Pipulp evolves into Prinplup at Level 16 and Prinplup evolves into Empoleon at Level 36. It can also be done by feeding 25 candies and 100 candies respectively.

Piplup is a water-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 4. The baby penguin lookalike is from the Sinnoh region and is a very proud Pokemon.

It weighs around 5.2 kg (11.5 lb) and has a few variants. It has a Base Experience of 66 and a Base Friendship of 70. Piplup's growth rate is Medium Slow and has 1 Special Attack EV Yield.

The adorable Pokemon has a few possible attacks in its arsenal. Bubble (12) and Pound (7) are Piplup's Fast Attacks and in its Charged Attacks, it has Bubble Beam (45), Drill Peck (65), and Icy Wind (60).

Piplup is an F-tier choice and is the strongest against Dialga, Palkia, Origin Dialga, Origin Palkia, and Heatran. All the mentioned Pokemon are in the S-tier. It is the weakest against Electivire (A-tier), Shaymin Sky (S-tier), and Thundurus (S-tier) among others.

How To Beat Regigigas Pokemon Go?

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A Fighting-type Fast Attack and Charged Attack Pokemon is the best option to beat the Normal-type Legendary Pokemon Regigigas as it is its only weakness.

Whenever you head into your Regigigas Raid Battle, make sure to choose a Pokemon that has both Fast and Charged Attack as it deals more damage.

Regigigas also hails from the Sinnoh region and beating it in battles is not an easy task. It is part of a single-member family and does not evolve from any other Pokemon or into any other form.

It is known for being the master of the group of Legendary Titans which includes Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regieleki, and Regidrago.

Let us take a look at Regigigas' stats, possible attacks and damage it causes:


  • Attack - 287
  • Defense - 210
  • HP - 600

Fast Attacks

  • Hidden Power - 15
  • Zen Headbutt - 12

Charged Attacks

  • Focus Blast - 140
  • Giga Impact - 200
  • Thunder - 100

Now that we know Regigigas' attacks and the damage it causes, let us dive into the Fighting-type Pokemon that can take down the Legendary Pokemon.

PokemonFast Attack (FA) and Charged Attack (CA)
BlazikenCounter (FA), Focus Blast (CA)
TerrakionDouble Kick (FA), Sacred Sword (CA)
PheromosaLow Kick (FA), Focus Blast (CA)
HariyamaCounter (FA), Close Combat (CA), Dynamic Punch (CA), Superpower (CA)
ConkeldurrCounter (FA), Dynamic Punch (CA), Focus Blast (CA)
LucarioCounter (FA), Aura Sphere (CA), Close Combat (CA), Power-Up Punch (CA)
KeldeoFA - Low Kick, Sacred Sword (CA)
AlakazamCounter (FA), Focus Blast (CA)
MachampCounter (FA), Karate Chop (FA), Close Combat (CA), Dynamic Punch (CA), Submission (CA)
CharizardFire Spin (FA), Blast Burn (CA)

Blaziken would take the least time to win the battle against Regigigas. It would take about 450.75s to win with 26.50 deaths.


  • Time to win - 575.43s
  • Deaths - 28.83


  • Time to win - 654.65s
  • Deaths - 48.00


  • Time to win - 722.68s
  • Deaths - 33.00


  • Time to win - 664.34s
  • Deaths - 34.67


  • Time to win - 635.96s
  • Deaths - 39.83


  • Time to win - 578.45s
  • Deaths - 31.67


  • Time to win - 570.56s 
  • Deaths - 28.67


  • Time to win - 701.80s 
  • Deaths - 37.50


  • Time to win - 655.73s 
  • Deaths - 32.67

Pokemon Legends Arceus Piplup Location

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The Cobalt Coastlands of Hisui is the location where Piplup can be found. You will be able to find it next to a small lake near Islepsy Shore.

Islepsy Shore has been home to some of the stronger Pokemon such as Sealeo, Alpha Empoleon, and Walrein. Once you get to the location, you have to be cautious while capturing it as it startles easily and runs away.

One has to be a little sneaky while capturing it and the best way to capture it is by stunning it before getting hold of it. 

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Cobalt Coastlands is the third region that players will unlock. Players will need a Pokemon that is water-friendly as it will be impossible to explore all areas of the region without a Pokemon that can cross water easily.

If you make progress on Mission 10: The Lordless Island, you will come across Basculegion. It is a Water, Ghost-type Pokemon and has evolved from Basculin. It will make your navigation in the water region relatively easy.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Piplup location guide:

  • Head out from Ginkgo Landing with Basculegion.
  • Go around Lunker's Lair and pass the Seagrass Heaven.
  • A straight path shall lead you to Islespy Shore.
  • If you take a look at the map, you shall see a white cave icon and a pond to the north of it.
  • Head for the small pond and you will come across Piplup roaming around.

What Level Does Piplup Evolve?

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Pipulp #0393 evolves into Prinplup #0394 starting at Level 16. Prinplup will then evolve into Empoleon #0395 Water Steel starting at Level 36.

Players will have to spend 25 Candies to evolve Piplup into Prinplup and a further 100 Candies to evolve from Prinplup to Empoleon. The evolution chart has only three forms and Empoleon is the final and strongest form of this Pokemon.

The Piplup candy that is required for the evolution chain can be earned by a walk with a buddy. For every 3 km, Piplup finds 1 candy.

There are no additional tasks or other requirements to complete the evolution of the water Pokemon. You will however have to go through various battles between levels to evolve.

Getting hold of a Lucky Egg can accelerate the process of evolution as it increases the invaluable EXP after battles.

Shiny Piplup evolution is also the same as the regular Piplup. It evolves into Shiny Prinplup at Level 16 and then to Shiny Empoleon at Level 36.

Apart from the texture of the Pokemon, there is no actual difference between the regular and shiny Piplup.

Shiny Piplup Pokemon Go also requires the same 25 candies to evolve to Shiny Prinplup and 100 candies to evolve to its strongest form which is Shiny Empoleon.

How To Get Special Stones In Pokemon Go?

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It is not easy to get hold of the rare Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go and players can get it by the following methods:

  • Field Research Tasks
  • PvP Trainer Battles
  • Team Go Rocket Battles
  • Mystery Item

Field Research Tasks

It is the main way of earning the precious stones in Pokemon Go. Players will have to successfully complete the week-long Field Research Tasks and earn stamps.

Each day you will complete a task and in return will be awarded with a stamp. After earning seven of those stamps, players will get a Research Breakthrough and rewards such as rare items and materials, rare encounters, and the precious Sinnoh Stones.

PvP Trainer Battles

Winning PvP Trainer Battles and moving up the ranks is always a good way to earn Sinnoh Stones. It is not a guarantee that you will get the rare stones but if lucky you could get your hands on among the different variety of rewards.

Team Go Rocket Battles

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Another way to get hold of the Sinnoh Stones is to defeat the Team Go Rocket leaders such as Cliff, Sierra, Arlo, or Giovnni. You can do so in the Team Go Rocket Battles and the stones could be earned from the several exciting rewards.

You will be requiring a Rocket Radar to locate the leaders if you want to take part in the battles.

Mystery Item

Players can also earn the Sinnoh Stones by earning a Mystery Item in the Go Battle League. Once again, it is not a guarantee that you will earn it by this method.