Nick Best wife Callie Marunde Best is a fitness contest competitor from Ohio. The power couple walked down the aisle on May 15, 2010.

Back in 2013, Nick Best made headlines as one of the strongest families in the world with rigorous training and work routine.

With a staggering weight of 325 lbs and height of 6 feet 2 inches, Nick has garnered an excellent reputation as one of the most muscular men in the world. The Las Vegas native athlete first emerged as the world champion powerlifter.

Best won the All-American Strongman Challenge in 2010 and finished 6th overall in the 2010 World's Strongest Man held in Sun City, South Africa. Since then, he qualified for 10 consecutive years in the competition, an ode to his incredible strength and fitness.

Furthermore, the muscleman also set a record in the hip lift event with a gigantic lift of 2,791 pounds. It was telecast on the History channel via the television series, The Strongest Man in History.

Inside Nick Best Married Life

Nick Best and his then-girlfriend Callie Best are both fitness enthusiasts. They recently celebrated their 13th marriage anniversary.

Nick often shares special occasions with his better half on social media, most notably Instagram where he has amassed more than 384k followers.

The Best pair celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary last year with a sumptuous dinner and fun-filled night at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nick and Callie relishing their time at Laugh Factory in Las Vegas.
Source : facebook

Furthermore, Nick also expressed gratitude to Callie on Mother’s Day via Instagram with the caption, "You are the glue that keeps us together and all moving in the same direction! Thank you for all you do! Love you!"

It is pretty evident that more than a decade after walking down the aisle, the dazzling duo still share the same love and care for each other. Both of them have the same passion for fitness, which has further helped solidify their alliance.

They are a constant source of support and motivation for each other. When Nick tore his lat during a world record deadlift attempt on 24 April 2021, the injury sidelined him for quite some time. Thankfully, Callie was there to cheer him up and push for a speedy recovery.

Callie Marunde Best

Callie Marunde was previously married to another American strongman Jesse Marunde. The Marunde couple said their wedding vows in 2004.

They had first met in 2002 at a competition in Ohio, the home state of Callie. Their affinity blossomed over time and later started a training facility named Marunde Muscle in 2004.

Sadly, their relationship was short-lived as Jesse passed away on 25 July 2007 due to a genetic heart defect called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy following a workout in Sequim, Washington.

Callie struggled for a relative period with the untimely passing of Jesse. But her passion and determination for fitness kept her going as she made a mission to set an example of healthy living. 

A year later in November 2008, Callie met with Best at a competition. Their alliance began with friendship and, with the passage of time converted into a dazzling love story, which they took some time to make public.

Miss Marunde was impressed with how humble and caring Nick was, on top of his exceptional leadership qualities and physical strength.

She earned her exercise science degree at Ohio University and competed in several fitness and bodybuilding contests in 2002. Two decades later, Callie remains a fitness enthusiast with the same zeal and hunger.

Mrs. Best calls herself the strongest nurse in the valley and frequently shares her workout videos on her Instagram account @mrs_calliebest.

Nick Best Children

Nick Best kids are son Dylan Best and daughter Jessica Best. The two siblings are six years apart in age, with Dylan being the older one.

A decade after creating massive buzz in the media for being the strongest clan in the world, Nick Best family now looks slightly different with both Dylan and Jessica Best grown-up.

Back in 2013, Dylan was able to lift over 130 pounds at 11 years of age. Moreover, 5 years old Jessica weighing 46 pounds stunned even more as she lifted over 100 pounds and did one-handed push-ups with relative ease.

The whole family combined used to train their bodies for up to 240 hours each week. Per Mamas Latinas, they used to spend over $500-$1,000 per week to fulfill their dietary needs.

Jessica Best From Strongest Family

Jessica was born on 10 June 2007 to the alliance of Callie and Jesse Marunde. Sadly, Jesse passed away six weeks later due to cardiac arrest.

Callie looked after Jess for over two years as a single mother in Sequim, Washington. After she wed Nick, the baby girl was also blessed with fatherly love.

Nick sharing a light moment with Callie and Jess on September 26, 2021.
Source : facebook

Although Jessica does not seem too determined to live a relentless strongwoman lifestyle now, her strength does not seem to have faded away. In 2019, Nick shared a video on socials expressing his pride in 12-year-old Jess trying to 1 hand lift 110lbs.

Nick's daughter has grown up from a 5-year-old girl who stunned the world with her sensational power and athleticism in 2013. 

Moreover, she often appears on the Instagram posts of her parents, whereby she is seen relishing festivals, special occasions, and vacations with her household members.

Nick Best Son

Dylan graduated from Blount County Bulldogs High School on May 26, 2019, with an overall 3.9 GPA, as Nick shared the moment on Facebook.

Apart from his passion for powerlifting, Dylan excelled in Lacrosse during high school. He was awarded the most improved player in 2017 by Bulldog Lacross. Furthermore, he also made the Nevada all-state team for defense in the same year.

Dylan Best with his girlfriend Terryn Ogden in December 2022.
Source : instagram

Post his graduation from Blount County, the whole clan relished a fun-filled time at Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur on August 10, 2019. 

On a different note, Dylan has shared many photos of his girlfriend Terryn Ogden (@terrmishell) on Instagram. They have been together since December 1, 2018, and recently celebrated their fourth anniversary.