Donald Cerrone did hair transplant at a company called Now Hair Time in Turkey. Cerrone underwent a hair repair treatment in November 2022.

The before and after photos of him after the transformation revealed his new hairline that covers the previously receded hairline in his temples region. 

Famous by his ring name, "Cowboy," the former MMA artist and UFC fighter emanated from a consolidated town in Denver, Colorado. The 40-year-old former athlete ranks among the Richest MMA Fighters in the world.

Cerrone loved to fight from a young age and moved to Commerce City to pursue a career in combat sports. Prior to joining UFC in 2010, he tried his fortune in boxing and kickboxing. Donald has an impressive record of 28 wins out of 29 games he played Kickboxing. 

Likewise, in UFC, his presence was not unheard of, where he competed in lightweight and Welterweight classes. It was announced that the 40-year-old athlete joins the UFC Hall of Fame in the class of 2023.

What Happened To Donald Cerrone Hair?

Donald Cerrone suffered from hair loss around his temple area. Cerrone received a hair restoration surgery in late 2022 to reinstate his hairline.

For most of his UFC career, Cerrone competed with a fully shaved head as it looked more aesthetically appealing than a partially bald head with sporadic hair growth when he allowed his hair to grow back.

Cerrone in laugh while he gets his hair surgery at Now Hair Time in Turkey
Source : instagram

After being a victim of one of today's men's most common but significant problems of hair loss, unlike most, the retired UFC combatant did not surrender to it. Fear of going bald, Cerrone scorched earth for the possible remedy to regain his hair to boost his confidence.

Now Hair Time To The Rescue

Donald learned about Now Hair Time, a reputable hair implant facility in Turkey. After completing the procedure of getting a new hairline, Cerrone went on Instagram and conveyed his appreciation to the company for basically rescuing him from the prospect of balding.

In his post, Cerrone recounted his experience getting his hair back with the help of a surgical procedure at Now Hair Time. Following the creation of a new hairline, implantation was employed to address the gaps in the frontal region.

Donald admitted that he was initially unsure whether to try it for himself. After going back and forth with his wife and his own thoughts for months, Cerrone eventually decided to take the plunge and fly to Turkey with his wife to get the treatment.

Donald at Now Hair Time center in Turkey in November 2022
Source : linkedin

He seemed to have been impressed by the level of care and support he received from the center throughout the entire process.

Moreover, Cowboy Cerrone said they provided transportation from the airport to a five-star hotel and that he was assigned a personal hair specialist who helped him along the way.

On November 2022, the New Hair Time's Linkedin account shared several pictures of Donald Cerrone surgery yielding good results.

Francis Ngannou Inspired Him For The Procedure

Francis Ngannou inspired Donald Cerrone for the procedure. Cerrone dedicated an Instagram post to appreciate the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

The Colorado homegrown mentioned that he first heard about the center from his friend Ngannou, who presumably had a positive experience with their services. Cerrone is a good friend of Francis, and the two have shared the octagon of the UFC for seven years.

Faced with early hair loss, Ngannou chose to address the issue with a hair restoration surgery performed by New Hair Time, to minimize further hair loss and potential baldness at a young age.

Cerrone took suggestion from his pal Francis about Now Hair Time
Source : instagram

Similar to Cerrone, the 6-foot-4 athlete spent most of his UFC career with a shaved head. However, he discovered the treatment facility early in 2022 and, without further ado, headed straight for the transplant. 

Francis dropped pictures on his Instagram in March 2022, which show him getting a new hairdo in Turkey. In the caption, the 36-year-old Cameroon native stated that he had not changed his hairstyle but was instead working on improving it.

He cited that he was not yet ready to go bald and has therefore opted to use a solution from the facility in Turkey. Besides, Ngannou also expressed confidence that this solution would help him with his hair growth.   

After getting fairly positive results and being satisfied with the procedure, he whispered about the magic solution to Donald, who was suffering from a similar fate to his hair. 

Ngannou underwent a hair surgery in March 2022
Source : instagram

Taking his suggestion into consideration, Cerrone, skeptical at first, contacted New Hair Time and asked for the surgery date. He flew to Turkey with his wife Lindsay in November and had a successful implant.

Additionally, Cerrone encouraged others to consider this option and not to wait too long as he did.

Donald Cerrone Has A Long Beard

Donald Cerrone has a long beard styled in the Bandholz fashion. He has notably long and well-maintained facial hair. 

Although Cerrone had to settle in his hair department because of premature hair loss around his front, he had one of the best beards in UFC.

It also accounts for the fact that the time he needed to take care of his hair was significantly reduced as he shaved his hair most of the time, which resulted in him having additional time to nurture his beard. 

Cerrone has partnered with Relentless Skincare to boost their beard oil products
Source : youtube

Relentless Skincare uploaded a video on their Youtube channel in March 2021, disclosing the secret behind his thick, slick whiskers. It was revealed that Cerrone has been using a particular product to maintain his attractive beard.

The video shows a beard oiled named H20 Beard Boost that he applies on his mustache and beard every day to enhance smooth growth. 

When Two Donald Met In Florida

The UFC welterweight fighter keeps changing his appearance and has not always kept his beard. Though most of the time, he can be seen in his fully bearded look, Cerrone occasionally shaves off his entire beard, giving himself a clean-shaven face.

June 2022 saw a unique appearance from Donald, as he was spotted with a completely shaven head and facial hair.

On Instagram, Cerrone shared a video of his collaboration with Walmart for a street puncher challenge, which involved setting up a punching bag on the street and inviting random strangers to hit it with force.

Furthermore, as they met in Miami Beach, Florida, he dropped a picture with former US President Donald Trump on April 2023.

Two Donalds, former President Trump and UFC fighter Cerrone in one picture
Source : instagram

The picture received widespread attention because of UFC fighter Donald Cerrone Trump shirt. He was wearing a t-shirt with an image of a tattooed shirtless Trump printed while posing for the picture.