ESPN college football commentators are Matt Barrie, Anish Shroff, Joe Tessitore, Bob Wischusen, Dave Pasch, Mark Jones and Dave Flemming. 

They are play-by-play commentators and hosts for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday games. Saturdays's hosts take part in both ABC/ ESPN networks. 

ESPN broadcasts the NCAA division games with its channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN+, and ABC. Division football consists of four to five games a week thus ESPN organizes College Football Primetime

It has one of the best hits in the conference championship games as well. However, the stats have dwindled lately due to a decrease in public interest. 

However, another highlight of ESPN in terms of college football are Bowl Games. They garnered over 22.6 million viewers in the National Championship game between Georgia vs Alabama th in 'the 21-22 season. 

College Football This Weekend On TV

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College Football This Weekend shall feature Notre Dame vs. Navy at 2:30 PM NBC on 26th August 2023. Also, there is a long list of week 0 schedules on TV for Saturday. 

Moreover, the schedule of the games is as follows;

  • Mercer vs. North Alabama- Montgomery, Alabama: 3: 30 ESPN
  • Jacksonville State vs. UTEP- 5:30 PM (CBSSN) 
  • New Mexico State vs. UMass- 7:00 (ESPN)
  • San Diego State vs. Ohio- 7: pm (FS1)
  • Albany vs. Fordham- 7:pm (Flofootball)
  • Vanderbilt vs. Hawai'i- 7:30 pm (SEC Network)
  • Jackson State vs. South Carolina State- Atlanta Georgia: 7:30 pm (ABC)
  • USC vs. San Jose State: 8:00 pm (Pac-12 Network)
  • Louisiana Tech vs. Florida International-9:00 pm (CBSSN)

Updated Rules 

Moreover, these games shall take place with an updated set of rules of college football in 2023.

  • Teams cannot call consecutive timeouts during a single dead ball.
  • Accepted penalties in 1st and 3rd quarters will be timed down before the end of the period. Penalty enforcement will be marked and the game shall start in the 2nd and 4th quarters at a new ball spot. 
  • The game clock will not stop during the first downs except for the final two minutes of each half. 
  • A player's third targeting penalty in the same season can be overturned by the National Coordinator of officials upon appeal. 
  • Rules concerning quarterback and passer shall be strictly enforced. 

ESPN College Football Announcers

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ESPN College football broadcasters are Matt Barrie, Anish Shroff, Joe Tessitore, Bob Wischusen, Dave Pasch, Mark Jones, and Dave Flemming. 

Matt Barrie is the Thursday Primetime host whereas Anish Shroff is the Friday Primetime host. Both of them possess are supported by different analysts and reporters to make their respective comments. 

Besides two of them, all the other announcer comments in the Saturday game. 

Joe Tessitore

Tessitore has covered a wide spectrum of sports events including horse racing, fights, football, and others. 

Joe used to appear alongside the popular broadcaster Todd Blackledge during the game on Saturday night. The duo was chosen as the 2015 Broadcast Team of the Year. 

He has been involved with college football since the beginning. He made announcements of Orange Bowls, Peach Bowls, and Sugar Bowls on the ESPN network. 

Bob Wischusen

Robert Wischusen aka Bob is a voice of ESPN. Besides, football, he has commented on basketball, hockey, and other games. 

Wischusen is a play-by-play announcer, he is paired with NHL goaltender Brian Boucher and Leah Hextall. Both of them seem to have good chemistry. 

Bob is also responsible for covering US Open, the League series between the Yankees and Athletics. 

Dave Pasch 

Pash and Wischusen joined ESPN around the same time. From early on, both of them are responsible for commenting on NBA, college football, basketball, and other games. 

Pasch started making remarks on college football in 2011. He has worked alongside great analysts and holds a plethora of experience in his job. 

Before joining ESPN, he worked for West Virginia Radio Corporation and was responsible for hosting high school football games. 

Mark Jones

Jones is a Canadian sportscaster, he makes play-by-play announcements. Mark is mainly known for his work in college football at ABC and ESPN. 

Before entering the world of sports commentary, he was an athlete at York University. He alongside Stephen A. Smith had hot debates about the NBA. 

However, Mark has moved on to college football, he comments with the analyst Robert Griffin III both of them seem to have good communication kills 

Dave Flemming 

Dave Flemming is a talented commentator and announcer. He was selected to announce college football on Monday and Thursday games.

However, he has shifted to comment on Saturday games also aside from football. Flemming has commented in Masters and PGA championship tournaments. 

Moreover, The 47-year-old was an ESPN voice in the World Series alongside Dan Pelsac. 

ESPN College Football Analysts

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ESPN college football analysts are Jesse Palmer, Robert Griffin III, Dusty Dvoracek, Louis Riddick, Brock Osweiler, Roddy Jones, and others.

Dan Mullen and Andre Ware are Thursday and Friday analysts who work with Matt and Anish respectively. They are represented by separate reporters as well. 

The rest of the studio analysts mainly focus on commenting on the Saturday games.

Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer is a Canadian TV star and quarterback who played for the Giants, and 49ers in NFL. Palmer joined the analyst table in 2018.  

Palmer is likely to appear in the Saturday college football discussions. However, Jesse is leading The Bachelor franchise where he has hosted multiple franchise programs. 

Robert Griffin III

Griffin is a former NFL quarterback, he had an impressive career with the Commanders and Baltimore Ravens. He went on to win Pro Bowl and the rookie team award. 

Griffin is responsible for commenting on ESPN college football and NFL Live. In a press release, the 33-year-old stated that he wants to play in NFL and his contract with ESPN allows him to do so as well. 

ESPN has disclosed that Robert earned millions of dollars in his rookie year. He banked more than any other rookie in his first season due to endorsements checks. 

Brock Osweiler

Osweiler is an NFL player and played with the likes of Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins. He retired from NFL in 2019. 

Osweiler joined ESPN shortly after his retirement, he performs the duties of analyst and host in college football and NFL games

He mostly appears in the Network in Saturday games. Besides, his career in NFL, he is now a married man and shares his happiness with his two kids and partner.  

Louis Riddick

Louis Riddick is an American football player and broadcaster who played safety the in NFL. He began his broadcasting journey with ESPN in 2020. 

Riddick was part of the Monday Night Football commentary team. He shared excellent insights with the commentators. 

Besides, Riddick had a short playing career, he mainly focused on his executive career where he the held position of director of pro-Personnel with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

ESPN College Football Reporters

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ESPN college football reporters are Katie George, Kris Budden, Tom Luginbill, Quint Kessenich, and Kyla Burton. Burton recently joined ESPN. 

Originally Burton was the host for the NFL Network, she also played basketball with Lehigh University while studying Journalism. Previously, she held a reporter's position with Western Mass News. 

Katie George

George is a sportscaster at ACC network and ESPN, she played volleyball at the University of Louisville. George made it into the top 11 on the list of Miss USA 2015. 

She joined ESPN full-time in 2021. Katie is an on-field reporter who was previously involved with NBA but has expanded to college football.

Kris Budden

Budden is the current sideline reporter for college football and college basketball. She is originally from Atlanta Georgia. 

The 39-year-old reporter is an alumnus of the University of Missouri, she graduated in Journalism. Kris is married to her husband Mario Toledo, both of them met at University. 

Quint Kessenich

Kessenich is a veteran reporter and sportscaster. He covers multiple sports in ESPN including lacrosse, basketball, football, hockey, and wrestling. 

Kessenich is also the former All-American lacrosse goalie. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University. He played professional lacrosse with Baltimore Thunder in 1999.