Cameron Norrie sister Bronwen Norrie is a legal consultant. Cameron was born in England to parents Helen Norrie and David Norrie.

Cameron is a professional British tennis player who has previously played for New Zealand in his junior career. The 27-year-old athlete won 16 professional matches, including Davis Cup in 2018, after turning a professional in 2017. 

The British player is participating in the 2023 Australia Open at Melbourn, Australia.

The reigning number-one British men's tennis player is South-African-born and New Zealand-raised with a British background. He and his family were forced to flee Africa due to Bulgary and other dangerous circumstances.

Although residing in London for his professional career, the English athlete has kept a healthy relationship with his kinsfolks.  

Who is Bronwen Norrie?

Bronwen Norrie is the sister of professional tennis player Norrie. Bronwen is a professional legal affair executive.

Browen was born on 14 September 1992 as an elder daughter. She attended Macleans College in Auckland, New Zealand, and later joined Utrecht University in 2016, where she studied Bachelor of Laws for a year.

Before that, she attended The University of Auckland in 2010 and graduated with a BA (Psychology) and LLB (Law) in May 2017.

Cam Norrie enjoying his vacation with Bronwen in July 2022.
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Bronwen has been performing as a committee member of the New Zealand Planning Institute since November 2019. The former Youth Law Center and Equal Justice Project volunteer has worked as a Mentor at InZone from May 2017 to December 2017.

She also worked as a Convenor at Auckland Netball for five years. She was a placement solicitor at Waitemata Community law center, advocating for criminal, environmental, family, immigration, general contract, and employment law. 

The psychology graduate was the junior counselor for the four occasions with Rob Towner in the Employment Court.

She was also a solicitor at the Employment Law team at Bell Guly for two years before moving into Simpson Grierson's Local Government and Environment team in January 2019.

Bronwen now works as their Business and Legal Affairs Executive at Fremantle UK in London, England.

Cameron Norrie Parents

Cameron Norrie parents are microbiologists Helen and David Norrie. He was born on 23 August 1995 as their second child.

The couple traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to work at the Bio-lab in Johannesburg in the 1990s where they gave birth to the tennis star.

Cameron with his dad and mom at The All England Tennis Club who came to watch him play at Wimbledon in July 2017.
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Living in the perilous city of that time with a more significant crime rate, was a life-threatening experience for the duo. They had to fear for the safety of their children with ongoing burglary and danger.

The patriarch and mother eventually decided to leave the country and migrate to New Zealand after learning about their neighbor being the victim of a carjacking at gunpoint.

The couple still lives in New Zealand and often travel to London to support their son.

Mom Helen Norrie is Welsh

Helen Williams Norrie is the mother of Cameron Norrie. She hails from Cardiff, Wales.

Helen is a tennis enthusiast who works as a Business Manager at Medi'Ray, Auckland. She performs the sales and marketing of scientific products and has an experienced history of working in the research industry.

Norrie with his mother at Lyon, France during his vacation in May 2018.
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The matriarch is professionally skilled at having solid sales in sectors like Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Bio-Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Flow Cytometry. She worked as an Account manager for six years at different companies before owning 'Norrie Biotech' in January 2008.

Norrie Biotech's former director has worked as a Business Manager at Medi'Ray for almost eight years. She also attended the safe sampling for molecular veterinary diagnostics with NucleoProtect VET in November 2022.

The matriarch is the alma mater of The University of Cape Town where she studied BSc (Hons) and Biochemistry. She loves to visit the sea and is also a fitness lover.

As a tennis supporter, she is the foremost fan of her son's professional career. She is primarily active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dad David Norrie is from Glasgow

David Norrie is the father of Cameron Norrie. He is also a microbiologist like his wife Helen.

David is a cyclist and Scottish football fan. He is also a tennis lover like his life partner and loves reading books and watching movies out of other activities.

Cameron with his father in front of Voila Store at Queen's Park, Glasgow in September 2018.
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The patriarch is currently working in the field of commercializing bioscience. He has completed Ph.D. in General Microbiology from the University of Birmingham.

He studied Master of Business Administration at Henley Business School for two years before studying BSc (Hons) in Applied Micro Biology at the University of Strathclyde.

The father of Kiwi Raised originally belonged to Glasgow, Scotland. Still, he moved to South Africa for work opportunities and finally to New Zealand for a better lifestyle and security reasons. He supports his heir's tennis career and often visits him on the court.

Cameron Norrie Family

Norrie spent his childhood around his mom and dad in New Zealand. He has not been very open about his family lifestyle in front of the public and media.

Cameron with his mom, dad and Bronwen.
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The African-born British athlete is the childhood friend of Former British tennis player and coach Evan Hoyt. He also has a good relationship with a former tennis player and Basketball player J Ward Hibbert.

The left-handed player has lived in England separately from his father and mother since 16. He studied at Texas Christian University in 2014 but eventually stopped his education to pursue his professional career. He occasionally visits his house in Auckland in his free time.

Cameron Norrie does not have a brother as his sibling. Cameron is the only son in the household.

Cameron Norrie Partner Louise Jacobi

Cameron Norrie is in a relationship with Louise Jacobi. Lousie is an artist and designer.

The British no. 1 tennis player and Louise has been dating since 2019. The celebrity girlfriend is the founder and creative director at 'Please Don't Touch' where she strongly focuses on designing luxury products for interior design brands.

Cameron with his partner Louise Jacobi at Sydney, Australia on New Year Eve.
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They started their relationship after she lost her job back in 2019. The significant other of the tennis player cheers for her love's matches and championships and travels with him around the world.

The duo keeps their relationship life private and is sometimes seen enjoying quality time with each other.