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Prize Money For World Long Drive Championship

Prize money for World Long Drive Championship is $400,000 in 2023. The winner of the event will take away $50,000 as a cash prize with the championship belt. The annual competition has been held since 1974 with Jim Dent winning the inaugural title a...

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Major League Pickleball Salary And Team Cost

Major League Pickleball salary in the United States is around $50,201 annually. The prize money for tournaments varies and sponsorships are excluded. The income of the players may vary from one another as not everyone is paid the same amount. They a...

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Crossfit Games TV Coverage 2023 and Announcers

CrossFit Games coverage will be available for Live on Games.CrossFit.com and the highlights will be available on social media and YouTube Pages. There is no official broadcast on TV for the NOBULL crossfit series this year. Although the best way to...

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