Yellow gloves symbolize the unity of the Filipino people across the globe. Green gloves represent reminiscing about the past, loss and nostalgia.

The color of the gloves in boxing does not necessarily signify anything or has meaning to it but is always open to interpretation.

We have always seen how frequently boxers change the color of their gloves in almost every other fight depending on who they fight. Sometimes, it also depends on the backstory of the fighters.

Some may be promoting a certain brand and their latest release, some may be representing their country, and some may just pick a color to match their boxing outfit.

There are instances when the color of the gloves actually means something and may signify or symbolize something that they believe in.

The colors of the gloves that boxers around the world wear are red, black, blue, purple, white, pink, navy, and many more.

What Is The Meaning Of Yellow Gloves In Boxing?

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The meaning of yellow gloves in boxing worn by Manny Pacquiao signified the unity of the Filipino people across the globe.

It also represents movement and hope. Manny Pacquiao wore those gloves in 2011 to also show support for Gawad Kalinga.

Pacquiao wore those gloves when he fought Sugar Shane Mosley in support of the Filipino Charity. The color of the gloves does not mean anything but sometimes can be understood as some kind of message.

The organization Gawad Kalinga fights poverty in Manny Pacquiao's home country. They have helped the needy by building thousands of homes and helping many households. The poverty-struck families have had some sense of relief due to the organization's work.

It was for this reason that the boxer showed support for the work and wore the gloves in yellow as he was quite inspired by the organization's efforts.

Apart from this instance, boxers have hardly donned boxing gloves with the same color as Pacquiao did more than a decade ago.

A video on YouTube raised a number of questions regarding the yellow-colored gloves that Manny Pacquiao showcased. Former boxers, UFC fighters, and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo raised their red gloves for a picture.

Only PacMan was seen raising his gloves that were not the color red. It was yellow and could be a symbol of his support for Gawad Kalinga's efforts back home.

It was part of the Gala Night in Saudi Arabia where he can be seen taking the yellow gloves that have his name on them instead of the red ones while he walks about in the room.

It could also be some sort of promotion that Pacquiao was doing. These are all speculations as nothing concrete has been addressed regarding this.

If you are in search of yellow gloves you could wear while training or fighting, Defy boxing gloves and Cleto Reyes training gloves are good options.

Green Boxing Gloves Meaning

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Green gloves meaning boxing are a metaphorical object that symbolizes loss, nostalgia, and the passage of time which is based on the song Green Gloves.

American indie rock band The National released an album in 2007 that goes by the name "Boxer". The song Green Gloves is part of the album and has several interpretations to the song.

It actually depends on how to look at the song and its lyrics. The song revolves around reminiscing about the past and longing for something that they have lost.

However, when it comes to actual boxing, gloves that are green do not signify anything as such. If a boxer hailing from South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Dominica, Pakistan, and more wears green-colored gloves, it could be seen as representing their country.

Tyson Fury wore green gloves for his bout against Deontay Wilder as Fury represents Ireland. Although he is British, he was born to an Irish family and could be wearing those gloves due to his family heritage. He has also donned gloves designed with the Irish flag.

Boxers Who Wear Golden Gloves

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Andy Ruiz, Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, and Anthony Joshua are notable boxers who wear golden gloves. They wear it as gold signifies champions and success.

The former heavyweight world champion Andy Ruiz shocked the world when he defeated Anthony Joshua via TKO in June 2019. In this very matchup, Ruiz wore a pair of golden-colored gloves that delivered the ultimate punch and helped him win the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO titles.

Another superstar who wears golden gloves is counterpuncher Canelo Alvarez. He usually wears those gloves while he trains. He does not wear it much during the fights but has a part of his gloves that are golden.

Gennady Golovkin wore golden gloves when he fought Canelo Alvarez. The two middleweight giants first fought in September 2017 and Golovkin donned the shiny gloves. The bout ended in a draw.

Anthony Joshua typically wears either white or black gloves during his fights. In his loss against Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk in September 2021, Joshua wore dark, brownish-golden gloves. It was not completely golden but looked more of a shade of gold.

Pacquiao fans can also find golden gloves signed by the living legend himself. The gloves are made by Cleto Reyes.

Does Boxing Glove Color Matter That Much?

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The color of the boxing gloves does not matter that much in the sport. It all comes down to the boxers' skills and abilities that will win them bouts.

When it comes to Amateur boxing, red and blue are the colors of the gloves that are used. The two colors make it easy to distinguish between fights and is easy for the judges to score the bout.

It also represents the corners of the boxers that they are fighting from. Even their outfit is of the same color in amateur boxing.

The color of the gloves worn by the boxer in professional boxing is completely up to them. There are no restrictions like at the amateur level.

There are a few aspects to the color of the gloves that professional fighters choose to use in their bouts. It could be:

  • Personal Preference
  • Color Psychology
  • Practicality

Personal Preference

This is probably the most apparent reason for choosing the color of their gloves. All boxers have their own choice when it comes to deciding the color.

They could be matching the gloves with their outfit, or want to look a certain way while they fight, they could also be doing it to signify a message or in support of a cause.

Some boxers may also choose a specific color for the cameras as they would be making headlines the very next day. They also add some customization to their gloves with designs to look more cooler.

Color Psychology

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There are cases when boxers pick colors based on color psychology as colors do affect the mind. Different colors have different meanings and the color that they chose for their gloves would mean something to them.

Red attracts a lot of attention and usually associates itself with passion, anger, and strong emotions. It also signifies courage, strength, and power which is what every fighter needs to have.

The color blue is associated with the mind being calm and relaxed and every sportsperson needs to have these qualities. This color is used by many boxers and is usually seen in the middleweight division who have a defensive fighting style.

One of the most used colors in boxing is black. It actually looks dangerous when someone wears black boxing gloves as the color signifies power and elegance. The heavyweight fighters are mostly seen donning this color.

White symbolizes purity, integrity, and innocence and is turning out to be quite popular in the boxing world.


Boxers want to look clean while fighting and do not want the world to see their gloves have creases or blood on them. To prevent that, they choose gloves that are black or dark colored since they hide those things well.