Greatclub (Two-handed)
  • Club (Light)
  • Quarterstaff (Versatile)

Throwable Melee Simple Weapons

  • Dagger (Finesse) (Light)
  • Handaxe (Light)
  • Javelin
  • Light Hammer (Light)
  • Spear (Versatile)

Ranged Simple Weapons

  • Shortbow
  • Sling
  • Dart
  • Light Crossbow

Martial Weapons List  

BG3 Weapons List
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Martial Melee Weapons

  • Rapier (Finesse)
  • Scimitar (Finesse) (Light)
  • Whip (Finesse) (Reach)
  • Shortsword (Finesse) (Light)
  • Longsword (Versatile)
  • Greatsword (Two-handed)
  • Battleaxe (Versatile)
  • Flail
  • Glaive (Reach) (Two-handed)
  • Greataxe (Two-handed)
  • Lance (Reach) (Special)
  • Maul (Two-handed)
  • Morningstar
  • Pike (Reach) (Two-handed)
  • Warhammer (Versatile)

Martial Ranged Weapons

  • Longbow (Two-handed)
  • Hand Crossbow (Light)
  • Heavy Crossbow (Two-handed)

Baldurs Gate 3 Guardian Purpose

Baldurs Gate 3 Guardian Purpose is to keep players alive from their mind flayer parasite affliction obtained during the game's opening cut scene.

The Guardian boss shows up in cut scenes of the game during the dreams of the player's main character, which is called the Dream Visitor. The players can learn the Guardian or Dream visitors play a protective role during gameplay. 

Furthermore, it also plays an important role that players learn more about as they progress through the BG3 game. 

The players can create a Guardian similar to their main character if they wish or they can design a totally different character if choose. 

There are so many options in the game that can completely randomize the design of the Guardian for players who are eager to get started. 

Not only that but gamers can spend more time customizing the features of their Guardian with the following categories: 

  • Race
  • General 
  • Body Art 
  • Subrace
  • Makeup
  • Eyes
  • Facial Hair 
  • Hair 

How To Defeat Baldurs Gate 3 Forge Guardian?

This is what a place where legendary items are created looks like in BG3
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Baldurs Gate 3 Forge Guardian is a challenging boss that can finish your entire team if you do not recognize its weaknesses first.

To defeat, the Forge Guardian boss in BG3 divided your team into two groups and place each group on the round platforms next to the cage from the boss spawns. 

If once the fight starts, keep Forge Guardian inside the lava. The Forge Guardian always attacks the character who attacks it last so use this to your advantage.

When it is inside the lave, the Guardian is vulnerable to damage. Equip one or two characters with a hammer or weapons to hit it.

If the boss removes all the lava from the platforms, it will become immune to all damage to have a character open the lave valve again.