ACC Network announcers are Chris Cotter, Wes Durham, and Dave O'Brien. Durham has been calling play by play for the network since 2019.

ACC Network is purely dedicated to telecasting its Atlantic Coast Conference game coverage. The conference competes in twenty-seven sports, 13 men's and 14 women's NCAA-sanctioned varsity sports.

ACC mainly sponsors its member for college football, men's basketball, women's basketball, and either women's soccer or women's volleyball.

The network shows the live, pre and post-game, along with analytical programs with the help of experienced sportscasters, experts and reporters.

Besides cable, it also runs a digital platform, ACC Network Extra (ACCNX), where they also provide events that are not broadcasted on television.

ACC Network Broadcast team

The panel of ACCN broadcast team across various sports are listed below:

ACCN Play by Play Announcers

  • Chris Cotter
  • Wes Durham
  • Dave O'Brien

Acc Network Commentators

  • Carlos Boozer
  • Dalen Cuff
  • Kelly Gramlich
  • Tim Hasselbeck
  • Luke Hancock
  • Roddy Jones
  • Eric Mac Lain
  • EJ Manuel

WNBA Commentators

  • Monica McNutt
  • LaChina Robinson

College Football Commentators

  • Mark Herzlich

College Basketball Commentators

  • Malcolm Huckaby
  • Cory Alexander
  • Jordan Cornette

Women's College Basketball Commentator

  • Debbie Antonelli

Cotter, Durham, and O'Brien currently look after the announcing duty.
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Chris Cotter first joined ACCn's parent network, ESPN, in January 2012 as a studio anchor. In contrast to him mainly calling college football, he has experience calling college lacrosse, MLL, and college basketball.

Wes Durham has been a play-by-play announcer for ACC college football games since 2019. He has a decade of history in calling ACC football, basketball, and baseball on Fox Sports South and other regional cable networks.

Dave O'Brien called on MLB, NBA, college basketball, and soccer for ESPN from 2002 through 2017. After ACCN's debut, he has been actively serving his duties of being an announcer for college football.

Boozer, Cuff, and Gramlich (from top to bottom) mainly covere college basketball on ACCN.
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Carlos Boozer is a part of "Nothing But Net," ACCN’s signature basketball show. He played college basketball at Duke University and played in NBA from 2002 to 2017. His son Cameron Boozer is the 2023 Gatorade's National Boys Basketball Player of the Year.

Dalen Cuff is ACCN’s regular face as a basketball commentator and is a play-by-play announcer during the fall. He mainly anchors the college basketball wrap-up shows, including "All ACC" and "In Play."

Kelly Gramlich appears on "All ACC" and "Nothing But Net." She is also a game analyst for ACCN’s season-long women’s basketball coverage.

Monica and LaChina are the face of ESPN reports on WNBA.
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Monica McNutt has been an ESPN female commentator and studio host for ESPN since 2019. Her role has grown gradually throughout the years as she now covers for SportsCenter and WNBA.

McNutt previously worked at WJLA ABC7 in Washington, The American Sports Network, BeIN Sports, and NBC Sports Washington.

LaChina Robinson first joined ESPN in 2009 and started serving as an analyst in 2010. After a decade of media career, she won the 2021 Mel Greenberg Media Award from the Women's Basketball Coaches Association.

Herzlich (right) with Cotter (left) having fun during their work in 2021.
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Mark Herzlich joined the network right after he retired from his NFL career lasting from 2011-17. He played for the New York Giants as a linebacker. He now serves as a commentator for ACCN's coverage of college football.

Who Owns ACC Network?

ESPN Inc. owns and operates the ACC Network. ACCN was launched on 22 August 2019 for the coverage of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Walt Disney Company owns the majority stake at 80%, while Hearst Communications has 20% ownership in all of ESPN Inc.'s channels. ACCN was announced in July 2016 and was put into execution three years later after the previous ACC Network was dissolved.

Walt Disney and Hearst exercise their ownership of ACCN.
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The previous network was a syndicated package channel owned by Raycom Media (now known as Gray Television) and Jefferson-Pilot Teleproductions. It was established on December 8, 1982, and was known as Raycom/JP Sports.

After ESPna acquired the rights to telecast ACC games, ACC Network was launched on September 2010. ESPN then acquired a 20-year extension of its ACC rights, which led to the rebranding of the network to the current ACCN.

ACC Network On Spectrum and Direct TV

ESPN started laying its rots for ACCN's carriage in June 2017, less than a year after the network's announcement. Direct TV agreed to carry ACCN on March 12, 2019, starting from its launch.

In August of the same year, Charter Spectrum agreed on the same term covering all Disney networks and 21st Century Fox. Spectrum remains the largest cable provider in the ACC's heartland of North Carolina.

ACCN announced its partnership with Spectrum in 2019.
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The same month, Dish Network agreed to carry the network on both Dish satellite TV service and Sling TV. Besides Spectrum and Direct TV, various streaming services agreed to telecast the ACC games beforehand.

Sporting News confirmed that Direct TV is available on Channel 612. Likewise, DirectTV Stream provides ACCN games on Channels 610/1610.

Although the channel numbers on Spectrum usually vary with location, the most popular is Channel 388 for the ACC network on Spectrum.