Aaron Rodgers has not spoken to his family since 2014 due to drifting apart. Aaron is considering reconciliation with his family after years of disputes. 

While some reports in 2022 suggested that Aaron and Jordan had started talking again, Us Weekly reported that there was still a household fissure and Aaron did not attend Jordan's wedding to Fletcher.

Rodgers started his football career at Butte College as a junior. After that, he made his NFL debut with the Green Bay Packers in 2005. 

The eminent quarterback has been the most valuable player in the NFL four times. Furthermore, he also became the Super Bowl champion in 2010 triumphing over Pittsburgh Steelers and Hall of Famer Troy Polamalu

After spending 18 seasons with the Packers, Aaron was traded to the New York Jets on April 24, 2023. The Jets acquired Rodgers by offering a range of draft picks for the 2023 season, including a first- and a second-round selection.

More than seventeen years later, Rodgers is still showcasing his prowess whilst ranking among the Oldest NFL Players playing in 2023.

Aaron Rodgers Does Not Get Along With Family Too Well

Aaron Rodgers family issues began in 2014. Rodgers contrived relationship with his kin has been a subject of talk over the years among people.

The 39-year-old discussed his estranged relationship with his family during an "Aubrey Marcus Podcast" interview in August 2022. 

While Rodgers believes in the possibility of reconciliation with his lineage, he understands that it's a unique journey for each of them. He wants to avoid playing the game of judging who's right or wrong and what their relationship should look like. 

His younger brother, Jordan, also mentioned in 2016 that they didn't have much of a connection, while in 2017, their father, Ed, revealed that Aaron hadn't spoken to them since 2014. 

(Right) Ed, Jordan, and Darla at Luke's wedding ceremony in 2019
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However, in 2018, Aaron mentioned that he had been visiting with his parents for his birthday, indicating a potential improvement in their relationship. 

Although Rodgers hopes for a reconciliation with his family, he has not specified when or if it will happen. Aaron has not followed any of his household members on Instagram, suggesting that a reconciliation has yet to ensue.

He stated that he holds no bitterness or resentment towards them but instead has love and appreciation for the lessons he learned from his upbringing, both positive and negative experiences. 

The Family Rift Connection With Olivia Munn

The Rogers household has acknowledged that their relationship with Aaron is not good. However, they have not revealed any particular details that caused the family to become estranged. 

Due to the long-standing family issues, there have been various speculations on the internet about the reasons behind their disagreements. 

US Weekly reported that Aaron's then-girlfriend, Olivia Munn, may have been a significant factor in the rift at the time. A source claimed that Rodgers' clan disapproved of Munn and believed she was not genuine in her relationship with Aaron. 

However, Munn denied having caused the estrangement, stating that it had already existed before their affinity. The couple broke up in 2017.

(Right) The Rodgers pictured together in Chico, California
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Aaron and his then-girlfriend Olivia allegedly returned Christmas gifts sent by his parents, and he didn't attend his grandfather's funeral, leading to a major rift in his household. 

Aaron's father, Ed, spoke to The New York Times in 2017, suggesting that fame has changed his son and caused him to distance himself from the ménage. However, Munn defended Aaron, claiming she had tried to reconcile them. 

Furthermore, in a podcast with his ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick, Aaron later revealed that religion had been a point of contention between him and his lineage and that he had grown disillusioned with the church services he attended as a child.

Aaron Rodgers Parents

Aaron Rodgers parents Edward Rodgers and Darla Rodgers tied the knot in April 1980. The duo met while enrolling at Chico State University. 

Aaron's mom Darla Leigh Pitmas Rodgers graduated from California State University, where she was part of a dance team. 

Likewise, Darla has worked as a part-time reporter for the Chico Enterprise-Record newspaper and as a chiropractic office manager.

(Right) Ed and Darla relishing their 37th anniversary in Chico California in April 2017
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Aaron Rodgers dad Ed Rodgers is a sports injury specialist and traditional chiropractor. He has served the Chico, Orland, Oroville, and Hamilton City areas for 24 years.

He specializes in helping people eliminate pain and motion restrictions while improving their movement function.

Ed earned a bachelor's degree in physical education/exercise science and a master's in exercise physiology from Chico State University.

Additionally, he graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1997 and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Aaron Has Two Siblings

Aaron Rodgers siblings are Luke Rodgers and Jordan Rodgers. Luke is a senior director of business development at 5G LLC since May 2021.

He previously worked as the Director of Business Development at GigaMonster Networks. Luke Rodgers also briefly worked as an NFL analyst and insider at CBS Interactive for a year.

Luke and Jordan also created and hosted a sports and entertainment podcast hosted by PodcastOne, which can be found on Apple iTunes. He also started his first company, the licensed apparel company Pro Merch in 2009 while pursuing his MBA.

Apart from this, Luke tied the knot with Amiee Rodgers on 7 April 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. They have a son named Jack Jordan Rodgers, born on June 17, 2022. 

(Right) Luke and Jordan's picture from April 11, 2018
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Aaron Rodgers brother Jordan Rodgers is a former American football quarterback who played for Vanderbilt University for three seasons. 

After retiring from football, he ventured into television and became a sports analyst and television personality. He is known for appearing on the reality TV show "The Bachelorette" in 2016, where he won the competition. 

Since then, Rodgers has worked as a college football analyst for ESPN and the SEC Network alongside Kirk Herbstreit. Jordan also co-hosted the reality TV show SportsNation on ESPN. 

Aaron Feud With His Younger Brother Jordan

Aaron and Jordan had a strained relationship which was made public when Jordan discussed their feud during an appearance on The Bachelorette. 

Aaron declined to comment on the matter when asked about the situation but wished his brother well in the competition. The tension between the two brothers rose further when Jordan accused Aaron of neglecting the family during the California wildfires.

(Left To Right) Ed, Jordan, and Luke at Vanderbilt University in September 2022
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It is often articulated that Aaron and Jordan have always been competitive with each other, and this rivalry only intensified as they got older.

The unnamed source also mentioned that their feud began after a disagreement that led to regrettable things being said by both parties, with their parents eventually getting involved to help diffuse the situation.