Undisputed Boxing game career mode developer Steel City Interactive is planned to be released in late 2023 while the game is still in early access.

It has been more than a decade since there was a video game based on boxing. The last boxing game that was released was back in 2011 and fans are thrilled to have Undisputed released soon.

The game is still not ready for the official full release as the developers want to create a game with the utmost quality and are waiting for the feedback of the current Early Access players.

The game has also incorporated The WBC, British Boxing Board of Control, and several other organizations in the game. The developers are making Undisputed as real as possible for the best experience.

The upcoming game is set to give the fans an authentic experience of boxing as the game also features fighter introductions by Jimmy Lennon Jr. and has Kenny Bayless as a distinguished referee.

Undisputed Boxing Game Career

Career mode
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Undisputed Career Mode Early Access was released on 23 September 2023. The mode will be later expanded with better gameplay and features at full launch.

It was announced on September 14 that both the Early Access Career Mode and Character Creator will debut in the game and is currently available on Steam. The mode will allow players to create their own characters and embark on their journey to become the best in the world.

The beta version of the Career Mode has some key features:

Create Your Own Boxer

You can customize your own fighter male/female any way you want along with the apparel and fighting styles.

Build Your Team

Add the best coaches, managers, and cutman to help you succeed and develop your skills. It will help you earn money, fame, and experience as you make your way to the top.

Negotiate your path to success

Choose the opponents that you wish to fight and avoid fighters that you do not want to fight. In order to earn the most rewards, you can negotiate fight contracts as well.

Training camps

You can train for your fights at your own will and your choices will determine the strategy for your next opponent. You can also make use of the media opportunities to increase your fame.

Choose your path to glory

Your success depends on your choices. You can win all the belts which includes the WBO, IBF, WBC, and SCI titles. Your choices determine whether you retire with the highest fan base and/or wealth.

The updated 2023 roadmap of the video game Undisputed
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Undisputed roadmap 2023

Apart from the career mode expectations, what boxing fans do have on their hands is the content roadmap of Undisputed. Let's take a look at the roadmap for 2023.

  • New Fighters & New Venues
  • Fighter Select Character Customisation
  • Gameplay Balancing
  • Character Creator & Sharing
  • Accessibility Functionality
  • Additional Punch & Move Sets + Custom Taunts
  • Career Mode

New Fighters & New Venues

The game has 50+ licensed fighters and more will be added. It will also feature a Women's Division for the first time.

Fighter Select Character Customisation

Enter the ring with a wide range of equipment to choose from, and create your own distinctive look for your fighter.

Gameplay Balancing

Adjusting the game mechanics to create a balanced and competitive experience that is both fun and authentic.

Character Creator & Sharing

Build your own boxer from scratch including their attributes and stats and share it with the community.

Accessibility Functionality

Making sure that the game is accessible and enjoyable for each and every one barring none.

Additional Punch & Move Sets + Custom Taunts

Choose the different sets of punches, moves, and taunts from the various available sets according to your fighting style and use them during the bouts.

Venues for Undisputed

The Big Daddy Update that was available for Undisputed in July had brought the fans two new venues for the bouts along with new fighters and gameplay changes.

The game already had six unique locations which included Coldwell's Gym, a large arena, and an outdoor venue. The two latest venues to be added are:

  • C7 Hangar
  • Falcor Bay

Undisputed Boxing Game Fighters

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali is bound to be every one's favorite in the game
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There are plenty of big names on the roster for the boxing game as it features greats like Muhammad Ali, Canelo Alvarez, Terence Crawford, and many more superstars including both past and present fighters.

Undisputed Boxing game fighters in the Men's Division:

Fighter NameWeight Class
Muhammad AliHeavyweight
Tyson FuryHeavyweight
Canelo AlvarezLight-Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight
Terence CrawfordLightweight, Welterweight
Joe FrazierHeavyweight
Ryan GarciaLightweight, Featherweight
Arturo GattiLightweight, Welterweight, Featherweight
Eddie HallHeavyweight
Roy Jones Jr.Middleweight, Cruiserweight, Light-Heavyweight, Heavyweight
Sugar Ray LeonardWelterweight
Sugar Ray RobinsonLightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight
Oleksandr UsykCruiserweight, Heavyweight
Deontay WilderHeavyweight
Dalton SmithLight-Heavyweight, Welterweight
David AdeleyeHeavyweight
Charlie EdwardsBantamweight
Sunny EdwardsBantamweight
Anthony CrollaLightweight, Welterweight
Jordan GillLightweight, Featherweight
Joe JoyceHeavyweight

These are some of the boxers that are featured in Undisputed and more boxers are likely to be added to the roster. The game also features boxers who have competed professionally in different weight classes and the options are available.

Muhammad Ali and Tyson Fury are way above anyone else in the heavyweight division and if you are playing the online mode, it is certain that the opponent will have picked either one of the two boxers.

The attributes and stats of the two are a class above the rest of the boxers. This is one of the weaknesses that the game needs to find a solution for or they will start losing users. 

Undisputed welterweight world champion from 2014 to 2020, Cecilia is now available for early access
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Undisputed Boxing game characters in the Women's Division are the following 11 fighters:

  • Ebanie Bridges - Lightweight
  • Natasha Jonas - Lightweight
  • Sophie Alisch - Lightweight
  • Katie Taylor - Lightweight
  • Delfine Persoon - Lightweight
  • Terri Harper - Lightweight
  • Jessica McCaskill - Lightweight, Welterweight
  • Jelena Mrdjenovich - Lightweight
  • Alicia Napoleon - Lightweight, Welterweight
  • Chantelle Cameron - Lightweight
  • Cecilia Braekhus - Welterweight

Undisputed Boxing Game Release Date 2023

The fans can not wait any longer for the full version to hit the shelves soon so that they can get a piece of the game
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There have been no official announcements regarding the Undisputed Boxing game release date 2023. The PC Early Access was released on Steam on 31 January 2023.

According to their official website, the developers have said that "We will release the full version of Undisputed when we feel it's ready."

That being said, the actual release date of the game can not be predicted accurately. It can take anywhere from a month to a few months or might have to wait until 2024. They have been introducing new patches and updates as well as new content for the game and fans will have to make do with that for now.

Since the Early Access has been released, there has been a mixed reaction regarding the game. There have been some defects regarding the punching mechanics and users are demanding the career mode to be available soon.

Undisputed Boxing game console release date has not been announced yet but will surely be available across all platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation. 

The Early Access version of the game is priced at $19.99 on Steam and the price will increase for the complete edition which could be priced from $44.00-$59.99.

The game already has an online mode and if the developers want the game to be one of the best then they should make Undisputed crossplay so that everyone can play against each other regardless of their platforms.