Gamebred Bare Knuckle commentators are Sean Wheelock, Dan Lambert, Paige VanZant, David Van Auken and Robin Black. 

Bare knuckle boxing is a combat sport that involves fighting without gloves or other padding on the hands. Gamebred Bare Knuckle is a professional bare-knuckle boxing promotion founded by former mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal in 2019.

The Gamebred Bare Knuckle promotion has gained much attention in combat sports due to its unique format and high-profile fighters. Their most recent event, Gamebred Bareknuckle 4, occurred on May 5, 2023, at the FLA Live Arena in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The card featured former UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson, who made his bare-knuckle MMA debut, as the event's headliner. Well-known MMA personality Robin Black and former UFC fighter Din Thomas commentated on the fights.

As for play callers for bare-knuckle events, it varies from organization to organization and from event to event. With experience in combat sports and broadcasting can provide play-by-play and analysis of the fights.

Gamebred Boxing Commentators List

Gamebred Boxing commentators are:

  • Kayla Harrison
  • Marlon Vera
  • Robin Black
  • David Van Auken
  • Sean Wheelock
  • Dan Lambert
  • Paige VanZant

David Van Auken is a prominent combat sports analyst who hosts "The Dave Van Auken Show presented by Fight Bananas." He is known for his in-depth analysis of MMA fights and his recaps of UFC events. 

Similarly, his Instagram page also highlights the image of him as the commentator for the Gamebred Bare Knuckle. 

In addition to his show, Van Auken is an active presence on Twitter, where he frequently shares updates on combat sports events and fighters. While he is not a professional MMA fighter, his extensive knowledge and experience as a commentator and analyst have earned him a reputation as an expert in the sport.

David Van Auken during a press conference at FLA Live Arena in May 5 2023
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Sean Wheelock is a Kansas-based sports commentator who worked with Bellator from 2010-2015, covering MMA fights. He has also broadcasted soccer matches and worked for various media outlets such as BBC Radio, XM Radio ESPN, and FOX Soccer Channel.

In addition, Dan Lambert has been the founder of American Top Team, one of the top MMA gyms in the world, for over 20 years. With many champions produced by the gym, it has expanded to dozens of branches worldwide.

Paige VanZant, a former UFC fighter, has transitioned to bare-knuckle boxing. She also modelled for Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue. However, she lost her promotional debut in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship against Britain Hart.

(Left) Kayla and Robin joined Gamebred broadcast team on May 6, 2023
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Amid this, Dean Toole is a prominent figure in the MMA and boxing world, with a strong reputation for promoting and organizing events in these sports. He is the founder and CEO of Fight Bananas, a company that brings exciting combat sports content to fans and matchmakers in Gamebred.

Additionally, Toole serves as a matchmaker for several major organizations, including Gamebred Fighting Championship, iKON FC, and Showtime FC.

Toole's expertise in the combat sports industry has made him a sought-after guest for interviews on YouTube and other platforms. In these interviews, he provides insights into his various promotions, discusses the challenges of organizing events, and shares his plans for the future.

Bare Knuckle Boxing Techniques 101

Bare-knuckle boxing is an ancient combat sport involving two fighters in a ring without protective gear except for hand wraps. It typically has two-minute rounds of fights.

Despite its long history dating back to the 18th century, it was banned due to its perceived brutality and potential for injury.

In Gamebred Bare Knuckle, fighters engage in five rounds, each lasting two minutes with a one-minute rest period in between. The ring is circular, with a 22-foot diameter and no ropes. Instead, fighters are enclosed in a small circle in the center of the ring called the "pit."

Keith Speed started the night with a RearNaked Choke for the first finish of the night at FLA Live Arena on May 6, 2023
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Gamebred Bare Knuckle has a variety of fighters from different combat sports backgrounds, including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and traditional martial arts. Hector Lombard, Leonard Garcia, and Chris Leben are notable fighters who have participated in this promotion.

The Basic Formula Of Bare Knuckle Boxing

Regarded as a brutal and intense sport, it requires a lot of skill and technique. Here are some of the key bare-knuckle boxing techniques:

  • The Jab
  • The Cross
  • The Hook
  • The Uppercut
  • The Overhand
  • The Slip
  • The Bob and Weave
  • The Clinch
  • Footwork
  • Defense

The techniques used in bare-knuckle boxing are similar to those used in modern-day boxing, but there are some differences due to the lack of gloves, as per Sportsrec.

Bare-knuckle boxers tend to rely more on punches that target the head and upper body, as punching with a bare fist to the body can be painful and can cause injury to the hand.

The basic formula for bare-knuckle boxing uses footwork, head movement, and punches to outmaneuver and outscore your opponent.

Bare-knuckle boxers during a training session in January 2023
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A good bare-knuckle boxer should have a strong understanding of the basics of boxing, including jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and crosses, as well as how to move around the ring effectively and avoid getting hit.

For instance, many fighters will try to get in close to their opponent and use body shots to wear them down, as this can be more effective with bare fists than with gloves. Others will use their footwork and head movement to avoid punches and wait for an opportunity to strike.

Is Bare Knuckle Boxing Legal?

Bare-knuckle boxing's legality depends on the location, with some notable exceptions. The first bare-knuckle bout was held in 1681 in England. 

Although it remains illegal in most parts of the world, the sport has gained popularity as more states legalize it and social media platforms showcase its intensity. 

In the UK, bare-knuckle boxing is legal but not fully regulated and operates without official regulation from the British Boxing of Control (BBBC). Meanwhile, in the US, bare-knuckle boxing is legal but restricted, with only a few promotions allowed, and its legality varies by state.

Despite its often controversial reputation, bare-knuckle boxing has grown in popularity in the UK and the US over the past five years. It has become a PPV product and regularly sells out arenas.

(Right) Jorge Masvidal during the first sanctioned bare knuckle bout in Florida on May 9, 2023
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Celebrities such as YouTube star Kimbo Slice and Liverpool-based Shaun Smith have helped further popularize the sport. Smith even created his bare-knuckle boxing promotion featured in a Netflix documentary, per The Sun

In the UK, the sport has attracted several notable fighters from other combat sports, such as ex-UFC fighter Brad Pickett, journeyman boxer Robin Deakin, and former British boxing champion Matty Askin, who have all made the switch to bare-knuckle boxing and contributed to the growth of the sport's popularity.

Bare Knuckle First Recorded Fight In 1681

Bare-knuckle boxing has a long history, with the first recorded bout in England in 1681. It persisted for over 100 years until the Marques of Queensberry Rules were introduced in 1867, which required gloves to protect the hands, not the face.

These rules made boxing a good sport and became part of the Olympics in the 1990s. Despite its evolution, bare-knuckle boxing became the sport that people forgot. However, during the 1970s in the UK, unlicensed boxing became popular again.

Notorious underworld characters like Lenny McClean and Roy Shaw participated in these bouts as they were banned from professional boxing due to their criminal pasts.

Moreover, Irish travelers often settled disputes through illegal bare-knuckle fights, as portrayed in the 2000 movie "Snatch" by Brad Pitt.