Jannik Sinner parents Johann and Siglinde Sinner are from Innichen Italy. Johann and Siglinde work in kitchen and table service at Ski Lodge.

The Italian tennis sensation grew up in Val Fiscalina, in the Tre Cime Dolomiti area, alongside his older brother Mark. Sinner began skiing and tennis at the age of three.

Sinner gave up tennis for a year while training in skiing when he was seven, but his father persuaded him to return. It turns out that his father was the one who encouraged him to return to the game, and he is currently climbing into the top 50 in 2020 with his first top-ten victory.

Likewise, Sinner has six ATP singles championships and one doubles title, and after winning the 2020 Sofia Open, he became the youngest ATP title-holder since 2008 and the youngest to have five wins since Novak Djokovic in 2007.

Jannik Sinner Parents Johann And Siglinde Sinner

Jannik Sinner parents Johann and Siglinde Sinner raised him in Northern Italy. Johann and Siglinde instilled the value of hard work in him. 

Sinner does not come from an athletic background, but his family has backed every choice that has been beneficial to their son. Moreover, a press reader identified his father's name as Hanspeter Sinner. 

Seinner with his parents, brother, and coaches at NextGenFinals in Milan
Source : instagram

The family seldom makes public appearances, and there are just a few photographs of him and his family on his social media. However, they have taught him a work ethic since they work in a modest job every day.

They taught him the importance of constantly giving his all and not losing enthusiasm while accomplishing chores. He also credits his mom and dad for fostering the value of independence and allowing him to leave home as a youngster to follow his goal.

His Father Johann Sinner Works As A Chef

Jannik dad Johann serves as a chef at a restaurant in Val Pusteria, Italy. Johann encouraged his son to pick up his racket again after he gave up tennis. 

Likewise, his father is active on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but posts have yet to be made on those sites to date. However, the page mentions him having a brother named Joe Sinner.

Johann Sinner in the hut/restaurant in Val Fiscalina
Source : twitter

Furthermore, a fan website released a picture of Johann with his sons' fans in September 2022, where many praised his family for their hard work despite their son now being a tennis star at the top level.

The Twitter post showed Johann in his apron in an eatery in Val Fiscalina. 

His Mother Siglinde Sinner

Jannik mom Siglinde works as a server at the same eatery where his dad works. Siglinde raised her two kids in the town of Sexten.

With her husband, Siglinde began a family in Innichen, which is located in the largely German-speaking province of South Tyrol in northern Italy.

Jannik posted his childhood picture on an occassion of Mother's Day
Source : instagram

They engage in the kitchen and table service at the Talschusshutte lodge, which isn't on the alpine ski slopes but nearby cross-country ski tracks, not far from the cable car that travels up from Bad Moos.

In addition, the tennis star shared a photo of his mom in honor of Mother's Day in May 2020. He uploaded a childhood photo and expressed gratitude for having the best mother.

Jannik Sinner Brother Mark Sinner

Sinner has an older brother named Mark Sinner. The appearance of the Sinner Brothers has always been a source of debate in the internet media.

After his elder brother's photograph was published online, many users commented on how different they appeared, with some commented genetics is a strange thing on Reddit.

Sinner with his brother, Mark at Internazionali BNL d'Italia
Source : instagram

One user gave an instance of other siblings that seemed different despite being born into the same household.

On the other hand, Mark is active on Instagram, although his 707-followed page is set to private. Furthermore, there is just one post on Jannik's Instagram that features the Sinner brothers.

The post was made in 2020 as he was on his way to tennis practice with his brother by his side.