Kansas City Chiefs has the Madden 23 best offensive playbook for passing. Andy Reid tricky plays from the field match equally to the video game.

Madden NFL is named after former American football player and coach John Madden. The game franchise developed by EA Sports was first launched the year 1988. Since then, EA has released the game annually with a new and updated version.

After acquiring the rights to feature NFL teams and players, EA rebranded the series and changed its name to Madden NFL in 1993.

Then starting in 2004, the series held a monopoly as the sole officially authorized video game franchise of the National Football League (NFL). EA also launched the game's mobile version compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Furthermore, the game has evolved over the years and has become more realistic regarding gameplay and tactics. Thus it has become essential for a user to develop a base offensive playbook in Madden 23.

Best Passing Playbook Madden 23

Madden 23 best passing playbook is undoubtedly that of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have a fluid pass-oriented system crucial in tearing down the opposition's defense.

While every team has its traits and drawbacks, any gamer must choose the team that best suits their playing style.

Kansas City Chiefs benefitted by players like Juju Smith and Travis in their offensive passing play
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Without a good idea of an offensive playbook that influences a team's potencies, even the top teams will have difficulty competing. Hence, selecting an approach that aligns with your specific needs and requirements is paramount.

For a pass-heavy offense that relies on breaking down the opposing team's defense through strategic plays, the Kansas City Chiefs playbook is a top choice.

With the dynamic and skilled quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the pass-oriented head coach Andy Reid, the playbook offers a diverse range of passing concepts that target all field areas.

Whether you're aiming for deep balls to take advantage of Mahomes' arm strength or short passes to benefit players like Travis Kelce and Juju Smith-Schuster, the Chiefs have the best passing playbook in Madden 23.

Additionally, the playbook includes some fun and innovative trick plays that use Reid's creative play-calling style. If you're looking for a playbook that emphasizes heavily on passing, the Chiefs' offensive playbook is an excellent option.

Madden 23 Gameplay: Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49rs
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But a user must have one thing in mind while using this playbook is that one should not expect the team to rush plays, as it is more effective when sitting deep and gradually building from the back.

The Kansas City Chiefs' best offensive playbook, madden 23 in the passing department, comprises a selection of the most effective formations:

  • Singleback Wing Flex
  • Gun Deuce Close
  • Pistol Wing Flex Close
  • Gun Normal Y Off Close
  • Gun Trio Offset Wk

Best Running Playbook Madden 23

Madden 23 best running playbook is that of the two times Super Bowl champion the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens' offensive playbook is a must-have for Madden 23 gamers who love to run the ball. They have been known for their dominant ground game in the NFL for years, which is reflected in their playbook. 

Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker stats in 2023 Madden NFL
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According to Gamespot, this playbook is famous among players who like rushing attacks.

With multiple big run-blocking tight ends like Mark Andrews, the Ravens use heavy formations to take control of the game, allowing players to boss the opposing defensive line.

Centered Around Quarterback Lamar Jackson

One of the biggest strengths of the Ravens' playbook is their quarterback Lamar Jackson. On the special team side, they have a clutch kicker in Justin Tucker who could be useful after running down the clock.

Jackson is the best in what he does and a firmly quick rushing quarterback in the league, which makes the tactics ideally suited to his strengths.

The playbook is designed around his ability to run, which means that players with a quarterback who can run the ball can make the most of this playbook.

In addition to their dominant running game, Baltimore offers plenty of passing plays. Tight ends are the main focus of the passing game, which makes this playbook an excellent choice for players who enjoy using these players as their primary receivers.

Lamar Jackson overall rating increased from 87 to 91 in September 2022 Ultimate Team update
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By incorporating a mix of running and passing plays, the Ravens' playbook provides players with a versatile offensive strategy that can adapt to different game situations.

In conclusion, the Baltimore Ravens playbook is the best running playbook in Madden 23, perfect for players who focus on the running game.

With heavy formations and multiple tight ends, aligned with a focus on the quarterback's ability to run, the playbook provides players with a wide variety of running plays that can exploit the weaknesses of the opposing defense.

The passing game offers plenty of options to keep the defense guessing and prevent them from stacking the box against the run.

Who Has The Best Offensive Playbook In Madden 23?

The best offensive playbook in Madden 23 are those of the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers. 

Although there are certainly other teams that also qualify for the best such as New Orlean Saints and Arizona Cardinals, the above-mentioned clubs have top-tier playbooks that, if deployed correctly, could easily dominate the game.

Madden NFL 23 Team Logos
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However, the idea of a perfect playbook is a myth since everything has merits and drawbacks. One that fits a user might not suit others, so it depends on the individual's tactical mind.

People are always in a dilemma about the best offensive playbook in Madden 23. Hence, we created five teams with the best offensive playbook Madden 23.

  • Detriot Lions
  • New England Patriots
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Kansas City Chiefs

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions playbook is considered underrated but the most effective one. It has some of the most complicated formations and strategies in Madden 23.

Similar to that of Kansas, Detroit's tactics also heavily rely on passing with an amalgamation of running game as well. Some of the best formations the Lions have in store are Gun Bunch, Singleback Tight Y Off, Singleback Wing Stack, I Form Slot Close, Gun Doubles, and more.

Moreover, the build encompasses plays like Mesh Spot, PA Crosses, HB Angle, RPO Alert Bubble, and PA X Post Cross to maintain the system's fluidity.

New England Patriots

New England Patriots playbook is the most versatile in Madden 2023. It is no surprise because the team is led by one of the best NFL coaches, Bill Belichick.

New England Patriots legend Tom Brady's first look in Madden 23
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The club's offensive tactics revolve around a fusion of swift throws, artfully crafted play-action passes, and meticulously arranged running plays.

Patriots' Madden 23 playbook includes sets like Trips TE and Gun Bunch, which harbor many of the most advantageous offensive plays in the game.

Similarly, it comprises formations such as Singleback Ace Pair, I Form Tight, Shotgun Snugs Flip, Doubles Y-Flex, Strong I Pro, and others.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers playbook centers on the running ball with the RB Christian McCaffrey in the pivot of the system. 

Considered one of the hottest NFL stars, McCaffrey was the heart of the Panthers' running plays before his transfer to the 49ers. Its versatility and dynamic set its playbook apart; with a mix of well-designed running and passing plays, it offers a formidable challenge for opposing defenses.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens offense uses several combinations of formations in Madden NFL 23.

The playbook uses Singleback in its Wing Tight U shape alongside I Form in Twin TE. Likewise, it has a wide range of formations in Pistol and Shotgun. Some of the most effective ones are Bunch, Full House Base, Strong Shot, Deuce Close, Trey OPen, etc. 

Madden 23 features a
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Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs have the best passing playbook in the 2023 version of Madden.

The close formations give the opposition less space to make a touchdown. The most famous Chiefs systems are Pistol Wing Flex Close and Singleback Wing Flex, like Brian Daboll led Giants.

In addition, Gun Deuce Close, Gun Normal Y Off Close, and Gun Bunch TE can stoke the flames in opposition strategies, setting them ablaze.

Apart from offensive play calls, the defensive structure also plays a vital role in the game's overall experience.

Some teams with the best defensive playbooks in Madden 23 are New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or one can make their custom defensive formations.

Madden 23 Best Settings For Offense

Madden 23 best settings for offense are anchored on various formations like Gun Tight Offset TE and Gun Ace Slot Offset.

The video game places a hefty emphasis on passing in its offensive gameplay, which means that players should have an excellent understanding of their available plays.

Understanding the different formations, play types, and personnel options available is crucial. It is not just one set that will do a job for you but involves a variety of subtle setups that influence the game.

EA Sports Madden 23 Game settings
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For Skill based passing, one must jiggle settings in-game options to have the best experience. The passing type box should be "Placement and Accuracy," whereas a "No Max Distance" or just "Near" will be sufficient for free-form reticle max distance.

The next option is Free-Form Reticle Speed which ranges from 1 to 20 based on how quick a player wants their game to be. For the passing game, the build is necessary, and for that, one must have enough time to think of their next move, so the speed must be around 6 to 10.

And for formations, if you are a beginner in this video game franchise, always go for Guns because it offers some of the best plays. However, one can easily customize their settings to their will and need.