Bill Walton holds the record for the highest score in an NCAA championship game with 44 points scored for UCLA against Memphis State in 1973.

It definitely is not easy to score points in the NCAA championship match, which is one of the most difficult and biggest basketball tournaments in the USA. This tournament is also known as March Madness.

The greatest college basketball teams in the nation, with elite players and coaching staff, compete in this championship game. On such a big platform, players are under tremendous pressure to perform properly, which can have an impact on their shooting accuracy and decision-making.

In championship games, opposing teams often play defensive games to reduce the scoring chances of top players. To get a record for scoring the most points in this tournament means breaking the NCAA basketball record book set by legends like Bill Walton, whose record is 44 points.

Even though it's difficult, it is still possible for a talented and dedicated player to break the record, as any record there is breakable. Even the legend himself would be happy to see his record getting beaten.

But the fact that the record has persisted for so long, shows how difficult it is to achieve the target.

Most points scored In NCAA Championship game

Player Name (Team)Points Scored
Bill Walton (UCLA)44
Gail Goodrich (UCLA)42
Jack Givens (Kentucky)41
John Morton (Seton Hall)35
Glen Rice (Michigan)34
Lew Alcindor (UCLA)34
Donte DiVincenzo (Villanova)31
Danny Manning (Kansas)31
Miles Simon (Arizona)30
Ed O'Bannon (UCLA)30

Bill Walton (UCLA) - 44

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During the years 1971 to 1974, Bill Walton was a part of the UCLA Bruins basketball team, led by coach John Wooden. They achieved success securing back-to-back NCAA Championships in 1972 and 1973.

In the 1972 season, Walton and his team went undefeated achieving a record 30-0 which is NCAA basketball points record. It remains one of the seasons in NCAA basketball history. Bill Walton's talent as a college player was truly exceptional.

His performances on the court were outstanding, including his performance of scoring 44 points and grabbing 13 rebounds in the championship game against Memphis State in 1973. He was NCAA basketball scoring leaders.

Walton's performance in the championship game against Memphis State stood out as he set a record for scoring the points ever in an NCAA Tournament championship game with his tally of 44 points. To this day it remains one of the highest-scoring individual brilliance in NCAA Tournament history.

Beyond his college days, Bill Walton's contributions to basketball are widely Appreciated. He went on to have a career in the NBA playing for teams such, as the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers.

Gail Goodrich (UCLA) - 42

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He is one of the best-ever NCAA players as he undoubtedly had the best run of form in the competition. He averaged 24.8 points for the UCLA Bruins, completed 28-2, and bagged their championship title 2 times in a row, back in 1965.

He scored 40, 30, 28, and the record-breaking 42 points at the time in the title-deciding match, which is an average points scored in March Madness finals of jaw-dropping 35 points a game in all 4 games that he played in the competition.

The final game was against Michigan, which they went on to win with a 91-80 scoreline. Gail made the record 42 points in that match, the highest-ever points by a player in a competition that is as difficult as the NCAA. However, his record lasted for 7 years and was broken by Bill Walton, with 44 points, who also played for the same team, UCLA Bruins.

At that time, he was UCLA's leading scorer of all time with 1690 points.

He also had an NBA playing career of more than 14 years where he managed to play 1031 matches and averaged 18.6 points every match. In 1996, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame after 17 years since he retired.

Jack Givens (Kentucky) - 41

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Former basketball player Jack Givens who is widely known as the player of Kentucky and his eye-catching performance in the NCAA competition back in 1978.

Kentucky's forward Givens performance in the NCAA final against Duke where he went on to score 41 points and secure the title for his team is the main highlight of his career and the most cherished success in the history of college basketball without any doubt.

In the final match, Kentucky defeated Duke by a 94-88 scoreline. Jack Givens won the Most Outstanding Player of the competition with his brilliant showing.

Without any question of his attacking skills, where he shot 18 for 27 from the field, which contributed to his high-point total, his defensive and rebound plays were amazing too.

He played for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA between 1978 to 1980.

Lew Alcindor (UCLA) - 37

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Lew Alcindor changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the most dominant and powerful college basketball players in NCAA history. He participated in UCLA Bruins games from 1966 to 1969.

In 1967, 1968, and 1969, Alcindor guided the UCLA Bruins to 3 straight NCAA championships. He had a lot of high-scoring games throughout both championship campaigns, frequently going over 30 points in most of the games.

His best year was 1969, which also happened to be his final year at UCLA before transferring to the NBA. Alcindor, who had just won two titles in a row, once again showed his skills in the 1969 total points in finals March Madness, scoring 37 points to lead UCLA to a 92-72 victory over the Boilermakers.

Alcindor, who is 7 feet 2 inches tall, was a sharpshooter, good at blocking shots, as well as in rebounds. Throughout his college career, he scored over 26 points and grabbed 15 rebounds each game.

He then went on to have a successful NBA career, stood up to the position of the league's all-time leading scorer, and topped the list of 7-footers with the most assists in their professional careers.

John Morton (Seton Hall) - 35

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John Morton's impressive performance of scoring 35 points for Seton Hall in March Madness was a magnificent feat he achieved. He played for Seton Hall between 1985 to 1989.

In the March madness, he had a top performance but in the finals of 1986 NCAA basketball between Michigan Wolverines and Seton Hall Pirates, John Morton of Pirates did his best with an impressive 35 points, did everything he could but unfortunately couldn't help his team from winning the title.

In the second half, John Morton scored 25 points out of which 17 of the Pirates' last 20. He also scored 3-pointers in the dying moment over Rice took the match to the extra time, where the Michigan Wolverines defeated the Seton Hall Pirates with a 9-8 and a total of 80-79 scoreline.

Later, he got drafted into the NBA in 1989 and was also selected in the first round. He managed to play around 3 seasons in the NBA between 1990 to 1992, where he got to play with the Cleveland and the Miami Heat. During his short stint in the NBA, he went on to average 4,8 points and 2.7 assists per match.

Glen Rice (Michigan) - 34

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One of the most famous moments in the NCAA Tournament's history is when Glen Rice scored 34 points in NCAA basketball. While playing for the Michigan Wolverines in the 1989 NCAA competition, he made this record.

His top-class title-winning show is considered one of the best individual performances in NCAA Tournament history. Where he almost single-handedly won his time title.

He made 12 of 18 field goals with incredible accuracy, and he also made many crucial 3-pointers. His ability to score helped Michigan defeat the Pirates 80-79, clinching the Wolverines' first-ever NCAA title. He won the Most Outstanding Player award for the competition because of his exceptional performance.

Throughout his 15-year career, Rice, a three-time NBA All-Star, made 1559 3-point field goals. In his illustrious career, Rice has also won the NBA championship with the LA Lakers.

Donte DiVincenzo (Villanova) - 31

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Villanova's basketball player Donte DiVincenzo is well-known for his outstanding performance in the NCAA tournament. He led his team to the 2018 NCAA Championship with his team.

He scored 31 points, helping Villanova defeat the Michigan Wolverines in that NCAA Championship. He also took home the Most Outstanding Player (MOP) title, which is given to the match's top player.

He had also won the competition in the prior edition in 2016. The most points scored by a bench player in a championship game was broken by Donte DiVincenzo. His 31 points were a career-high, and he added five rebounds, three assists, and two blocks. He had the most points for a player coming off the bench in an NCAA Final Four game.

His wonderful career and in such a short period of time he made college basketball records that gave him the status of a rising player.

However, in 2018 he started playing in the NBA, and he went on to win the NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021.

Danny Manning (Kansas) - 31

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Manning is a legendary player and Kansas Jayhawks' all-time top scorer in history with 2,951 points. He led his team Kansas to NCAA title glory in 1988.

He performed one of the best games in the final match by scoring 31 points against Oklahoma. He then won the MOP award for his top-class performances in the competition. His skill, and talent along with his leadership quality helped Kansas to the NCAA title win.

Manning along with that 31 points, also recorded eighteen rebounds, five steals, and two blocks in Kansas' 83-79 victory against Oklahoma in the 1988 NCAA Championship Game.

For his individual brilliance performance in helping the underestimated Jayhawks to the title, the 1988 Kansas team was called "Danny and the Miracles". They were one of the least favorite teams to win the title in the beginning.

In February 1992, Kansas retired Manning's jersey number 25 as a tribute and respect for what he has done for the team.

Miles Simon (Arizona) - 30

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Miles Simon was a hero for Arizona in the 1997 NCAA competition as he led his team to the competition's glory.

On March 31, 1997, Arizona played against the reigning champion Kentucky Wildcats in the final game. Miles Simon guided his team by scoring 30 points, contributing to Arizona's 84-79 added-time win.

Simon's top form played a big part in Arizona's first-time NCAA championship victory, it was their first-ever championship victory, and he was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player. The Kentucky were the favorites to win the final but then the Arizona shocked them with an unbelievable win.

Despite Simon's reputation as a scorer, the team's ability to win the championship was mostly due to his work rate with other players. Similar to how his offensive contributions including steals and blocks, also added to his total influence on the game. 

In 1999, he joined the NBA team Orlando Magic.

Ed O'Bannon (UCLA) - 30

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O'Bannon was an offensive force and the top scorer for UCLA throughout the 1995 NCAA tournament. He was able to score from distance and the free-throw line. For UCLA, his capacity to score in crucial situations was a huge advantage.

The UCLA Bruins and the Arkansas Razorbacks played in the NCAA Championship game on April 3, 1995. In the championship game, UCLA defeated Arkansas by 89-78 scoreline.

Ed O'Bannon was crucial in helping UCLA win the NCAA Championship. He managed to score 30 points and grab 17 rebounds in the final game, earning him the title of Tournament MOP. He averaged 20.4 points and 8.3 rebounds throughout that season.

In 1996, UCLA retired his number 31 as a recognition and as a tribute to what he has contributed to the team. In 2005, he was also introduced into the Hall of Fame of  UCLA Athletics.

His NBA career continued after he was selected in the 1995 NBA Draft, but he struggled with homesickness and confidence issues that affected his form badly.