Press square and triangle with side control to kick out in AEW Fight Forever. The wrestling game was released by THQ Nordic on June 29, 2023.

The video game is available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox series X/S. It received both positive and mixed reviews from gamers since its launch. 

Likewise, in the case of Xbox pressing X and Y along with the side control will help you perform basic strikes and kicking. It is essential to have low health to avoid kicking out in order to pin the opponent.

AEW Fight Forever Switch Controls

AEW switch controls layout can be customized via the options tab in the settings. Then click Customize controls to change your playing style.

The standing controls for for PS5, PS4, and XBOX are:

Grapple Move (A + <>)Grapple Move (X+<>)
Punch/ High Strikes (X+<>)Punch/ High Strikes (square+<>)
Kick/Low Strike (Y+<>)Kick/Low Strike (Triangle+<>)
Pin Opponent (LB)Pin Opponent (L1)
Cancel Pin/Submission (RB)Cancel Pin/Submission (R1)
Turn Opponent (RT)Turn Opponent (R2)
Grab Weapon (RT)Grab Weapon (R2)
Steal Finisher (Click R)Steal Finisher (Click R)
Reverse Strike (RB)Reverse Strike (R1)
Evade (left < twice in same direction)Evade (left < twice in same direction)
Change Target (Click L)Change Target (Click L)
Transition Front/ Rear Position (LB)Transition Front/ Rear Position (LB)

Here, <> refers to the (+) in Xbox or Dpad in PS controllers. 

Similarly, the best switch controls for fighting games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, and many more are as follows;

  • Hori Fighting Commander Series
  • Hori Fighting Edge
  • Hit Box
  • Mix Box
  • Retro Fighters Brawler 64
  • Hyperkin Admiral
  • Nintendo Switch Online and many more.

New game controllers released by SCUF Gaming on November 2020
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Hori Fighting Commander Series

Hori has 6 action buttons and Sega Saturn-style Dpad. It is one of the best fighting games due to easier transitions and slick bottom controls.

This traditional control matches the price and control range for PS, Xbox consoles, Nintendo, and PC. The Commander series's price ranges from $30-$60 in 2023. 

Hit Box

Hit Box has a huge reputation in the fighting game industry. Just like the name of the device, gamers are encouraged to hit with their fingers in large arcade-style buttons. 

It is not an average controller thus its price and quality are both in the higher range. It does not feature any joysticks but huge buttons that shall satisfy your gaming experience. This product is available at the cost of $249.99 on Amazon or your nearest store. 

RetroFighters Brawler

Retrofighters Brawler is one of the best wireless N64 controllers. It has one of the best joysticks and a lovely D-Pad whose positioning is best for avid gamers. 

Its triggers and buttons are also stiff and quite exciting to press while gaming. This wireless device offers 10 hours of charge and the option to charge via USB C. 

Retrofighers are made for smashing with your thumbs and smoothly controlling the pace of the game with your fingers. 


Mixbox is the best large controller box that is available in the market. It has multi-directional buttons and added features that make your gameplay easier and more convenient. 

Mixbox includes multiple buttons and PC-type features
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It is a high-range product that will work for users of Windows, Linux, and PS controllers. Mixbox also sells left-handed models without any additional cost. The currently available price of the device is around $250-$230. 

Mechanical Keyboards

For PC lovers, Mechanical Keyboards are the best for gaming. Even prolific gamers use mechanical keyboards during their tournaments. 

It gives a comfortable feeling to the gamers as lots of the avid fans started out through PC. Keyboards and mice also serve as the best controller while playing the game. This device is on the market at the cost of $99 to $119. 

AEW Fight Forever Unlockables

The unlockables in AEW Fight Forever include famous wrestlers like Aubrey Edwards, Cody Rhodes, Owen Hart, Paul Wight, and Brodie Lee Jr.

Unlockable wrestlers can be purchased through AEW cash which is earned after completing challenges such as daily, weekly, and normal. 

List of unlockable characters and the condition to add to your character catalog;

  • $50,000 and win 100 1-v-1 exhibition matches: Owen Hart
  • $30,000 and unlock by pinning in Roate to Elite in 3 minutes or less: Paul Wight
  • $30,000 and unlock by pinning him in Road to Elite: Brody Lee
  • $20,000: Aubrey Edwards
  • $10,000: Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has remained a playable character in AEW game despite his departure to WWE.
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Owen Hart

Hart is a playable character as an opponent or including him in the roster of AEW Fight Forever after unlocking him by fulfilling the condition of facing 100 singles matches. 

Also, cash money of $50,000 should be paid to unlock this Heavyweight class AEW avatar. Previously, Hart was also featured in Showdown: Legends of Wrestling. Owen is included in the legend roster alongside, four other great wrestlers. 

Paul Wight

Paul Wight aka Big Show is another featured character in the legend listing. He first appeared in the WCE vs. The World wrestling game.

Previously, Big Show has appeared in WWE 2k Battlegrounds Roster and WWE 2k20 Roster. Since he is one of the favored Super Heavyweight champs, it is required to go through Roat to Elite mode to unlock him.

Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee is also known by his ring name "Luke Harper." In order to unlock Brodie Lee, it is required to go through the road to elite mode. 

Lee was the third member of Wyatt's team. Furthermore, Brodie also participated in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship alongside Wyatt. 

In his solo career, he also became a one-time WWE Intercontinental champion. Brodie left WWE in December 2019 and became a new member of AEW after his debut match in March 2020. 

Aubrey Edwards

Aubrey Edwards aka Brittany Aubert is a professional wrestling referee and video game developer who is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.

Aubrey has a background in software engineering, she has worked with 5th Cell, and other game series like Scribblenauts. Moreover, Edwards is an unlockable character and developer working on the current AEW fighting game. 

Cody Rhodes

Cody is a light heavyweight character in the AEW Fight Forever Roster 2023. You can unlock Rhodes through 10,000 credits from the game. 

Previously, Cody appeared in the AEW Elite GM: General Manager, his first game with AEW was WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 Roster. 

Rhodes is also a popular WWE wrestler having relished a fairly successful career. However, he is yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

AEW Fight Forever Hidden Attires

The hidden attires in AEW Fight Forever are Britt Baker, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson attire. These hidden attires require $5000 to unlock. 

There are hundreds of unlockables that can be achieved by completing daily challenges and securing cash prizes. It is an effective means to bring more adventure and excitement to your game.

AEW video game character of Pénta El Zero M
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Similarly, these attires and clothing shall also boost your stats in the normal challenges or Road to Elite. Hence, it will help you bring variety to your AEW Fight Forever game modes and roster.

Hidden Attires are available in ShopAEW. Similarly, different unlockable attires and fighting costumes that are available for $2000 are:

Male Unlockable Custom Apparel:

  • Goldust Suit (Body Suit 3)
  • Button Shirt & Pants (Body Suit 6)
  • Baseball Uniform (Body Suit 7)
  • Football Uniform (Body Suit 8)
  • Teddy Bear Costume (Body Suit 9)
  • King's Crown (Headwear 9)
  • Conical Sedge Hat (Headwear 12)
  • Japanese Monk Hat (Headwear 13)
  • Red Scarf (Body Accessory 4)
  • Long Scarf (Body Accessory 5)
  • Short Scarf (Body Accessory 6)
  • Name Tag Lanyard (Body Accessory 7)
  • Ballistic Mask (Mask 6)
  • Super Hero Mask (Mask 7)
  • Ogre Mask (Mask 8)
  • Alternate Ballistic Mask (Mask 9)
  • Wrestler Ear Protection (Accessory 2)
  • Headband (Accessory 3)
  • Headset (Accessory 4)
  • Earphone (Accessory 5)
  • Cat Ears (Accessory 6)
  • Bunny Ears (Accessory 7)
  • Big Demon Horns (Accessory 8)
  • Three Horns (Accessory 9)
  • Small Demon Horns (Accessory 10)
  • Goggles (Glasses 5)
  • Super Hero Cape (Jacket 15)
  • Patterned Hero Cape (Jacket 16)
  • Short Hero Cape (Jacket 17)

Female Unlockable Custom Apparel:

  • Bunny Suit (Body Suit 3)
  • Maid Uniform (Body Suit 4)

Paint Unlockable Custom Apparel:

  • Japanese Red Paint (Face Paint 6)
  • Split Paint (Face Paint 7)
  • Demon (Body Paint 3)
  • Tiger Stripes (Body Paint 4)
  • Flat Color (Body Paint 5)