One FC commentators Michael Schiavello and Mitch Chilson joined One Championship in 2017 and 2011 respectively.

One Championship is a significant sports organization promoting mixed martial arts (MMA) across Asia and worldwide. Established in 2011 and headquartered in Singapore, it has emerged as a global destination for top MMA fighters.

The organization is renowned for its commitment to martial arts values such as respect, humility, honor, and discipline, and it has garnered a passionate fan following in the region.

Fighters from all around the world participate in these events, which are broadcast to millions of viewers worldwide. Announcers play a crucial role in One Championship events by providing play-by-play commentary, color analysis, and expert insight into the fights. 

The organization's fundamental goal is to showcase the genuine essence of martial arts by creating real-life heroes and presenting captivating events. 

In 2023, One FC scheduled a series of upcoming events, starting with the ONE Friday Fights 17, set to be held at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 19th.

One Championship Commentators List

Commentators for One Championship are as follows:

  • Michael Schiavello
  • Mitch Chilson
  • Josh Thomson
  • Jason Chambers
  • Bas Rutten
  • Renzo Gracie 

Michael Schiavello, an Australian sports commentator and journalist, has been with One Championship since 2012. He is a favorite among MMA enthusiasts for his energetic and passionate commentary style, effectively conveying the fight's excitement to viewers. 

Schiavello has commentated for several combat sports organizations, including K-1 and the International Kickboxing Federation, and has worked as a television presenter and journalist covering various sports and topics.

Mitch Chilson, a former One Championship fighter with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss, retired from fighting in 2013 and joined One Championship as a commentator and analyst.

Mitch chilson (Right) at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on March 10, 2023
Source : instagram

Chilson's experience as a fighter gives him a unique perspective on the sport, and he is highly respected for his technical knowledge and analytical insights. 

His commentary style is more measured and analytical than Schiavello's enthusiastic approach, and he often breaks down the fighters' techniques and strategies, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the sport.

Together, Schiavello and Chilson form a dynamic commentary duo, each with a unique style and perspective, complementing each other well. They provide viewers with a well-rounded and engaging commentary experience, and fans and fellow commentators in MMA commentary highly respect both.

Mitch with Michael Schiavello and Marcus Buchecha in the booth on May 24, 2022
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In addition to Schiavello and Chilson, One Championship has featured several guest commentators on their broadcasts. Josh Thomson, a former UFC fighter and Strikeforce lightweight champion, has made several appearances as a guest commentator, providing expert analysis and insight into the fights.

Jason Chambers, a former professional MMA fighter and actor, has also appeared as a guest commentator on One Championship broadcasts.

Bas Rutten, a former UFC heavyweight champion and renowned MMA trainer, has lent his expertise to One Championship broadcasts as a guest commentator, as has Renzo Gracie, a legendary Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, and MMA fighter.

One Championship Announcers

The list of announcers working for One Championship are:

  • Dominic Lau
  • Nora Chompunich

Dom Lau has an impressive career in the world of television and radio. He made his network television debut in 2005 and swiftly became one of the most recognized faces on TV in Asia. 

He is known as the Official Ring and Cage announcer for ONE Championship, the largest martial arts promotion in the region. As a result, ONE Championship events are aired in over 140 countries, including the US, on TNT of Warner Media. 

Per his LinkedIn page, Dom Lau's distinct baritone voice and physical presence make his persona instantly recognizable. Due to his success, Lau has been called "Asia's Ryan Seacrest".

Dominic Lau during a match in Singapore on February 18, 2022
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In addition to his work with ONE Championship, Dom Lau formerly hosted the radio chart show Asia Pop 40 as part of the Eon Syndicated Media Group. He also presented E! News Asia, which airs on the E! Entertainment channel. 

Before these gigs, he started hosting various shows for music network Channel [V] International, as well as its sister channels STAR Movies and STAR World, all part of the Fox International Channels platform.

Similarly, Nora Chompunich has made a name for herself as an announcer for ONE Championship. Her high energy and textured voice contribute to the rock concert experience at all ONE Championship events. 

Born and raised in Missouri City, Texas, Chompunich had a deep interest in music from an early age. As she got older, she found her creative outlet in singing. She has found the perfect stage to unpack her dynamism as a key instrument in the hype of ONE Championship events.

One Championship Promotion

One Championship is a Singapore-based MMA promotion company. It was founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Chatri Sityodtong.

As a leading combat sports promotion in Singapore, ONE Championship hosts exciting events featuring various disciplines such as MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and grappling. 

Fans eagerly anticipate upcoming events featuring MMA fights, such as ONE Fight Night 11 on June 9, 2023, and ONE Fight Night 12 on July 14, 2023. Past events, including ONE Fight Night 10 on May 5, 2023, and ONE Friday Fights 15 on May 5, 2023, have showcased thrilling MMA fights.

One Championship differs from other MMA promotions in several ways. The organization strongly emphasizes martial arts values such as respect, honor, and humility. 

They aim to promote the positive aspects of martial arts to foster cultural exchange and understanding among people from different countries and backgrounds.

The ONE Fight Night 6 winners pictured with their title in Feb. 14, 2023
Source : facebook

Another unique feature of One Championship is its circular cage, rather than the traditional octagonal cage used in other MMA promotions. The association has also developed a set of rules that prioritize fighter safety, such as prohibiting elbows to the head and limiting the use of certain striking techniques.

One Championship has become increasingly popular in Asia and has held events in countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The organization has also attracted notable talent, including former UFC champions Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez and Asian MMA stars such as Angela Lee and Shinya Aoki.

In May 2022, the organization declared a collaboration with the UK-based Muay Thai Grand Prix. This partnership aims to host Road to ONE tournament in two weight classes, which MTGP will facilitate.

As a result, the tournament's victors will be rewarded with a lucrative ONE Championship contract worth $100,000.