Golden Glove Boxer list of names includes Skylar Lacy in super heavyweight, Jkhory Gibson in heavyweight, and Angel Martinez in light flyweight.

Lacy and Gibson succeeded in their respective division in the 2021 Golden Gloves events. The prestigious amateur boxing tournament has a rich history dating back nearly a century in 1928.

The first tournament was held in Chicago and featured eight weight classes. The contest quickly grew popular and spread to other cities across the United States. Over the years, this amateur boxing event has evolved to include different weight classes, age groups, and gender divisions.

Besides, many of the greatest fighters in history got their start in the tournament, including Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and Floyd Mayweather.

Meanwhile, the article features the list of golden gloves winners who won the most recent championships in each weight category.

1. Angel Martinez - Light Flyweight (2017)

American boxer Angel Martinez claimed the 2017 light flyweight at Golden Gloves. Martinez won the championship in Rockford, Illinois.

He developed his combat skills while attending Auburn High School. 2017 was fruitful for Angel as he won three national boxing titles.

Angel Martinez clinched three national championship in 2017.
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In May 2017, Martinez achieved a significant milestone for Rockford by becoming the first Golden Gloves champion since Olympic bronze medalist Kenny Gould did so 30 years ago.

Angel became the Junior Olympic flyweight division champion in Charleston, West Virginia, by defeating Stephan Acosta with a 5-0 decision.

After that, he returned to Colorado Springs to get ready for the Brandenburg Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, which will take place from August 1st to 5th. Martinez proudly represented both the United States and Rockford as a member of the USA Boxing team in a boxing tournament.

2. Asa Stevens - Bantamweight (2019)

Asa Stevens secured a gold medal at the Golden Gloves Of America in 2019. Stevens embarked on his professional boxing career in 2021.

The 22-year-old prodigy made a dream start with a win over Mexican fighter Francisco Bonilla on his pro debut in American Airlines Center, Dallas, in January 2021.

Stevens defeated Jenn Gonzalez in Feb 2023 to continue his winning streak.
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Stevens has been unbeatable in his short career, winning all four matches with a perfect record. His latest win came against Nicaraguan Jenn Gonzalez on February 18, 2023, at Fox Theater Pomona.

Besides, the 5-foot-5 fighter had a fantastic time as an amateur boxer, earning gold medals in two different tournaments. In 2018, he won the top prize at the Budapest Youth World Championships in the flyweight category.

The following year, he continued his winning streak by claiming another gold medal at the Chattanooga event in the Bantamweight division.

3. Derry Noble - Flyweight (2017)

Derry Noble is a talented flyweight boxer who won the 2017 Golden Gloves in California. Noble was born on January 24, 1999, in Vacaville.

His journey in boxing began at 11 when he decided to try something different and was also inspired by his father's love for the sport.

With an impressive amateur record of 83-7, Derry has achieved significant milestones in his career. One of his career highlights includes participating in the prestigious USA Boxing Youth Nationals.

Noble pose in style after winning tow national title in 2017 [Photo: Courtesy of Team Derry Noble]
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Throughout his career, Derry Noble has clinched several national titles, including the Arnolds Sports Classic, two Junior Golden Gloves, USA Boxing National Youth Championships, the 2017 Golden Gloves, and the 2017 USA Boxing Youth Open. 

These accomplishments reflect his exceptional skills and determination as he progresses in his boxing profession.

4. Robert Rodriguez - Featherweight (2009)

Robert Rodriguez dominated the featherweight class in the 2009 US Golden Gloves. He triumphed at the Colorado-New Mexico franchise.

A year before carving his name in the prestigious list of Golden Gloves champions, Rodriguez secured his first major amateur title in 2008, winning the US Amateur featherweight championship.

Robert Rodriguez (L) training in UFC Gym, April 2021
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Robert decided to join the Freestyle Fighting Academy and took his fighting career to the next level in 2009. He started his professional journey with a bang by winning his first three fights, maintaining a perfect record of 3 wins and no losses.

After his impressive start, Rodriguez's success continued to soar. In 2010, he reached his career-high rankings of 191 in the lightweight class and 217 in the light heavyweight division. As of 2023, his boxing record stands at 4 wins and 0 losses, according to Sherdog.

5. Aadam Ali - Light Welterweight (2017)

Aadam Ali ranks amongst the prominent Golden Glove boxers after becoming the champion of the welterweight division in 2017.

Ali wanted to begin boxing when he was ten years old. However, his father, Dawud, did not allow Ali to pursue the sport from a young age.

When Aadam's cousin Yasin began getting into boxing, Dawud eventually agreed. On Aadam's 13th birthday, his dad admitted Ali to the Bergen County P.A.L. Boxing Club in Hackensack, where Don Somerville was in charge of teaching.

From the beginning, Aadam has been faithfully sticking to Somerville's plan, channeling the same enthusiasm he had in the gym and the ring.

In 2013, Ali achieved his first title, winning two New Jersey Golden Gloves Junior Olympics. After that, he continued his success by earning three more belts in the open division and became the national champion in May 2017.

6. Leon Lawson III - Welterweight (2017)

Leon Lawson III joined the illustrious list of Golden Gloves boxing winners in the 2017 Welterweight event. Lawson hails from Flint, Michigan.

At 17, he accomplished something extraordinary for his area by becoming the second fighter from Flint to ever win a gold medal in the National Golden Gloves competition, specifically in the 152-pound division.

Leon Lawson III takes a break during his training in September 2018.
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Lawson took advantage of his colossal height to defeat Knoxville's Sean Charleston 4-1 in Lafayette, LA. Even though Leon competed for Florida in the tournament, he was born and raised in Flint. He divides his time between Michigan and Florida.

Thus far, the 23-year-old has amassed an impeccable professional boxing record, boasting 15 victories out of 16 bouts, with a solitary defeat at the hands of Nathaniel Gallimore in June 2021.

7. Poindexter Knight - Middleweight (2017)

Philadelphia native boxer Poindexter Knight had an outstanding victory in the 2017 National Golden Gloves in the 165 lbs category.

Even though Knight was not particularly tall, measuring just 5 feet and 10 inches, considered average for his weight class, he managed to surpass all expectations and emerge as the champion.

Poindexter Knight punches his opponent during a April 2022 bout.
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At just 21, the young fighter had an impressive amateur record of 45 wins and 5 losses, with 15 victories by knockout. Before becoming the Golden Gloves champ, he had already won the Pennsylvania State amateur title twice.

After his 2017 Golden Gloves middleweight victory, Knight agreed to a professional deal with Split-T Management for a managerial contract.

He made his pro debut in December 2017 with a win over Samuel Forjoe. Knight has maintained a solid record in the professional arena winning all six and losing none, 6-0-0.

8. Abel Gonzalez - Light Heavyweight (2017)

Abel Gonzalez showed his class in the 2017 National Golden Golves competition securing the light heavyweight title.

Gonzalez, a resident of Hialeah, Florida, stepped into the world of professional boxing in the super middleweight category in 2017. His father, Ameth, originally from Guantanamo, Cuba, is his trainer and has had a significant impact on Gonzalez's boxing career.

Abel Gonzalez takes a picture while training in March 2023
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Moreover, two legendary Cuban boxers, Teofilo Stevenson and Felix Savon, have greatly inspired Abel Gonzalez along the way. Regarding his fighting style, Gonzalez is known for being a boxer-puncher with strong punching abilities and a sharp mind inside the ring.

Besides, the 24-year-old athlete had an outstanding record of 65 wins and only 8 losses as an amateur. Abel became a champion twice in the National GG, winning the Florida Elite GG Championship four times, and being crowned the Florida PAL Champion on three occasions.

9. Jkhory Gibson - Heavyweight (2021)

Jkhory Gibson clinched the national Golden Gloves tournament in 2021, dominating the competition in the 201-pound division.

Gibson was the 7th finalist from Houston Texas to claim the glory of winning the championship in the heavyweight class of the events. Moreover, he became champion in junior Golden Gloves in the 2019 Open, Savanna Boxing.

Jkhory Gibson with the Gloves belt in 2021
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Not only did his victory in 2021 bring him personal success and further his career, but it also had a significant impact on Texas. Texas has been producing exceptional heavyweight boxers who have won the last three Golden Gloves Winners Boxing. 

Two notable fighters, Darius Fulghum and Den Tati Mackaya, showcased their incredible skills and dominance in 2018 and 2019, and they were also from Texas.

10. Skylar Lacy - Super Heavyweight (2021)

Skylar Lacy became the first National Golden Gloves Super Heavyweight Champion representing Indiana in 2021.

Lacy narrowly got the best of Florida's Drake Banks in a close judgment. Born Skylar Michael Lacy on September 18, 1994, in Indianapolis, Indiana, he is a 6-foot-7 big orthodox in the ring.

Skylar Lacy became the coveted GG Super Heavyweight Champion.
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After dominating amateur boxing, Lacy decided to level up his game and entered pro boxing in July 2022. In his debut game against the Mexican Ulises Parra Cardenas, Skylar performed over par defeating his opponent by Knockout.

Lacy laid a sturdy foundation upon securing his first triumph and dominated in five consecutive matches, culminating in an impeccable 6-0-0 record in his burgeoning professional boxing odyssey.

His recent bout was against Mexican fighter Jorge Sevilla Acosta which he won by a unanimous decision at Auditorio Ernesto Rufo, Rosarito.