Adam Fantilli parents are Julia Fantilli and Giuliano Fantilli. Adam was born on October 12, 2004 and rasied in Nobelton, Canada.

He had been interested in sports since he was young, and his father noticed his talent for ice hockey.

Fantilli spent his formative years playing with Luca developing essential skills to compete in the amateur leagues.

The rising ice hockey star plays for Michigan Wolverines in the NCAA divisions. Following his enrollment in the university team in August 2021, he completed an entire season and made his first appearance in October 2022.

Furthermore, Fantilli has also represented the Canadian national team in several international tournaments, such as the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics and the 2022 World U18 Championships.

Because of his tireless dedication and terrific competitive spirit, Fantilli is among the top prospect for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft alongside Connor Bedard.

Adam Fantilli Family

Adam Fantilli family comes from an Italian background, with his grandfather had immigrated to Canada.

Fantalli lived with parents and brother in the unincorporated territory of Nobleton, Ontario. His father, Giuliano, never played hockey and did not even have a slight idea of the game until they came to North America. 

From Left: Giuliano, Luca, Adam and Julia celebrating New Year Party in January 2022
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However, as soon as they arrived and learned about the game, Giuliano fell in love with ice hockey

Despite not having any athletic background, Giuliano and Julia always supported their son's passion for the game. When Adam was a child, they encouraged him to participate in various sports activities, including ice hockey.

Giuliano Fantilli

Adam Fantilli dad Giuliano is the vice president of Villa Kitchens and Fine Cabinetry. He is a die-hard fan of the NHL side Boston Bruins. 

The Italian descendant is an avid Bruins fan who never misses watching their games on television and even attends live matches whenever possible. He frequently brought his two sons, Adam and Luca, to share the experience.

Adam with Julia, Giuliano and Luca during their vacation trip to Rom, Italy in June 2022
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That is how the University of Michigan star became a big fan of the sport in the first place. Adam once attributed his devotion to the Boston team to his father's early influence, noting that he had been a fan since childhood.

Giuliano bought him a pair of skates two weeks after his second birthday in 2006 and thus began his journey of becoming an excellent ice hockey player.

He is proud of his son Adam, who worked hard to become a top player in the NCAA league and soon emerged as a star forward. Giuliano and Julia attended all his games, cheering him on from the sidelines.

Julia Fantilli

Adam Fantilli mom Julia Fantilli is a business executive from Greater Toronto Area, Canada. She is a VP of Customer Service & New Business at Foresters Financial.

Julia was overjoyed when his younger son Adam was chosen as a top prospect for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft. 

The McGill University graduate Julia is familiar with success and failure in life. Those were the teachings she cultivated within Adam for him to develop a strong sense of discipline and a fierce desire to be the best.

Adam and Luca pose with Giuliano in the terrains of Italy
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According to her Linkedin profile, Julia served as a Direct Marketing Team Leader at CIBC Insurance in Mississauga, Ontario, for three years. Afterward, she joined Laurier Life Insurance as a product manager and Genisys as Relationship Manager. 

In 2009, Julia landed a Business and Mail Processing Manager position at Foresters Financial. She gradually worked her way out to be Assistant VP at the company in July 2014 before getting appointed as the VP in September 2021.

Adam Fantilli Brother

Adam Fantilli has a brother named Luca Fantilli. He is a professional ice hockey player who plays for the Michigan Wolverines.  

His older sibling is also heavily involved in sports, and his success motivated Adam to pursue his athletic dreams. Luca plays for the University of Michigan, giving Max a benchmark to aim for. 

Adam and Luca are two years apart in age. Luca is older than Adam
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The 6 feet tall athlete is an underrated defenseman who previously played for Kimball Union Academy, a prep school in New Hampshire, with Adam. 

The two siblings have been together most of their professional journey, from high school to college. Besides, Adam is always excited to play with his big brother, born two years before him in December 2002.

He believes playing alongside Luca is a rare privilege, offering familial connection and comfort when living away from home.

Before they were together at Michigan, Adam and Luca shared their time at Kimball Union and the United States Hockey League (USHL) for two years. 

When asked whether Luca is taking all the credit for Adam's growth as a pheromonal hockey player in the country because he always made sure to make the right decision for his career, he said, "I'm taking none,"

Adam and Luca together for Michigan Wolverines at Cleveland Browns Stadium in March 2023
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Luca added that Adam would do fine even without him, given that he is an exceptional player whose offensive skills are unparallel to anyone his age. 

Moreover, Luca has an impressive following on Instagram with over 10K followers. He has posted numerous pictures with Adam on his social media feed.

Adam Fantilli Girlfriend

Adam Fantilli girlfriend Molly Heaton is a Pi Beta PhiIndiana University student in Bloomington. Molly is a native of Chicago, Illinois.

The romantic couple sprouted their relationship journey in early 2022.

Adam and Molly visit Cloud gate at Millennium Park in Chicago, March 2022
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Their first picture together on the internet was that of March 2022. Adam shared the image of the two as they strike a pose in front of a Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, Chicago.

Molly also gave his followers an insight into her new love by uploading a picture with Adam at the end of March of the same year. The pair visited the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, which gives a glorious view of the entire city of Toronto. 

In May 2020, Fantilli attended Heaton's graduation at St. Charles North High School in Illinois. He dropped a picture from the convocation day as she looked gorgeous in those blue gown, hood, and mortarboard.  

NCAA ice hockey star Fantilli attends Molly's high school graduation in May 2022
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Molly was on the audience stand during an NCAA ice hockey league game in May 2022. After the final whistle, she came down to greet her beau and presented him with a rose flower as a gesture of love. 

Furthermore, the 19-year-old wished Adam his 18th birthday in October 2022 by posting pictures showcasing the special moments they had shared.