Amanda Nunes family includes Nina Nunes and her adorable little daughter Raegan Ann Nunes. Amanda tied the knot with Nina in 2019.

Nina is also a former MMA fighter who competed in the UFC's women's flyweight category. Throughout her MMA journey, she engaged in 18 fights, achieving an impressive 11 victories. 

Meanwhile, Amanda holds a professional record of 22-5-0 in Mixed Martial Art fights and is the current holder of the coveted UFC Women's Featherweight Champion belt.

Her last bout was against Julianna Pena at UFC 272, where she got the best of Pena through a unanimous decision. The rematch between the two elites was scheduled for July 11, 2023, but it did not work out.

Amanda will share an octagon against Mexican fighter Irene Aldana at the "UFC 289 Nunes vs. Aldana" in the women's Bantamweight main event on July 10.

Amanda Nunes Wife Nina Nunes

Amanda Nunes married Nina Nunes on January 25, 2019. Their love story began back in 2013 when Amanda and Nina started dating.

Earlier this year, the happy couple celebrated a special milestone. They marked 10 years of being together and three years of marriage by sharing a heartfelt Instagram post.

Amanda celebrates Christmas with Nina and Raegan in December 2022
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The post featured a delightful video showcasing their love story's key moments and highlights, filled with joy, laughter, and cherished memories. It was a beautiful overview of their journey together.

Nina crossed paths with the two-time Bantamweight Champion while both were newcomers in the UFC. They happened to meet each other in a gym. After five years of a cherished relationship, the two love birds announced their engagement in 2018, followed by their nuptials in 2019. 

Nina Is A Former MMA Fighter

Nina Nunes Ansaroff is a former UFC fighter who vied in the women’s flyweight division. Nina had a record of 11-7 in professional MMA.

Born on December 3, 1985, the 37-year-old is a native of Weston, Florida. Similar to Amanda, Nina began training for combat sports from a young age when she was only six.

After finishing high school, Ansaroff began training in mixed martial arts in 2009. Then, a year later in 2010, she stepped into the professional MMA scene, initially competing in smaller local events.

Nina acclaims a win in the final game of her career in August 2022.
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With intense passion and tenacity, Nina achieved a record of 5 wins and 3 losses before eventually joining Invicta FC.

After a year-long stint in Invicta, she joined UFC and played her first fight inside the octagon in November 2014. For most of her Ultimate Fighting Challenge career, Nina competed in the strawweight class but moved to the flyweight division in 2022.

Ansaroff announced her retirement following a win against Cynthia Calvillo by a split decision at UFC on ESPN 41 on August 13, 2022.

How Many Kids Does Amanda Nunes Have?

Amanda Nunes has one child, a baby girl name Raegan Ann Nunes. Reagan Nunes was born on September 24, 2020.

In September 2022, the couple joyfully marked their baby's second birthday. They expressed their happiness with a sweet message on an Instagram post that said, "Happy birthday, Rae Rae."

It was a big celebration because they invited all of their family members and relatives to join in the fun and everyone had a fantastic time together. The picture captured the moment Reagan had a room full of wonderful gifts, making it an exciting and memorable occasion.

Amanda and Nina announce they are anticipating their second in April 2023
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Nina and Amanda leave no effort to make their little one feel special as they often take her on various joyous adventures such as Disneyland, movies, and other beautiful places.

Interestingly, Amanda Nunes daughter Reagan has her own Instagram account brimming with several of her cute and charming pictures.

On the other hand, because Amanda and Nina are both professional fighters, they spend much time together at the gym, where they work out. Their adorable little princess Reagan really enjoys accompanying her moms to the gym and watching them train.

Besides, the power couple also brings Raegan along to Amanda's UFC matches. Raegan sits beside Nina during the fights and happily watches her momma compete against other opponents.

Furthermore, Nunes children number two is currently on the way. They made the announcement by sharing a sonogram picture of the soon-to-arrive baby in April 2023.

Amanda Nunes Parents

Amanda Nunes parents are Sindoval Nunes and Ivete Nunes. Nunes was born Amanda Lourenço Nunes on May 30, 1988 in Brazil.

Her mother Ivete and father Sindobal parted ways when she was just a four-year preschooler. After that, Ivete took custody of Amanda and her two older siblings.

It was a challenging period for Amanda as Ivete had to make an end meet as a single mother. She did not have a steady way to earn money, which made things even harder for the family.

Amanda wishes a happy birthday to Ivete on April 17, 2021
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In addition to her job at the school, Ivete took on various side gigs to earn extra money. She sold hot dogs, sweets, and beauty products to provide for her three offspring. Besides, Ivete also toiled as a financial assistant at DFX Transporte Internacional LTD for five years.

Nunes says that her mum was a caring parent, but she also had strict rules. Ivete wanted Amanda to channel her extra energy in a positive way, so she encouraged her to participate in sports.

Ivete has always been a big fan of boxing and she used to box when Amanda was a young girl. Inspired by that, the UFC fighter followed in her mother's footsteps.

Where Is Amanda Nunes From?

Amanda Nunes comes from the small township of Pojuca in Bahia, Brazil. Amanda grew up with her two sisters Vanessa and Valdirene Nunes.

Among the brood, the 5-foot-8 MMA champ is the youngest. She has maintained a close relationship with both of them and often invites the two to her house during a special occasion or event to celebrate together.

Moreover, Amanda wishes her elder siblings on their birthdays via social media posts. When she was 16 years old, Vanessa invited her to a dojo. That is when Amanda started learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

Amanda grew up with Ivete, Valdirene and Vanessa in Brazil
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Her uncle Jose Silva, a No Holds Barred fighter, had also inspired her career greatly. He pushed Amanda to go to a karate class when she was seven.

When Amanda turned 17, she relocated to Salvador with her sister for further training. She joined the Edson Carvalho Academy and learn from Ricardo Carvalho. During her time there, she focused on Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also began practicing judo.

Prior to joining MMA, Nunes excelled in BJJ tournaments, winning a gold medal in the 2008 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship and the 2009 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Additionally, Amanda has earned a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a brown belt in judo.