Donte DiVincenzo is in a relationship with his girlfriend Morgan Calantoni. Morgan was a cheerleader while she studied at Temple University.

The American professional basketball player DiVincenzo and Morgan started seeing each other back in 2017. Since then, the couple has been inseparable and is madly in love with each other.

Born on January 31, 1997, Donte Divincenzo plays for the team Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association.

During his early age, Donte won national championships in 2016 and 2018 while playing college basketball for the Villanova Wildcats.

The Newark-born player got selected by Milwaukee Bucks in the 17th overall pick at the 2018 NBA draft.

Before being traded to the Sacramento Kings on February 10, 2022, DiVincenzo had won his first championship with Milwaukee Bucks in 2021.

Later on July 8, Donte signed a two-year contract worth $9.3 million with the Golden State Warriors.

Donte Divincenzo Is Dating Girlfriend Morgan Calantoni

Calantoni graduated from Temple University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts. There she was also a member of Temple University cheerleading.

Morgan started working in May 2015 as an instructor at Universal Cheerleader's Association. There she serves as a private coach for five months.

From June 2015 to May 2018, Morgan served as a bartender for Marianna's Restaurant and Banquet Center in Phillipsburg, NJ.

Morgan Calantoni is the long-term girlfriend of basketball player Donte DiVincenzo.
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After Calantoni retired, she worked as an intern at the Vizion Group company for five months. However, the internship ended, and she shifted to a company named Sidelines Sportswear and promotions.

She first worked there as a Marketing intern for six months, and in June 2019, she was appointed the Marketing Coordinator. She worked there till May 2020.

On February 2021, she started working as a Marketing Project Manager at Everything Clicks.

Morgan Calatoni Is From Philly

Morgan was born to har parents George and Desiree Hartrum in February 1997 in Easton, Philadelphia, United States.

During 2010, her dad married her stepmom, Jennifer and had a daughter together named Samantha.

Calantoni has a twin sister named Hannah and two other sisters as her siblings. Gina is the eldest sister whereas Samnatha is the yougest daughter.

Her father, George was a carpenter but with his hardwork and compassion, he was capable of building his own company. He named the company George Calantoni & Sons.

The Calantoni family visited church every week as her father,George, was a devout Christian. He raised all of his children in good faith. Visiting church was one of Morgan's favourite thing to do.

Unfortunately, in 2022 at the age of 49, George passed away due to lung cancer.

Donte Divincenzo And Morgan's Dating Life

The professional basketball player and Morgan began their relationship seven years ago. It is pretty impressive that the couple still stays solid and inseparable till now.

Since Donte and Morgan both wanted to prioritize their career over their personal life, the couple hasn't thought of marrying yet.

Even though their relationship has been very transparent over these seven years, the couple isn't seen talking about it. They also don't post pictures on their social media handles.

Morgan and Donte started dating back in 2016.
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The couple upholds each other and is always there for each other through difficult times. Despite their busy schedule, the couple spends much time together and manages time for a trip.

Donte First Approached Morgan For A Date

Donte first saw Morgan when he joined Villanova Wildcats in 2015 and started to play as a shooting guard for them.

Calantoni used to cheerleader for the Temple Tigers at that period. Donte there saw her and instantly liked her.

Dante first approached to Morgan to take her on a date.
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After many tries, Donte finally managed to initiate a conversation with her, and he also asked her on a date. Morgan agreed to go on a date with him.

Moreover, they both lived nearby, so they frequently used to go on dates and hang out with each other often.

Gradually the two of them became pretty close and decided to stay in a relationship. It has been seven years of their relationship as of 2022.