Nikola Jokic wedding ring shoes were put on display by NBA before playoff. Nikola tied the knot with Natalija Jokic on 24 October 2020 in Sombor.

The 6 feet 11 inches tall Jokic remains strong in his games, with the Denver Nuggets as their center. Besides NBA, he returns to his hometown to play for the Serbian national basketball team.

Jokic co-captains the national team with Miloš Teodosić while fellow teammate Nikola Jovic also continues to excel with Miami Heat in the NBA.

Apart from his phenomenal basketball skills and list of accolades, the Joker turns out to be a loyal and soft-hearted partner to his lady.

Nikola Jokic Wife Natalija Jokic

Natalija Jokic was born on 4 January 1995 in Sombor, Serbia. She grew up with her old folks and two sisters named Maja and Dragana Macesic.

Natalija met Nikola around 2012 and started dating after six months. She moved to the U.S. for her higher studies, and they were in a long-distance relationship for a few years until the NBA star joined the Nuggets in 2015.

She initially studied Psychology at Seminole State College in Oklahoma but transferred to the Metropolitan State University of Denver for her last two years to be close to her hubby.

Natalija (left photo) during her graduation from MSU Denver in 2018.
Source : instagram

Natalija was in Seminole from 2013 to 2015 and was a volleyball player. The 5 feet 8 inches beauty was a serving specialist on the varsity team. 

Besides playing, Mrs. Jokic also made it to the honor list of NJCAA for her academic success, becoming one of the only 16 students that year.

While her husband has refrained from social media, Natalija is active on Instagram as @jokic.natalija. The handle includes her old memories with Nikola, from their days as high school sweethearts in Servia to becoming a celebrity couple.

Nikola Jokic Wedding Photos

The wedding photos of Jokics have been shared by Natalija on her Instagram. Their ceremony came after their engagement in January 2020.

The proposal took place in Denver, while the nuptial ceremony was held in Serbia. People confirmed that the betrothal was originally scheduled for June 2020.

However, when the NBA moved its season to the bubble in Orlando due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple postponed their big day.

Known for their privacy, the fans got to know about the nuptials after a video of them dancing and singing at their party surfaced on Twitter.

A few glimpses of Nikola and Natalija's big day in Serbia from October 2020.
Source : instagram

Natalija followed by sharing several photos from the big day a month later on her Instagram. She captioned the pictures "favorite party of all time."

Mr. and Mrs. Jokic's love turned into marriage a decade later though they had shared a home together in Denver. Their home has a small picture of Kralja Peter, the main street in Sombor, making them closer to their homeland.

The couple continues to fly back and forth between Denver and Sombir as both are emotionally tied to their homeland.

Meanwhile, after two years of marriage, Nikola won hearts when he hung his marriage token on his shoelaces during every game in 2022. NBA Retweet confirmed the news of his special gesture towards his beloved in a January tweet.

Nikola Jokic Kids

The Jokic couple has a daughter named Ognjena Jokic, which means "fiery" in Serbian language. They welcomed her on September 30, 2021.

Ognjena first appeared publicly when her mom posted a picture of the three holding Jokic’s 2021-2022 MVP trophy on Instagram in May 2022.

Another picture followed in March 2023, where the little one held her pop's game ball from his 100th triple-double. Since then, the little one has often accompanied her momma in Denver games.

Ognjena with Natalija (right photo) at the audience seat during  Game 2 in may 2023.
Source : twitter

The end of Game 2 in May 2023 saw Nikola finishing the night with 39 points and 16 rebounds, a complete 2-0 win over the Suns. And, when he was walking down the tunnel, the star of the night waved at Natalija and Ognjena.

Nikola Jokic daughter Ognjena won over the crowd when she pointed at her finger denoting Nikola's possibility of getting his hands on the NBA championship, Fox News explained.

Bleacher Report shared the heartwarming exchange between the dad and his little girl on Twitter, which has won the NBA fandom. The proud dad also returned the gesture by pointing to his finger.

Denver Nuggets are amongst the team that has never won an NBA Championship. They need to win six more playoff games and four more wins at later stages for the reigning MVP Jokic to clinch the coveted title.

Nikola Jokic Family Life

Nikola grew up in a big household that included his parents, grandmother, and two elder brothers. The Jokics lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Sombor.

They faced power outages due to airstrikes by NATO for weeks. Meanwhile, the Nuggets' basketball star was only four years old at that time. 

Having faced a rough childhood, it is very commendable that the Serbian athlete has paved his way to massive success in the league.

Nikola Jokic Parents 

Nikola's father, Branislav Jokić, worked as an agricultural engineer. The Jokic senior is credited with introducing his youngest son to basketball though Nikola was not interested in the sport at first.

The Jokic household relishes a dinner night in February 2023.
Source : twitter

Branislav taught him the ways of basketball while they lived in a poverty-stricken area. Now that his youngest son is one of the biggest names in the league, the older Jokics regularly attend the arena to cheer for him.

Nikola Jokic Siblings

Nikola has two brothers named Strahinja Jokic and Nemanja Jokic. Strahinja is the eldest, whereas Nikola is the youngest in the lineage.

The oldest sibling also shares the same height 6 feet 11 inches with the NBA star. Meanwhile, Nemanja also reaches close to his kinfolks at 6 feet 6 inches. They were passionate about sports and grew up playing basketball 

All of the three shared a home with Natalija in 2015 when Nikola was new to the Nuggets. They used to have fun drinking and playing cards in their free time.

Nikola alongside his brother at a Serbian airport before contact signing with the Nuggets in 2018.
Source : instagram

Strahinja works closely with Nikola during his games and aids him with verbal support. Meanwhile, Nemanja, a former Division I player, lives in Serbia with his own family.

Nemanja Jokic played as a forward for the Detroit Titans while majoring in Business Administration. He was also a member of the 2007 Horizon League Fall Academic Honor Roll.