Most interceptions caught in a game by a player are DeAngelo Hall, Deltha O'Neal, Jerry Norton, Deron Cherry, and 15 others. They all have 4 interceptions. 

Sammy Baugh was the first player to record for interceptions in a single game back in 1943. He set this tremendous record against the Detroit Lions on November 14.

Most interceptions by one player in a game is 4 and 19 players have done it in the sport's history and has been achieved 20 times.

Apart from Jerry Norton, no player has been able to replicate the record twice. He did so in consecutive seasons as well which in itself is an amazing feat.

Jordan Whitehead of the New York Jets came close to the record and intercepted 3 passes against their Week 1 opponent of the 2023 season Buffalo Bills. He intercepted three passes from star QB Josh Allen.

Single Game Interception Record

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Most interceptions in an NFL game is 4 and the record is tied by 19 players. Jerry Norton achieved this feat twice in his career in 1960 and 1961.

Intercepting a play is never an easy job, and recording four in a single game is astonishing. The last player to catch four interceptions in a game was DeAngelo Hall in 2010. It has already been 13 years and no one has been able to repeat the feat again for now.

NFL most interceptions in a game are as follows:

  • DeAngelo Hall - 2010
  • Deltha O'Neal - 2001
  • Kwamie Lassiter - 1998
  • Deron Cherry - 1985
  • Willie Buchanon - 1978
  • Dick Anderson - 1973
  • Willie Brown - 1964
  • Bobby Hunt - 1964
  • Bobby Ply - 1962
  • Jerry Norton - 1960, 1961
  • Dave Baker - 1960
  • Goose Gonsoulin - 1960
  • Jack Butler - 1953
  • Bobby Dillon - 1953
  • Russ Craft - 1950
  • Bob Nussbaumer - 1949
  • Don Doll - 1949
  • Dan Sandifer - 1948
  • Sammy Baugh - 1943

Although four interceptions caught in a single NFL game does not seem like an extraordinary record, it actually is quite sensational.

Since record-keeping regarding interceptions was introduced in 1940, only 19 exceptional individuals have been able to record four interceptions in a game.

There have been hundreds of players who have caught 3 interceptions in a single game but catching one extra has been a tough task

DeAngelo Hall who caught 4 in 2010 also set another NFL interception record when he caught all four in a single half. He also managed to run one interception back 92 yards for a TD.

Many players who hold the single-game interception record have not been the annual interceptions leader for that particular season.

Dick Anderson who played for the Miami Dolphins recorded four interceptions in 1973 and also went on to become the annual leader for that season. He had eight interceptions in total.

Jerry Norton, Dave Baker, Goose Gonsoulin, Bobb Nussbaumer, Dan Sandifer, and Sammy Baugh are the only players who have gone on to become the annual interceptions leader in the same year they caught four in a single game.

Most Interceptions In A Game By A Cornerback

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Deltha O'Neal (2001), Willie Buchanon (1978), Willie Brown (1964), and Jack Butler (1953) all have 4 interceptions in a game and are the current record holders.

Out of the 19 players that are tied for the record of the most interceptions in a single NFL game, four of them played as cornerbacks.

Jack Butler of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the first cornerback and the seventh overall player to intercept four passes in a game. Although he achieved this in 1953, he was the NFL interceptions leader in 1957.

Pro Football Hall of Famer cornerback Willie Brown played for the Denver Broncos when he tied the record for four interceptions in a single game back in 1964. Brown went on to win the Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders in 1976.

Two-time Pro Bowler and Packers legend Willie Buchanon was part of the Green Bay Packers' defensive lineup when he intercepted four in a game against the Chargers in 1978.

The last cornerback with the most interceptions in one game was when Deltha O'Neal intercepted 4 passes in 2001. He did so against the Kansas City Chiefs.

O'Neal was not the annual interceptions leader that year. In fact, he was the leader in 2005 when he recorded 10 interceptions throughout the season.

QB With Most Interceptions In A Season

Most interceptions thrown in a season by a QB is 42 by George Blanda in 1962 as a player for the Houston Oiler. The record still stands as of today.

Blanda's negative record was set when the AFL and NFL were separate entities and the regular season used to have 14 games. Although he has a record that is hard to beat, he still is among some of the best quarterbacks to have played the game.

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NFL quarterbacks with the most interceptions thrown in a season:

  • George Blanda - 42
  • Vinny Testaverde - 35
  • Frank Tripucka - 34
  • John Hadl - 32
  • Fran Tarkenton - 32
  • Sid Luckman - 31
  • George Blanda 30
  • Al Dorow - 30
  • Jim Hart - 30
  • Ken Stabler - 30
  • Richard Todd - 30
  • Jameis Winston - 30
  • Lynn Dickey - 29
  • Brett Favre - 29
  • Peyton Manning - 28
  • Joe Namath - 28
  • Ken Stabler - 28
  • Y.A. Tittle - 28
  • George Blanda - 27

George Blanda and throwing interceptions have always gone hand in hand. He played 26 seasons of pro football and that is a record for the highest number of seasons in the sport's history.

He won three AFL championships in 1960, 1961, and 1967. A positive record for Blanda in his career is for the most touchdown passes in a single game which is 7. He is tied for the record with seven other players.

Sid Luckman who also recorded 30 interceptions in 1947 is tied alongside Blanda's 7 TD passes in a single game. Y.A. Tittle and Peyton Manning are also tied for the record among the players with the most interceptions thrown.

Frank Tripucka held the previous record for the most interceptions thrown in a season when he threw 34 incomplete passes in 1960. The second on the unwanted record list is Testaverde who is 7 passes behind Blanda.

Vinny Testaverde has also led the league for the most interceptions thrown on four occasions. He was the league leader in 1988-1989, 2000, and 2004.

Brett Favre most interceptions in a season is 29. He gave away 29 passes in 2005 when he played for the Packers. He only managed 20 TD passes that season.

Apart from the most interceptions in a season record, he is also a 4 x NFL passing touchdown leader, 2 x passing yards leader, tied for the longest TD pass, and has the most consecutive starts in NFL history which is 297. He also won the NFL MVP consecutively from 1995-1997.

QB with most interceptions all time is Brett Favre who has had 336 passes intercepted in his career. He has a 508-336 TD-INT record in his 20 NFL seasons.

Although Favre has two records to his name that he wished he did not have, he is still regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in modern football. He has over 70,000 passing yards and a pass completion of 62.0%. The records speak for itself.

Who Has The Most Interceptions In NFL History?

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The most number of interceptions in NFL history is 81 set by Paul Krause in his sixteen seasons. He was the league's interception leader with 12 in 1964.

His next best season came in 1975 when he played for the Vikings and recorded 10 interceptions in 14 games. Krause was consistent throughout his career playing as a Safety and had 1,185 interception yards in his career from 1964-1979.

NFL career interception leaders are:

Paul Krause81
Emlen Tunnell79
Rod Woodson71
Night Train Lane68
Ken Riley65
CHarles Woodson65
Ed Reed64
Ronnie Lott63
Darren Sharper63
Dave Brown62
Dick LeBeau62
Emmitt Thomas58
Mel Blount57
Bobby Boyd57
Eugene Robinson57
Johnny Robinson57
Everson Walls57
Lem Barnet56
Pat Fischer56
Aeneas Williams55

Richard Lane who is famously known as Night Train Lane and is fourth on the NFL interception leaders also holds the record for the most number of interceptions in a single season. He recorded 14 interceptions in 1952 when he played for the Los Angeles Rams.

His 14 interceptions are also the most by a player in their rookie season. Ed Reed is another record holder with the most interception yards who ran 1,590 yards in his career. Another record he holds is for the longest interception return of 108 yards that resulted in a touchdown.