Luis Suarez daughter Delfina Suarez was born in 2010. Delfina is the firstborn child of Suarez and Sofia Balbi.

Delfina's name is an anagram of the English city of Anfield. This is a world-renowned stadium of one of Suarez's previous clubs, Liverpool FC.

Suarez is a member of both the Uruguayan national football team and his current club, Club Nacional de Football, which competes in the Uruguayan First Division.

Luis Suarez Daughter Delfina Suarez Is His First Born Child

Luis Suarez raised daughter Delfina Suarez in Barcelona. Delfina has two younger siblings Benjamin and Lautaro.

Luis Suarez with his daughter, Delfina.
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Delfina is in her pre-teens, as she just turned 12 earlier this year. As part of his celebration after scoring a goal, Suarez kissed the word, Delfina, tattooed on the wrist next to his own name and firstborn's name. 

Delfi as she is lovingly known encourages him and cheers for him whenever she comes to watch her dad play. Luis calls his family the source of all of his strength. He frequently shares images on social media showing his family reveling in his achievements and celebrating with him.

Luis with his wife and three children, posing in front of the Christmas tree.
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As the family posed in front of a Christmas tree in Luis's photo, Delfi appears to have grown up quite a bit.

A snap from the family's recent vacation.
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The family recently went on a vacation in an Arabic country. Luis and Sofi frequently post Delfi's pictures on Instagram.

Delfina Suarez Age and Height

Football followers often wonder how old is Luis Suarez daughter. Delfina celebrated her 12th birthday on August 6, 2022. Both her parents wished her on her birthday and the family had a great celebration time.

Luis and Sofia with Delfina on her 12th birthday.
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Delfina Suarez beach photos have gone viral all over the internet recently, as she was seen enjoying a family vacation.

Delfi is currently 144 cm or 4 feet 9 inches.

Luis Suarez Sons Benjamin and Lautaro

Luis Suarez has two sons. They are named Benjamin Suarez and Lautaro Suarez.

Benjamin was born in 2013. Their second son Lautaro, whom they fondly call Lauti was born in 2018. Lauti was held a few months after Barcelona defeated Inter Milan to win the Champions League in 2018. Suarez took to Instagram to share pictures of his newborn child.

Luis shared photo of his newborn child, Lautaro.
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Luis Suarez family including his wife Sofia Balbi and 3 kids have been very supportive of his football career so far.

When Lauti bit Suarez on the shoulder lovingly, the picture went viral worldwide as it evoked the images of his father biting other players himself.

Suarez has a few moments in his career that will go down in history and remain in fans' memories forever. Video of Lauti biting his dad's shoulder was viewed all over.

Lauti biting Suarez on the shoulder.
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Both Benjamin and Lauti are already immensely grown up. Their first son Benjamin has already reached the age of nine, whereas their youngest child Lautaro is four.