Jennifer Roberts LSU Outfits from NEUBRYNE are designed by Martha Gottwald. Jennifer has worked with coach Kim Mulkey since 2000.

Roberts has an impressive background in collegiate athletics, having spent two decades working in this field.

In the spring of 2021, she joined the LSU Women's Basketball team alongside Head Coach Kim Mulkey as the Director of Women's Basketball Player Personnel. 

In this role, Roberts is responsible for improving branding opportunities for players on the team, directly liaising with LSU's NIL staff, and ensuring that each student-athlete can maximize their brand potential.

Before joining LSU, Roberts worked with Coach Mulkey's staff at Baylor for eight seasons, where she held the assistant coach position.

During her tenure, she played an instrumental role in the program's rapid rise to national prominence before transitioning into an operations role within the team.

Jennifer Roberts Knows Fashion From Inside Out

Jennifer Shea Roberts has made a fashionable presence in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Jennifer evolving fashion sense went from subtle to loud, vibrant, and funky. 

In March 2021, a picture posted on her 40th birthday showed her sporting a gorgeous outfit, dressed in leather pants while pacing a heavy brown fur coat on her shoulder.

Multiple comments on her post referred to her as a fashion queen, while others expressed interest in collaborating with her.

(Right) Jennifer sporting purple jacket at LSU basketball court in December 2021
Source : instagram

Roberts has made statement appearances at LSU including wearing a V-deep neck ruffled dress with cowboy boots, creating a stir. A TikTok video showed Roberts making a fiery entry, sporting a look she got from VICI Collection, a clothing store based in California. 

When posting images of outfits she picks for her office, Roberts usually tags the store she got them from, such as the bright green shiny straight-leg pants she got from Rodeo Boutique.

Roberts has quite an eclectic taste in fashion and she likes to mix it up by wearing pieces from different designers and stores. 

Roberts' gorgeous pink dress from Neubryne that she donned on Sweet 16
Source : instagram

While she often sports outfits from NEUBRYNE which Coach Kim Mulkey also favors, Roberts also likes to shop at stores like Love Baton Rouge, Revolve, Rodeo Boutique, AFRM, VICI Collection, Aria, Forte-Forte, River Island, Nordstrom, Nonchalant, and Lukka Boutique. 

This shows that Roberts has many fashion inspirations and is unafraid to experiment with different styles and trends.

In addition to her impressive fashion choices, Roberts also has a knack for finding and working with the best makeup artists. She has had her makeup done by the same artist who works with coach Mulkey in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mulkey has always been known for her impeccable sense of style, so it is no surprise that Roberts would follow in her footsteps and work with the same makeup artist.

Kim Mulkey Started The Outfits Tradition

Kim Mulkey is known for her eye-catching outfits during the NCAA Tournament. Her national championship outfit was highly anticipated by fans and the media.

Roberts began her coaching career at Baylor University in 2000 as an assistant coach under Coach Mulkey. During her eight-year tenure, she played a critical role in the team's quick rise to national prominence. 

Later on, Roberts moved into an operations role within the program, where she served as the Coordinator for Operations under Coach Mulkey. 

In this role, she was responsible for a wide range of tasks, including handling player appearances, serving as the team's liaison for external projects, supervising the team managers, and working with Coach Mulkey on her public appearances.

(Left) Roberts and Mulkey at 2022 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament
Source : instagram

In addition to her operational duties, Roberts also spearheaded the team's locker room overhaul and design after Baylor's 2019 National Championship win. 

Over the years, Roberts not only learned a great deal about the game of basketball from Coach Mulkey but also picked up some of her unique fashion sense.

Several posts on Instagram feature Roberts and Mulkey sporting outfits from Martha Gottwald, a creative director of NEUBYRNE. 

One year ago, Jennifer posted a picture with Mulkey where Roberts wore a pink fur leather coat with funky rainbow-colored boots, and Kim wore a yellow blazer with matching yellow heels and black formal pants. In the caption, Jennifer referred to Coach Mulkey as her best friend.

Jennifer Roberts On Coach Kim's Styles

Since joining LSU after 21 seasons as head coach at Baylor, Mulkey has adapted her style to the Louisiana culture.

Mulkey even has a closet dedicated to her 105 pairs of the high-heeled shoe collection. Roberts, LSU's director of player personnel and influence, coordinates Mulkey's looks.

Roberts assists players with NIL deals and helps Mulkey with her brand. LSU players and fans have taken notice of Mulkey's style, with the fan base loving it. 

(Left) Kim during a basketball match at Louisiana State University in February 2022
Source : instagram

According to Roberts, the Louisiana culture is known for being big, loud, fun, and happy, and Mulkey's style is a perfect fit for this culture. Many fans have even said they attend the games to see what Mulkey will wear.

When Mulkey walked into the American Airlines Center in Dallas on April 2, 2023, she sported a sequin tiger print pantsuit that Jaime Glas, an LSU graduate, had styled.

Roberts, who helps coordinate Mulkey's looks, has described them as "Kim flamboyant" and would likely give Mulkey's championship outfit a perfect score of 10 out of 10.

Inside Look At Jennifer Roberts LSU Lifestyle

Roberts joined LSU in the spring of 2021. Her primary focus is to assist players in making right choice regarding NIL fortuities that can embellish their brand. 

Likewise, she is known for showcasing her fashionable dresses on Instagram, which cost between $300 and $895, sparking curiosity about her earnings at LSU.

Roberts has an average salary of $200,945 as the Director of Women's Basketball Player Personnel and Influence. Her experience in the athletic field extends beyond LSU, with more than 20 years of experience in collegiate athletics.

Roberts sporting LSU Tiger's shirts in March 2022
Source : instagram

Apart from this, Roberts had a five-year affiliation with Louisiana Tech athletics, during which she was an assistant to the Athletic Director. Her principal duty was game management, encompassing overseeing NCAA Regional games emceed by the Lady Techsters.

She also worked as a manager for the Lady Techsters for four years and was involved in almost every aspect of the program. Moreover, Roberts spent four years as an assistant coach for an AAU basketball team in Shreveport, where she coached in three AAU National Tournaments.