Best throwing motion Madden 23 is Slinger 1 for the fastest release with accuracy. Slinger 3, Traditional 1 and Generic 2 are other options.

When it comes to throwing the football, players like Aaron Rodgers and John Elway have a distinct advantage with their Slinger 1 style. This means that their throwing motion is incredibly smooth and fast, resulting in a rapid release of the ball.

In comparison, other throwing animations have a slightly slower frame rate, causing their release speed to be lower. Though J. Elway has the swiftest QB release in Madden NFL 23, he is far from the best quarterback in the game.

According to the Super Bowl Ratings, that crown goes to the Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has an overall rating of 98, topping the previous best, Tom Brady, who is down to fifth in the ranking.

Best Throwing Style Madden 23

The best Madden 23 throwing motion are:

  • Slinger 1 
  • Slinger 3
  • Traditional 1
  • Generic 2

Slinger 1

Slinger 1 is a fantastic throwing motion that lets you swiftly get rid of the football. This throwing style is designed to provide a quick and efficient release, allowing you to make lightning-fast throws with precision and accuracy.

If you want to master the game with fast-paced, rapid-fire throws, the Slinger 1 throwing style in Madden 23 is definitely the way to go.

Aaron Rodgers has Slinger 1 motion in the game.
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The Slinger 1 throwing motion is an excellent choice for quarterbacks who want to make fast passes and get the ball downfield. It is also a good choice for QBs who wish to throw the full gamut, including deep passes.

There are only a scarce few players in the videogame that possess the rare Slinger 1 style. These players include renowned names such as John Elway, Aaron Rodgers, and Mark Brunnel.

Slinger 3

The Slinger 3 is a special throwing technique that works best for roving quarterbacks with unique and flashy throwing styles.

It has several benefits, including helping quarterbacks stay composed and improving their throwing mechanics. Additionally, it enables them to make swift passes while on the move and under pressure.

Bert Jones is MUT 23 Team Diamond
Source : mut

One of the notable advantages of the Slinger 3 is its effectiveness on throws outside the boundaries of the playing field. This is due to the throwing motion, which involves a low angle and a sidearm release that takes the ball wide off the defender.

Over-the-top throwing motions come at a higher angle, making it easier for defenders to intercept passes in a particularly defensive position known as the cloud flat. A former professional quarterback named Bert Jones is provided with the Slinger 3 throwing style.

Traditional 1

Traditional 1 is among the popular Madden 23 Throwing styles that are well-balanced and versatile for quarterbacks.

It is like Tom Brady's throwing mechanics, known for their accuracy. The quarterback starts with the ball in the pocket, smoothly brings it up to their throwing shoulder, and releases it with power and precision.

Legendary Tom Brady in the NFL video game.
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This throwing style is perfect for QBs who want to make different types of throws effectively. It allows them to throw accurately and with decent speed.

Whether it's a long pass or a throw under pressure, the Traditional 1 throwing motion is reliable and can help quarterbacks succeed in various situations.

Generic 2

Another great choice is the Generic 2, a throwing style that top quarterbacks like Ryan Tannehill have. This mechanic is perfect for QB who like to keep their throwing technique well-balanced and is more or less similar to the Traditional 1 type. 

With the Generic 2, you can make impressive throws, whether they're long-range or short-range. Furthermore, you can do it with both accuracy and strength.

How To Motion In Madden 23?

Steps to motion in the Madden 23 video game are as follows:

  1. First of all, pick the player using the Circle or holding the B in the direction of the player you want to motion.
  2. The ring will appear on top of the player selected.
  3. Now, use diection pad to move the player in specific direction.
  4. To motion the Qb, you will need to hike it.

Best QBs Madden 23

The top 10 best quarterbacks for Madden 23 with their overall rating updated are:

  • Patrick Mahomes - 98
  • Joe Burrow - 95
  • Josh Allen - 93
  • Lamar Jackson - 91
  • Tom Brady - 90
  • Justin Herbert - 88
  • Dak Prescott - 87
  • Jalen Hurts - 87
  • Aaron Rodgers - 86
  • Kirk Cousins - 84

In the latest MUT 23 update on, Patrick Mahomes has been recognized as the top-ranked quarterback. He has secured the highest position among all the quarterbacks with an OVR of 98.

While some gamers will be wondering why Justin Fields is not on the list, and the reason is that Fields OVR is 76, and he only has two buckets and does not have the crucial Fearless ability. 

Patrick Mahomes is the current highest rated QB in the game.
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Commencing at the pinnacle, Mahomes, the 27-year-old virtuoso QB for the Kansas team in the NFL, exhibits an impressive velocity of 84, coupled with a remarkable precision rating of 87.

However, it is his staggering 97 Awareness Rating, which stands atop the game, matched only by his 97 Throw Power, that truly sets him apart.

Similarly, Mahomes is followed by Joe Burrow and Josh Allen in the second and third. Lamar Jackson takes the fourth spot with a rating of 91, slightly higher than Brady.

Lamar Jackson stats go like 96 in Speed, 96 in Acceleration, 95 in Agility, 92 in Awareness, and 94 in Throw Power Rating. Jackson is one of the top quarterbacks in the game due to his incredible speed and elusive abilities.

Interestingly, Brady, who initially had the highest rating of 97 when Madden NFL 23 was launched in October 2022, saw a decrease of 7 points in the Super Bowl Ratings.

Los Angeles Chargers star athlete Justin Herbert in the game.
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Jalen Hurts, the Philadelphia star is currently ranked eighth in the QB rating leaderboard, which shows how good he is at playing the game.

Interestingly, Hurts is the best QB in Madden 23 Ultimate Team (MUT) and has also been placed in the MUT 23 Team of the Year. He has a special card with the "Improviser" style of play and a rating of 98 overall, making him a top choice for gamers.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers known for his unique throwing style called "Slinger 1," finds himself ranked ninth among the top 10 quarterbacks in Madden 23. Despite his impressive rating of 86, he stands out as the only player with a distinctive release technique on the list.

How To Throw Ball Away Madden 23?

Throwing the ball in Madden 23 can be achieved by pressing the right analog stick (R3) in the case of PlayStation.

The latest NFL game is accessible across multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. As a result, the controls for the game differ slightly between these platforms due to variations in controller layouts and functionality.

Manual for Pass Controls in the NFL video game.
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While throwing a ball may not seem like a daunting task, it requires skillful execution, especially when it comes to effectively passing it to your teammates. The key lies in tossing the ball in a way that maximizes accuracy and ensures that it reaches its intended recipient successfully.

Here is a general overview of the Passing controls for Madden NFL 23 on different platforms:

PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5


  • Throw Ball Away: R3
  • Player Movement: Left Analog Stick
  • Show Play Art/Scramble: Left Analog Stick + R2 (Hold)
  • Pass to Receiver: Square, Triangle, Circle, X, R1

Advanced Passing

  • Lob Pass: Pass Icon (Tap)
  • Bullet Pass: Pass Icon (Hold)
  • Touch Pass: Pass Icon (Press and Release)
  • High Pass: L1 (Hold)
  • Low Pass: L2 (Hold)
  • Pump Fake: Pass Icon (Double Tap)
  • Pass Leading: Left Analog Stick
  • Playmaker Closest Receiver: Right Analog Stick

Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S


  • Throw Ball Away: Click Right Stick
  • Player Movement: Left Analog Stick
  • Show Play Art/Scramble: Left Analog Stick + RT (Hold)
  • Pass to Receiver: X, Y, B, A, RB

Advanced Passing

  • Lob Pass: Pass Button (Tap)
  • Bullet Pass: Pass Button (Hold)
  • Touch Pass: Pass Button (Press and Release)
  • High Pass: LB (Hold)
  • Low Pass: LT (Hold)
  • Pump Fake: Pass Button (Double Tap)
  • Pass Leading: Left Analog Stick
  • Playmaker Closest Receiver: Right Analog Stick

PC Controls


  • Throw Ball Away: X
  • Player Movement: Mouse Movement or Arrows
  • Show Play Art/Scramble: R-Mouse Button or L-Shift (Hold)
  • Pass to Receiver: Q, E, R, F, Space

Advanced Passing

  • Lob Pass: Pass Key (Tap)
  • Bullet Pass: Pass Key (Hold)
  • Touch Pass: Pass Key (Press and Release)
  • High Pass: Mid-Mouse Button or Alt (Hold)
  • Low Pass: L-Mouse Button or L-Ctrl (Hold)
  • Pump Fake: Pass Key (Double Tap)
  • Pass Leading (After Pass): Mouse Movement or Arrows
  • Playmaker Closest Receiver: W/A/S/D