Best fighting style for Paladin BG3 is the Defense Class. It provides the best protection in the raid with the advantage of +1 AC while wearing armor.

Some might consider Great Weapon Fighting (GWF) the best class as it offers players an increase in the damage on the opponent while rolling the damage die; also 1 & 2 give a chance for re-roll. 

However, there is a catch, the player should have a two-handed melee weapon with a flexible feature to use the privilege. Thus, fighting style hugely depends on personal preference and planning. 

In case you have not planned for yourself and are just getting into the game then going with the Defense shall help you achieve your goals. 

In addition, the fighting style also depends on your weapon of choice like the great sword is beneficial for GWF but the great axe does not fit well while using the die.

BG3 Fighting Style List

Character information of Warlock. High Elf are the best characters for the Warlock in BG3
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BG3 Fighting Style includes Archery, Defense, Dueling, and Great Weapon Fighting. Every fighting style has its own merits and demerits. 

As mentioned earlier, personal preferences weapons and usual fighting controls often distinguish players' choices but defense is a go-to class because it offers a bonus to Armor Class (AC).

Similarly, people who love to play in a long range are suited to Archery style. Dueling is for those who love melee fights, and Great weapon fighting is a bit technical but it is the best one if you know what you are doing. 

Here is the description of each class of the combat game which are as follows;


Archery depends upon race, class, or level. The advantage of the class is you gain a +2 bonus with ranged attacks. For weapon, there is Bard's bow which is one of the strongest bow in the game. 

However, proficiencies like sharpshooting, extra attack, sneak attacks, and valor are needed in order to achieve the weapon. 

In order to build an archery bow, you need valor or a sword in addition to the above-mentioned proficiencies. The adjustment in weapon and race shall make your job easier while playing. 


Baldur's Gate 3 Defense class is among the top tier tactic. it is great to get close to the monsters. You can slug it out while daunting the armor and shield against the boss monster. 

AC which is a decisive element in big battles can be earned while wearing armor while also a requirement for defense is classified into three types which are;

Fighter (level 1), Ranger (level 2), and Paladin (level 2). The best race for defense in bg3 is Wood Elves but, another race Gold Dwarf is sought after choice. 

Because it adds on the player's spellcasting skills thus you can get much more from the Dwarf in regards to his skill and abilities. 


Baldur's Gate gamers playing the Siege at Dragonspear which is a brand new event of the game
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Dueling Fighting Style bg3 is for gamers who love to get into the face of their opponents. It offers aggressive action with melee weapons. 

To acquire its class benefit, the player should wield a one-handed weapon thus the rule states that there should not be a weapon in the other hand. 

After fulfilling the conditions, the player can attain 2 damage points against their enemies. In order to unlock the style certain gaming criteria must be fulfilled. 

Fighter (level 1), Ranger (level 2), Paladin (Level 2), and College of Swords (Level 3). Elves are considered best for dueling due to their offensive prowess. 

Great Weapon Fighting

Great Weapon fighting can be a chore to people who are just getting into the game. It requires melee weapons in both hands to roll the die. 

Most people choose great weapons because it is exciting to play the re-rolls but excitement dies soon after the benefit does not amount to anything. 

Players have discovered that after attaining 6 in the die you can exhaust greater damage to the opponent, which is bigger than what other classes offer. 

Nonetheless, it is an interesting addition in BG3 which requires Fighter (level 1) and Paladin (level 2) classes to unlock. 

Hence, it is applicable to versatile weapons but a tip for the gamers, greatswords shall do more damage to the mob after rolling the correct die. 

BG3 Best Paladin Spells

Oath breaker paladin one of the sub-classes of the paladin which is quite popular in the game alongside vengeance
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BG3 best paladin spells are Cure Wounds, Shield of Faith, Searing Smite, and Divine Favor. These level-one spells performed better with the Tielfing race. 

Spells basically include three segments concentration, action, and failure condition. Concentration requires focusing on a spell at a time. 

Action is the performance, where players can do one major thing with prep time. For example, cast the biggest spell or cast an attack once or twice according to your level. 

Failure conditions refer to while performing an attack roll with the damage die, it either offers a +2 bonus against your enemies or some minor effect of your spell. 

Among the subclass of BG3 paladin's subclass vengeance is considered to be the strongest. Paladin does not have a mediocre subclass in the game. 

BG3 Paladin Spells 

Level 1

  • Searing Smite (best spell after choosing Zariel Tiefling)
  • Wrathful Smite
  • Cure Wounds
  • Shield of faith
  • Divine Favor
  • Compelled Duel

Level 3

  • Bless
  • Thunderous Smite
  • Command 
  • Turn the Unholy
  • Oath Spell
  • Sanctuary 

Level 4

  • Lay on Hands (using healing spell twice) decrease in rest time
  • Feat 
  • Prep time spell (major attack)

Level 5

  • Extra Attack (besides the main attack)

Level 6

  • Aura of Protection (protecting allies)

Level 7

  • Prepared Spell

Level 8

  • Savage Attacker

Level 9

  • Multiple Level 3 Spells like Revive, Warden of Vitality, and Blinding Smite. 

Level 10

  • Lay on Hands Charge ( decrease the rest time of the healing spell and you shall be able to use it more than twice.
  • Aura of courage 

Level 11

  • Upgraded Divine Smite (access to spell slot)

Level 12

  • Athlete (Increase in strength and agility)

An increase in your level allows you to decrease the rest time of your spell to battle against foes and Baldur Gate 3 guardians. 

Similarly, the slot for spells shall increase and you shall be able to perform significant spells with the increase in volume. 

Likewise, game rolls decide your attack power and damage your opponent receives. Sometimes, the spells might not work thus preparing against the opponent's immunities and resistances shall help you win. 

Furthermore, increasing your charisma is a must for paladin also mixing with wisdom shall increase the effect of your spell-casting ability. 

Fighter Subclass Baldurs Gate 3

Character information of Venture Forth whose sub class is cleric and his life domain is deity
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Fighter Subclass Bladurs Gate 3 is Champion, Battle Master, and Eldritch Knight. Fighters are good with any weapons, light armor, heavy armor, and shields. 

Fighters as the name suggest are combat characters who are proficient in wielding both simple and martial weapons. They have a plethora of skills like acrobatics, survival, athletics, and others. 

Gamers are allowed to select only two skills in the beginning. Their unique class includes second wind and fighting style.

After selecting a fighter, a dueling fighting style shall be best as it enables them to wield one hand weapon that gives damage and one hand with a shield that works as a tank. 

Furthermore, three subclasses of the "fighter" are as follows;

Battle Master

Battle Master is a subclass whose main ability is strength and constitution. All of the fighter's skills and abilities are also included in its subclass.

This subclass is for beginners as a battle master it offers maneuverability and the option for battle strategy against opponents. 

It might be considered weak against other sub-class but proficient usage shall help you dictate the battlefield and help you make decisive decisions to win. 


Fighter Class guide of champion, battel master, and the knight, fighter is one of the popular class in the BG3
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Champion is one of the popular subclasses, it has the advantage of adding to critical hits. The class has better strength, agility, and athletics. 

It is proficient in handling different kinds of weapons and is able to perform cunning actions. Thus, balancing the combat performance and damage of this class shall help you engage with your character better. 

Some of the updates of this character have not been loved by the fans of BG3 but adding the second fighting style like dueling with weapon-specific advantage seems to help the character perform its best. 

Eldritch Knight

Eldritch Knights are a dependable class, they might not have the ability to deal the highest damage but they have multiple unique abilities. 

Knight's abilities include false death, leaping and are able to perform spellcasting. Other features of the Knight include Weapon Bond, War Magic, and Eldritch Strike. 

Eldritch is the most versatile subclass thus pairing it with the right item and fighting class can turn your character into one of the best entities in the game. 

However, they do have some limitations, like they can perform some magic thus they are not wizards and are not the best fighters in comparison to champions and battle masters.