Baseball contracts are so long because the players are more likely to have longer careers than athletes in other sports such as football and basketball.

Baseball players need to look after their fitness level and health, so if they can keep themself fit then it is very likely that they can continue to have a good and long career.

That is if we compare them to other sports like football and basketball. So, the teams that have a long-term vision, tend to become more inclined towards players who are fit and healthy.

Another exciting reason why the Contracts baseball are so long is that the sport has no salary limitation unlike the NFL, NBA, etc. so the teams can also spend huge money and challenge their rivals to get the best players available on the market.

The price of contracts may rise as a result of bidding wars for top free agents. Before their contracts expire, teams seek to secure their top players.

The team can prevent the possibility of losing their best players to other teams and has clarity about their future squad.

Likewise, having a contract for a long period will keep the teams in the safe zone as they won't have to worry about losing them for free after their contract expires.

They may create a competitive roster around them by locking up their great players for several years.

Depending on a player's reliability and regular performance, teams may decide to sign them to long-term contracts. Players with a track record of offensive success or pitchers who have consistently produced impressive results can be considered in this.

Longest Contracts In MLB History

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The longest contracts in MLB history include the following players:

  • Fernando Tatis Jr. for 14 years
  • Julio Rodríguez for 13 years
  • Bryce Harper for 13 years
  • Mookie Betts for 12 years
  • Manny Machado for 11 years
  • Rafael Devers for 11 years
  • Xander Bogaerts for 11 years
  • Trea Turner for 11 years
  • Wander Franco for 11 years
  • Francisco Lindor for 10 years

Fernando Tatis Jr. for 14 years

Fernando Tatis's contract in MLB is the Longest MLB contract in history. In February 2021, he extended his contract with the San Diego Padres for a further 14 years and 340 million dollars.

The previous record, held by Mookie Betts in 2020, has been surpassed by this one, making it the longest and most expensive deal in MLB history.

He has so far in his career lived up to the hype. He received the Silver Slugger Award in 2020 and has three times been selected to the All-Star team. He blasted 42 home runs and swiped 25 bases in 2021.

Bryce Harper for 13 years

In March 2019, Bryce Harper agreed to a 13-year, 330-million-dollar deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. At the time it was signed, this deal was the biggest in MLB history, and it's still one of the biggest in the sport today.

He has won the MVP and Gold Glove awards in the past, and he often contributes to All-Star games.

This should be one of the best contracts in MLB history for both parties.

In his two seasons with the squad, he has stolen 38 bases and blasted 48 home runs. He was also awarded the Silver Slugger Award in 2019 and twice named to the All-Star team.

Manny Machado for 11 years

In February 2023, Manny Machado extended his contract with the San Diego Padres for an additional 11 years and 350 million dollars.

With this deal, Machado becomes the highest-paid player in Padres history and the fourth-largest contract in MLB history.

So far in his stint with the Padres, Machado has lived up to the hype. He has 106 home runs and 67 base steals throughout the course of his four seasons with the squad.

In addition, he has three times been selected to the All-Star squad and won the Gold Glove Award in 2020.

Francisco Lindor for 10 years

When the Mets acquired Lindor and right-hander Carlos Carrasco from Cleveland in a six-player brought on January 7, 2021, he still had a year before becoming a free agent.

On the eve of Opening Day, New York signed Lindor to a contract, ensuring that he wouldn't leave Queens early. The agreement extended his existing 22.3 million dollar contract for 2021 by 10 years and 341 million dollars.

Major League Baseball Free Agent Signings

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Major League Baseball Free Agent Signings are listed below:

  • Trea Turner to the Phillies
  • Taijuan Walker to the Phillies
  • Justin Turner to the Red Sox
  • Dansby Swanson to the Cubs
  • Kenley Jansen to the Red Sox
  • Andrew Benintendi to the White Sox
  • Elvis Andrus to the White Sox

Trea Turner to the Phillies

Trea Turner was one of the best MLB baseball free agents, who went on to sign for the Phillies. He is baseball's greatest shortstop, he recently just completed his best season to date in the year 2022. He had 28 home runs, 21 stolen bases, and a batting average of.288. 

He is a standout defender as well, and the Phillies are anticipating a significant improvement from him.

Dansby Swanson to the Cubs

Swanson is a reliable shortstop who just completed his greatest season to date in 2022. With 27 home runs and 18 stolen bases, he hit.277/.351/.448. He is a strong defender who was a Free agent MLB.

This is one of the best free signings the Cubs have made for sure.

Andrew Benintendi to the White Sox

A contact hitter who recently had a successful season with the Royals, Benintendi. In 126 games in 2022, he hit.270/.344/.398 with 5 home runs and 40 RBIs.

Although he can also play in right field and center field, the White Sox wanted him to play left field.

How Much Do MLB Agents Make?

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The MLB agents make around $74,448 per year. MLB agents often charge their clients a commission on the amount of their contracts in order to recoup their costs.

MLB agents typically charge a 5 percent commission, however, certain agencies may charge more or less depending on the client and the terms of the deal.

Talking about one of the Baseball agents who earns the most he goes by the name of Scott Dean Boras. He is probably the highest-earning agent in the world of baseball.

The 70-year-old agent Boras has around 175 professional baseball clients, who he represents. He also runs Boras Corporation which basically is a sports-based agency from California. 

He was named as the most powerful agent in the world of sports in 2013. Just in 2019 and 2022 his clients agreed on more than one billion dollars. As he was looking after all those clients' deals.

To become a good sports agent one needs to have very good negotiation skills, thorough knowledge about the sport, marketing skills, law, and rules, and also should be smart enough to think about the future consequences that could possibly arise for his clients. 

The players basically leave it all to their agent about the possible deals that their current club or future clubs could offer.

It is the agent that takes care of it and once the discussion and negotiation reach to next stage, the agent will then talk with his clients about the deals and the package that is offered to him.

That was for the clients who are sort of established in the market, but for those who are new and are just starting, having a good agent might shape their career even better.

Sports are a profession that has a very limited lifespan. So, during that short span of time, you would want to earn as much as possible and get paid for how much you deserve.

If you manage to get a good agent then it is more likely that you get the best deals, which eventually would also benefit the agents.

When Does MLB Free Agency Begin?

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The day following the World Series' conclusion, MLB free agency begins. Free agency started on November 6 2023 since the World Series ended on November 5.

Players with no club or free agents can decide to go with any teams that are offering them a contract but it is November 11 the first day when they are allowed to sign.

However, players are not allowed to join new teams until 5 days after the completion of the World Series. But for the team's own free agent player, they can still talk to re-sign them during the 5 days after the World Series.

However, until the five-day window has passed, teams are not permitted to speak with unsigned free players from other teams.

MLB free agent contracts can be very lucrative, but for the best of the players only, for sure.

Free agents are basically a player whose contract expired with one team and is without any team.

The risk of signing free agents is always considerable. The possibility that the player won't meet expectations is one risk. The possibility of the player suffering an injury is another risk. In order to sign free agents, teams might also have to forfeit draft picks or other assets.