US Open Tennis Prize money by round 1) Qualifier - $22,000 2) Round of 16 - $284,000 3)Quarterfinals - $455,000 4) Semis - $775,000 5) Winner - $3 million.

The US Open 2023 is the 143rd edition scheduled to start on August 28, and the finals are scheduled for September 10. The fourth Grand Slam of the year has seen a significant increase in the prize money.

This year's edition of the US Open has recorded the largest total prize money in the tournament's history and among all Grand Slams. The 2023 edition has been the king of all editions and has an increase of 8.15% from 2022, which had a total prize money of $60 million.

Although most of the early rounds in the tournament only have a minor increase in the prize money. Even the doubles event winners will only have a slight increment while splitting their cheques. The winners and runner-ups are the ones who will be noticing the significant changes.

The wheelchair category has also been allocated prize money of $1,366,800 this year, with $4,656,420 issued for the player per diem/hotel payments.

There has been a gradual increase in the competition's overall quality with younger players coming up the ranks, and the level of competition has also increased. The prize money for the rounds and the winner's share will also change gradually for the betterment of both players and the sport in the coming years.

US Open Tennis Money Breakdown

Round of 128$81,500
Round of 64$123,000
Round of 32$191,000
Round of 16$284,000

US Open Tennis Qualifying Prize Money

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A player would receive $22,000 as the US Open tennis qualifying money in Qualifier 1. A payout of $34,500 is allocated for Qualifier 2.

Qualifying RoundPrize Money
Qualifier 1 (Q1)$22,000
Qualifier 2 (Q2)$34,500
Qualifier 3 (Q3)$45,000

A tennis player is paid a minimum of $22,000 once they make it to the Qualifier 1 stage and an increase of $12,500 for the second qualifier, totaling $34,500 even if they crash out at this stage. The player will make $45,000 if they reach the third qualifier (Q3) round, even if they lose the round.

Taro Daniel has made it to the main draw after winning all three qualifiers and has now been guaranteed prize money of a minimum of $45,000, given he loses in Round 1 against Gael Monfils.

The three qualifying rounds are the gateway for the players who are looking to secure a spot in the main draw of the final Grand Slam of the year. The increase in pool money has also motivated players to take part in the US Open and elevate the quality of the event.

Prize money US Open qualifying rounds in 2022 was:

  • Qualifier 1 - $21,000
  • Qualifier 2 - $33,600
  • Qualifier 3 - $44,000

US Open Tennis First Round Prize Money

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1st round prize money US Open tennis will have $81,500 as the net total sum. The Round of 128 payout has seen a slight increase from 2022.

Although the increase is not a significant one, there is still a slight increase for the players who reach this stage. The journey to get the first round itself is a tough one, and players are compensated accordingly.

US Open prize money first round in 2023 has increased by $1,500 as compared to 2022. The prize money for the Grand Slam event in 2022 was $80,000.

Second Round

The 2nd round prize money for the US Open 2023 is $123,000 and previously had a prize money of $121,000 at the US Open 2022.

The second round which is also known as the Round of 64 is also the starting stage for the Doubles category. The round has a prize money of $22,000 in the doubles event. It was $21,300 in 2022.

Third Round

US Open tennis 3rd round prize money in 2023 is $191,000 for the singles event and $36,800 for the doubles event. $8,300 is allocated for mixed doubles.

The Round of 32 is the third round, and this stage has also had an increase in the prize money from previous years, except for the mixed doubles event, which had the same prize money of $8,300 in 2022 as well.

The prize money for the third round in 2022 was:

  • Singles Event - $188,000
  • Doubles Event - $35,800

US Open Round of 16 Prize Money

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US Open Tennis 4th round prize money has a payout of $284,000 in 2023 with an an increase of $6,000 from the last edition of the event.

As the tournament progresses, the rounds get tougher and tougher. The Round of 16 means that the best possible pool of 16 players is left having crossed the previous hurdles. The incentives also increase with the stages that acknowledge their incredible journey.

The payout for the doubles category has also seen an increment from the previous year with the mixed doubles category remaining a constant in 2023. The doubles event in 2023 has prize of $58,000 in the 4th round.

The 4th round prize money at the US Open 2022:

  • Singles Event - $278,000
  • Doubles Event - $56,400

Quarterfinals 2023

US Open prize money per round increases significantly once a player reaches the quarterfinals stage. The prize money is $455,000 in the quarterfinals in 2023.

An increment of 60.21% from the prize money of the 4th round takes place once the player reaches the last eight of the tournament. The payout for the doubles event is $100,000 and $23,000 for mixed doubles.

The prize money distribution for the quarterfinals in 2022 was:

  • Singles Event - $445,000
  • Doubles Event - 97,500

Semifinals Prize Money Breakdown

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Prize money in US Open tennis semifinal stage is $775,000 in 2023 for the singles event. The tournament has seen an increment of 9.93% from 2022.

The 2022 edition of the US Open had a prize money of $705,000 for the semifinal stage, a difference of $70,000. The prize money for the doubles category is $180,000 in 2023 and previously had a payout of $172,000 in 2022.

The mixed doubles event also has an increment of $500 in this semifinal stage with the prize money totaling $42,500 in 2023. The prize money in 2022 was $42,000.

Reaching the semifinals of any tournament is no easy task and players need to be at their very best to reach the last four. This stage of the tournament usually has the best players competing against one another and the competition gets tougher and tougher.

The amount of dedication and hard work the players put into reaching this stage need to be compensated as well and therefore have such a good sum for the players.

US Open Winner Money 2023

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The winner of the finals will receive $3 million as the US Open winner prize money out of a total of $65 million. The runner up will receive $1.5 million.

There has been a good sum added to the winner's share as compared to last year. The winners will now be receiving more prize money this year.

The year 2022 had $2.6 million and since then has seen an increase of 15.38% in 2023. There is also an increase of $200,000 for the runner-up.

The winner of the US Open 2023 in the doubles event will receive $700,000 and the runner-up will receive $350,000. The previous year's prize was $688,000 for the winners and $344,000 for the runner-ups.

In the mixed doubles event, the prize in 2023 is $170,000, and $85,000 for second-place finishers. The previous edition paid the players $163,000 for the winners and $81,5000 for the pairing that finished second.

Carlos Alcaraz will be defending his title and Novak Djokovic will be raring to grab another Grand Slam to his name. The two are the favorites to reach the finals and take home the $3 million payout. Iga Swiatek will also be defending her crown with Aryna Sabalenka in solid contention.