Red Sox announcers tonight on NESN are Dave O'Brien and Mike Monaco. They have been partnering for play-by-play since 2021.

In February 2023, the New England Sports Network (NESN) unveiled the lineup of seasoned booth talent who will grace the airwaves for the 2023 Boston Red Sox season.

Viewers can expect comprehensive MLB game coverage and hour-long pregame and postgame shows, as announced by the network.

In the wake of longtime color commentator Dennis Eckersley's retirement in October 2022, NESN has revealed that Will Middlebrooks, the former Red Sox player, will be stepping up to join the network's studio for Red Sox games in 2023. 

Will have joined the veteran Lou Merloni on the commentary box for Red Sox. Another familiar face set to make a splash in the broadcast booth for NESN's coverage of the Boston Red Sox in 2023 is former player Tim Wakefield, who will lend his insights to the network's coverage for the first time.

NESN Red Sox Commentators

NESN Red Sox commentary team includes:

  • Kevin Youkilis
  • Lou Merloni
  • Kevin Millar
  • Will Middlebrooks
  • Tim Wakefield

NESN, or the New England Sports Network, has been broadcasting Red Sox games for several decades since 1948, and the network has substantially impacted how fans view and experience Red Sox MLB games.

Though the channel has been broadcasting Boston games since the 40s, NESN has only been the exclusive broadcaster of Red Sox games since 2003. 

Lou Merloni and Kevin Youklis are the lead color commentator for the NESN Red Sox MLB games in 2023. Merloni is a former Red Sox player drafted by the team in the 36th round of the 1992 MLB Draft.

Kevin Youkilis after being drafted in 2001 MLB Draft by the Boston Red Sox.
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He played nine seasons with the Red Sox before moving to Padres, and after retiring, Lou transitioned to working in the media. He has been an analyst for NBC Sports Boston for the past fifteen years and joined Red Sox NESN broadcasters in 2023.

Kevin Youkilis is recently appointed as the primary color analyst for the NESN Red Sox team in his second season with the network. Besides, Youkilis also serves as a weekly contributor to NESN's pregame and postgame shows.

He is a retired professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox and led the team to secure two World Series championships in 2004 and 2007. He was also inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2018.

Kevin Millar is a former MLB player who spent three seasons with the Boston Red Sox and won the 2004 World Series championship. He joined NESN's broadcast booth as an analyst in 2022 alongside Kevin Youkilis.

Millar shares the spotlight with Siera Santos and Ryan Dempster as one of co-hosts of Intentional Talk, a widely acclaimed MLB Network show featuring an audio podcast of the same name. 

Will joins NESN Red Sox Broadcasting Team in 2022
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Will Middlebrooks became a studio analyst for Red Sox Broadcasters Tonight coverage on NESN in 2022. Later that year, he moved to the broadcast booth for his second season as a commentator.

Middlebrooks played for the Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, and Texas Rangers. He was part of the Red Sox team that won the World Series in 2013. In 2019, Middlebrooks joined CBS Sports HQ as a baseball analyst. 

Lastly, Tim Wakefield, a two times World Series winner who has been with the NESN Red Sox studio for the past decade as an analyst, will now serve as a commentator 2023 season onward.

Red Sox NESN Broadcasters

Red Sox NESN broadcast team for announcers includes:

  • Dave O'Brien
  • Mike Monaco
  • Tom Caron (2020-2021)
  • Sean McDonough (1984-1985)

Dave O'Brien and Mike Monaco are Red Sox play-by-play announcers on NESN in 2023. 

Since joining NESN nearly two decades ago, O'Brien has been an integral part of the network's coverage of Boston Red Sox games on radio and television, having called more than 1,500 games in total.

Dave O'Brien joins NESN play by play in 2021
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As for the 2023 season, the play-by-play announcer team will feature two standout individuals, with Dave leading the charge and Mike Monaco adding his own unique voice to the mix.

Before joining NESN, O'Brien was an employee at the ESPN network as an announcer for several sports broadcasts such as NBA, MLB, MLS, NCAA March Madness, and more. 

During his 15 years stint with ESPN, Dave had an opportunity to be part of the 2006 FIFA World Cup broadcasting team as the primary play-by-play voice for the prestigious tournament on the network.

On the other hand, O'Brien announcing partner Mike Monaco joined the NESN network in 2012 as a young broadcaster and called several college-level basketball and baseball games.

In 2019, Monaco joined the ESPN team, having previously worked for Fox Sports and the Big Ten Network. Notably, he was appointed as the alternate television play-by-play voice for the Boston Red Sox that same year. 

Mike Monaco on NESN
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Then in 2021, Mike joined Dave and Tom Caron as a third play-by-play before becoming number 2nd in 2022 as Caron left the role to be a studio host. Caron served as NESN Red Sox announcer tonight for two seasons alongside O'Brien.

Furthermore, Sean McDonough, a Boston native, was also among the NESN baseball announcers team from 1984 to 1985, where he worked in radio and television before joining ESPN.

NESN Red Sox Studio Analysts

NESN studio panel has:

  • Jim Rice
  • Lenny DiNardo
  • Ellis Burks
  • Mo Vaughn

Jim Rice joined the New England Sports Network (NESN) in 2003 as a color commentator for the Red Sox game. He called pre and post-game shows. Rice was eventually recruited to become a studio analyst, a role he has embraced and excelled in.

Rice is a former Boston Red Sox designated hitter who played in MLB for 16 seasons and was an eight-time All-Star. Since he retired from the game, Rice has remained active in the Red Sox organization as a coach and instructor.

Another former player Lenny DiNardo began his tenure with NESN in 2017 as a reserve analyst. Since 2019 Lenny began calling Boston's MLB games as one of the leading studio analysts.

Ellis Burks, a former MLB player with over two decades of playing experience, has taken on a role as a studio analyst for NESN's Boston Red Sox.

Jim Rice and Lenny DiNardo have been together at NESN analyst department since 2017
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Since 2021, he has provided deft analysis and insights into the team's performance. In addition to his studio work, Burks also served as an alternate color commentator for the 2021 season, adding his perspective to live game broadcasts.

Having played for five teams, including the Red Sox, Burks' experience as a player allows him to offer unique insights into the strategies and tactics players and coaches use on the field.

In 2021, the Boston Red Sox welcomed another studio analyst to their team, who had previously played for the franchise as a first baseman. Mo Vaughn was a three-time MLB All-Star and won the American League MVP award in 1995.

Originally hailing from Norwalk, Connecticut, Vaughn made the roster for the 2023 analyst squad, continuing his involvement with the Red Sox booth box.

NESN Red Sox Reporters

NESN Red Sox sideline reporters are: 

  • Jahmai Webster
  • Guerin Austin (2016-2020)
  • Heidi Watney (2008-2011)

The Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Jahmai Webster is a solo NESN staff working as a field reporter for the Red Sox games. Webster has been single-handedly managing the side reporting position since 2021 and executing his duties exceptionally.

In October 2016, Webster joined the NESN team, previously working as a sports anchor and reporter for The Denver Channel and KITV4 Island News. He called high school and college sports games for Texas A&M athletics and the University of Hawaii. 

Jahmai Webster previously worked with Guerin Austin as ground reporters
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Since joining the network, Webster has been on three major sports shows, NESN Sports Weekend, NESN After Hours, and NESN Sports Update., providing intriguing insights and interviews from the sideline. 

The 38-year-old also serves as the primary Play-by-Play (PxP) announcer for NESN's Star Boxing franchise.

Jahmai previously worked with Guerin Austin at the field reporting until she departed from the NESN in 2021. Austin, a model who claimed the 2004  Miss Nebraska USA, spent six years collecting valuable broadcasting experience with the channel.

Following the end of the 2020 baseball season, Austin's contract with NESN lapsed and was not renewed, which led her to exit the network in 2021.

Moreover, before Webster and Austin became gameday reporters at NESN, Heidi Watney held that position from 2008 to 2011.