To use the custom arenas in WWE 2K23, you will have to click on the arena tab before starting the match and choose from the downloaded arenas.

WWE 2K23 custom creation is one of the, if not the best features that the game provides the players with. If you know how to use the feature then you will surely have an incredible experience.

The custom creations can only be accessible once you have downloaded either the stadiums, superstars, titles, and more. You can then use the downloaded items when you play.

The customized items will enable you to enjoy stadiums and superstars that are not available in WWE 2K23. You will be able to create match scenarios with your own creativity and imagination and create your own wrestling matches with your favorite characters and rings.

You as a player will be able to showcase your imagination and create the best superstars, stadiums, and more. Your customized items can also be downloaded by other players through the Community Creations feature.

List Of WWE 2K23 Arenas

The game features Raw 2022 as the current weekly show and will also have Raw 2002 and 2005 as unlockable arenas
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WWE 2K23 Arenas has current weekly shows like Raw 2022, and SmackDown 2022 to classic stadiums like WCW Nitro 1998 providing players with the best atmosphere.

The stadiums in the video game are as important as the characters and storyline. Every ring has its own specialty and crowd energy that will give the player the best experience while playing the game.

The rings in the game include legendary and classic stadiums, Pay Per View stadiums, and also several unique arenas that need to be unlocked before it is accessible.

WWE 2k23 arena list that can be enjoyed in the game for the epic battles are:

  • SmackDown 2002
  • NXT 2023
  • Main Event 2022
  • NXT 2.0 (2022)
  • NXT UK 2022
  • NXT Level Up 2022
  • NXT WarGames 2021
  • SummerSlam 
  • WrestleMania (22, 28, 34, 38)
  • Hell in a Cell 2022
  • Royal Rumble 2022
  • Survivor Series WarGames 2022
  • King of the Ring 2021
  • Queen's Crown Tournament
  • Elimination Chamber 2022
  • Money in the Bank 2022
  • Extreme Rules 2022
  • Mixed Match Challenge
  • Day 1
  • NXT New Year's Evil
  • NXT Great American Bash

In addition to the stadiums listed above, WWE 2K23 has several other rings that can be accessed through the MyRise Mode and the Showcase Mode.

WWE 2K23 Create An Arena

WWE 2K23 create an arena is one of the many features that gives the players the best gaming experience. The players can create or customize their own stadiums.

You can create a stadium based on your own imagination and use it as your venue to conduct the matches. The in-game rings themselves are amazing but adding a touch of your own imagination will completely transform your experience.

The custom rings created by a player in WWE 2K23
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WWE 2K23 custom arenas and creating an stadium steps are as follows:

  1. Select the Creations option in the main menu.
  2. Select the Create an Arena option.
  3. Select a base template.
  4. Modify the ramp and stage according to your liking by customizing the arena's entrance designs, props, lighting, etc.
  5. Customize the ring
  6. You can also choose to make changes to the stadium atmosphere by customizing the crowd and environment.

Players will always have the option to create a stadium from scratch or to edit and customize any of the existing rings. Even while choosing a template, you will have the option to either design your own or use an existing one.

In addition to creating an arena and different rings to play in, WWE 2K23 also has many unlockable stadiums. These exclusive and unique rings can be unlocked by completing objectives or purchasing in the in-game store.

Let us take a look at the unlockable stadiums and the methods to gain access to these incredible stadiums.

Arena EstatalMyRise Mode (The Legacy) - complete the "International Language of Friendship" storyline
Club U.K.MyRise Mode (The Lock) - complete the "A Lot to Unpack" storyline
High School Gym - The Justine Battle RoyalMyRise Mode (The Legacy) - complete "The Justine Charity Battle Royal" storyline
Japan DomeMyRise Mode (The Lock) - complete the "Apex Tournament" storyline
Japan Hall (Pro Wrestling Japan)MyRise Mode (The Lock) - complete the "Apex Tournament" storyline
LAWMyRise Mode (The Legacy) - complete the "More Money, More Bank" storyline
Hell in a CellComplete all the objectives in Match 14 of Showcase Mode
Backlash 2003Complete all objectives in Match 12 of Showcase Mode
ECW One Night Stand 2006Complete all objectives in Match 1 of Showcase Mode
New Year's Revolution 2006Complete all objectives in Match 8 of Showcase Mode
Raw 2002MyRise Mode (The Legacy) - complete the "Unforgettable Debut" storyline
Raw 2005In-store purchase for 500 Credits
Raw - ThunderdomeIn-store purchase for 500 Credits
SmackDown 2002Complete all objectives in Match 2 of Showcase Mode
SmackDown - ThunderdomeIn-store purchase for 500 Credits
Night of Champions 2008Complete all objectives in Match 5 of Showcase Mode
Performance CenterComplete the tutorial
SummerSlam 1988In-store purchase for 500 Credits
SummerSlam 2006Complete all objectives in Match 7 of Showcase Mode
SummerSlam 2008Complete all objectives in Match 13 of Showcase Mode
SummerSlam 2014Complete all objectives in Match 11 of Showcase Mode
SummerSlam 2016Complete all objectives in Match 6 of Showcase Mode
SummerSlam 2021Complete all objectives in Match 9 of Showcase Mode
SummerSlam - MyRiseComplete the "The Lock" of MyRise Mode
WCW Halloween Havoc 1997In-store purchase for 500 Credits
WCW Monday NitroIn-store purchase for 500 Credits
WrestleMania 28Complete all objectives in Match 10 of Showcase Mode
WrestleMania 34Complete all objectives in Match 4 of Showcase Mode
WrestleMania - MyRiseComplete the "The Legacy" of MyRise Mode
Mexico PlazaMyRise Mode (The Lock) - complete the "A Hairy Situation" storyline
Motion Capture StudioMyRise Mode (The Lock) - complete the "One Bad Decision After Another" storyline
WWE LiveMyRise Mode (The Legacy) - complete the "It's A-LIVE!!!!" storyline
Vengeance 2003Complete all objectives in Match 3 of Showcase Mode
WarGames - MyRiseComplete the "The Lock" of MyRise Mode

The Performance Center Arena is unlockable by completing the tutorial which is available when you first boot the game. If you did not complete it at the beginning, you can complete it later. It will be available in the Extras menu.

The Performance Center in WWE 2K23 can only be accessible after you unlock it
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The combination of both the current and classic stadiums of the past will be somewhat nostalgic for the fans. The historical stadiums where we grew up watching our favorite superstars battle their way to the championships can once again be relived.

The ruthless aggression era was the time when WWE peaked at its highest. The era had one of the best storylines and the best superstars and fans can enjoy that with the legendary stages included in the game.

The SummerSlam and WrestleMania have been home to many of the iconic matches in WWE history and fans are thrilled that it has been included in the game.

In addition to the 35 unlockable rings in WWEK 2K23, there are 87 unlockable Superstars and 56 unlockable Championships. It will also require players to complete certain objectives.

Best Community Creations WWE 2K23

Some of the best created superstars which are downloadable in WWE 2K23
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Best community creations WWE 2k23 are downloadable once you create or customize a ring and share it with the community.

You can share your creative creations with the WWE 2K23 community and also download customized stadiums that other users have created. All players can enjoy this feature in the game.

Players can play out the iconic match-ups and create their own scenarios to make the game more realistic. They can create their own worlds or immerse themselves in other worlds that have been created.

The game also features a Create a Wrestlter (CAW) feature that enables players to customize or create their own superstar as per their liking. You can create a player based on your style and preferences and showcase your creativity.

Best community creations WWE 2K23 (Create a Wrestler) are:

  • CM Punk - Slipknuts
  • Malakai Black - Azorthious
  • The Fiend - WhatsTheStatus
  • Sting - AttitudeCreationz
  • Joe Biden - Diamond
  • Spider-Man - ThePFonkyAwteest
  • Sasha Banks - BaddestZoweeESP
  • Dusty Rhodes - TokyoTaco
  • Goldust - bhangraman
  • Kane - WhatsTheStatus

Since CM Punk has parted ways with WWE, he is the first wrestler that you would want to create or download. He has been loved by the WWE community and Slipknuts has created one of the best CAW characters.

Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, and Kane are legends in WWE and have portrayed various characters during their time. They are all available for download and come in their retro original costumes.

Joe Biden is one of the most creative characters in WWE 2K23. He is among the characters who are not professional wrestlers and the game also has other political CAW figures.