Best 2 way glue guy NBA 2k24 is a combination of players that can help on both ends. The glue guy is a versatile player but not the best player on the field.

The two-way glue guy can play well defensively against a variety of players and provide a spark off the bench as a super substitute. They can also fill in at several spots.

He can shoot and defend but he is not too good in dunk. They may set screens, generate scoring opportunities for their teammates, and make open shots. On rebounding the ball, they are equally good.

However, they are very important for winning the games but are not the best players. But they are the players that set screens, create openings for shooters, and play solid defense. These are the small things that add up to major results.

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How To Create 2 Way Glue Guy In NBA 2k24?

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To create a 2-way glue guy in NBA 2K24, You should concentrate on features and badges that will enable you to contribute on both sides of the court.

As a two-way glue guy, the greatest position is small forward since it lets you guard several spots and switch on screens. For a 2-way glue guy, a height of around 6'6" to 6'8" is the perfect height since it strikes a solid mix between size and speed.

If you want to build your own 2 Way Glue Guy NBA 2k24, then you can make their build and attributes this way:


  • Position: Small Forward
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 223 Lbsor 101 KG
  • Wingspan: 7'4"


  • Shooting: 81
  • Playmaking: 72
  • Finishing: 80
  • Defense: 85
  • Rebounding: 71

2-way glue guys must be able to make plays for both themselves and their teammates. Don't forget to put emphasis on your ball handling, three-pointer, and mid-range shooting skills.

They must also be capable of defending numerous players and be careful to allocate points to the outer edge of defense and interior defense. There are several badges that are required for a 2-way glue guy. As a result, selecting the appropriate badge is very important.

After you've finished creating the build, you should work on your badges.

Playing games and completing challenges is the greatest method to achieve this. Badges can also be earned by purchasing them with Virtual Currency. We have also embedded the video to help you guys create NBA 2 way players glue guy easily:

NBA Two Way Player Rules

NBA two-way player rules include players with three or fewer years of NBA experience who are subject to the NBA's two-way player restrictions and can only sign an NBA 2 way contract salary.

A flat salary equivalent to around 50 percent of the minimum player salary for a player with no years of service is paid to two-way players.

They can participate in up to 50 of more than 80 regular season games for their team. The aggregate playing time of a team's two-way players is limited to 90 games if they are not fielding a full 15-man roster.

The G League also allows two-way players to compete. At any point, they could be allocated to the G League affiliate of their franchise.

A two-way player can at any point be converted by a team to a regular NBA contract. The player becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the regular season if a team does not convert them to a normal NBA contract.

Two-way players, however, are not eligible for waivers or trades unless they have been assigned to their team's G League club.

Likewise, they are not eligible to play in the NBA playoffs and cannot be called up from the G League within 48 hours of a game.

How To Turn Dunk Meter On 2k24?

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To turn dunk meter on 2k24, you will first have to go to the main menu and in the settings option choose gameplay and select shooting and dunking.

Once you finish selecting shooting and dunking go down and then turn the dunk meter ON.

You need to save your changes in order to apply the changes you have made by clicking B if you are on Xbox or the O bottom if you are doing it on PS.

Similarly, to score a dunk in the NBA 2k24, you need to go all the way near the basket along with the ball and hold the turbo button, RT if you are on Xbox and R2 if you are on Play station.

Click the right analog stick up first and down, after you reach the basket. Once the meter is turned green you should release the right analog stick that you were clicking.

The accurate timing of pressing the buttons will decide if your dunk is going to be powerful or not.

Not just powerful dunks, the NBA 2k24 also has flashy dunks as well as contact dunks.

If you keep playing it and try different things then you will find out more tricks and skills to perform. The NBA 2k24 gameplay is really amazing and when you try to dunk the animation is different for almost every player.

Does Speed With Ball Matter 2k24? 

Yes, the speed with the ball does matter in 2k24 as it makes a pretty big difference. But it also depends from player to player.

Hence, the ability to move fast with the ball, both in a straight line and when changing direction, is affected by ball speed.

It is still significant, if not as much, for players who are not so dominant on the ball. They can still use it to their advantage to get a break from their opponents whether cutting to the basket or going for a fast break.

Having a good speed rating allows for rapid acceleration out of a standstill and speedier movement. Furthermore, it facilitates quicker pulling-up jumpers, quicker recovery from dribbling moves, and improved ability to get away from opponents.

How To Claim NBA League Pass 2k24?

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To claim the NBA League Pass 2k24, you first need to buy the NBA 2k24 25th Anniversary edition and then install it on your Personal Computer or any console.

Once you are done with the installation setup, log in to the NBA 2k account if you already have the account or create a new account if you don't have one with your email address.

After finishing all the steps mentioned above, you will get a passcode for the NBA League and steps to redeem it on your email in 3 days.

But it should be done before the 1st of December 2023 and for those who did it before the 6th of October 6, it won't be valid.

To redeem the passcode, you simply need to go through this link and select the redeem code option.

Then, you just put in your Passcode of the NBA league, that you got while installing and logging into the NBA 2k account and Redeem it. You are still allowed to get this offer, even if you have subscribed already to NBA League Pass before.

However, the pass subscription is not valid in all countries it is applicable in most of the countries. You can also check the validity of the NBA league subscription through the link inserted above.

The NBA 2k24 was released on 8th September 2023 with different builds and features. You can watch the video embedded below if you are still unclear about how to claim it.