No, Dominik Mysterio does not hate his dad Rey Mysterio. Dominik feud with Rey is purely a scripted storyline in WWE for entertainment purposes.

He has always had a close relationship with his father and has shown a strong interest in following in his footsteps as a professional wrestler. He even received training from Jay Lethal in 2018 before debuting on SmackDown in 2019.

The 26-year-old is a member of The Judgment Day and has won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with senior Mysterio, becoming the first real-life father and son duo to achieve this feat in WWE.

However, at the 2023 WWE WrestleMania 39, Rey defeated Dominik with the help of Bad Bunny. The match between father and son was initially in contention to headline WrestleMania Night 1.

In front of a predominantly Latino crowd, the Mysterio family feud was one of the most anticipated and significant events of WrestleMania.

Dominik Mysterio Feud With Rey Mysterio Explained

Dominik feud with his father Rey in WWE is a scripted storyline. Rey defeated his son Dominik in a historic match at WWE WrestleMania 39 in April 2023.

In real life, the father-son duo shares a close and affectionate bond, evident from the numerous images they share on their social media pages.

Rey fondly remembers when his son Dominik fell in love with wrestling, eventually leading to their on-screen WrestleMania match. 

It all started when Dominik was involved in a personal and famous paternity dispute with Rey, his on-screen rival and real-life friend Eddie Guerrero before WWE's SummerSlam in 2005.

(Left to Right) Aalyah, Rey, Dominik, and Angie picture from June 2021
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Dominik, who was just eight years old, began to enjoy his role and involvement in his dad's business. However, his interest in wrestling faded once the angle ended and he focused on playing football until he was 19.

In 2018, Dominik expressed his desire to return to wrestling and began training with Jay Lethal. He made his first appearance on SmackDown in March 2019. 

According to The New York Post, in September 2021, Dominik attacked both his father and his uncle in the storyline and joined the heel faction.

In actual life, Rey and his wife Angie enjoy watching Dominik on TV when they are not working together on an angle. The storyline saw Rey being transferred from Raw to SmackDown to avoid confronting his son, which allowed them to enjoy the benefits of working apart.

Dominik Mysterio Mother Is An Actress

Dominik Mysterio mom Angie Gutierrez is a successful businesswoman and an actress. She has opened her own family restaurant named La Cantina Loca. 

The 48-year-old grew up with her younger sister Cynthia Viridiana de Ruiz in Chula Vista, California.

Additionally, she has appeared in a movie like The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2022). 

Dominik's parents' love story began long before they exchanged their vows on May 11, 1996. As they celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary, Angie shared a throwback photo of their early dating years on social media.

(Right) Rey and Angie pictured infront of helicopter in December 2019
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In her caption, she expressed her deep affection for Rey and thanked him for helping raise the best family.

Moreover, Rey deeply appreciates his wife as demonstrated by the tattoos he has dedicated to her. One of the tattoos, a heart with tribal designs and his wife's name, was his first tattoo on his left triceps. 

The other tattoo on his calf depicts two skeletons that, when put together, form a heart with the words "Love till Death." Rey explained in an interview with WWE that the tattoo represents his unwavering love and commitment to his wife until the end of their lives.

Dominik Mysterio Siblings

Dominik Mysterio has a younger named sister Aalyah Gutierrez. She is a student at San Diego State University.

Aalyah is four years younger than him who turned 26 on April 5th. 

Dominik and Aalayh share a close bond as seen in multiple posts on their respective Instagram pages. However, in a recent WWE match, Aalayh was also part of the scripted storyline, where she was involved in a feud with her older brother.

At the highly anticipated 2023 WWE WrestleMania 39, Mysterio's wife and daughter were in attendance to witness his match against Dominik. 

(Right) Aalyah celebrating Dominik's birthday in April 2020
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The emotional head-to-head battle took a shocking turn when Dominik insulted his mother and sister, telling Rey's wife to be quiet prompting her to respond with a slap.

Adding insult to injury, Dominik even splashed his sister's drink on her face. Rey quickly intervened to check on his daughter, ensuring her safety during the intense confrontation.

Aalyah Gutierrez

Aalyah graduated from Eastside High School in June 2019. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree at San Diego State University in Las Vegas.

In August 2022, she appeared alongside her father on Celebrity Family Feud, where they teamed up to play Fast Money for a chance to win $25,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.

Aalyah and Joshua celebrating Easter together in April 2021
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Rey Mysterio spoke to WWE's website in 2007 about some of the tattoos on his biceps, including tributes to his children Dominik and Aalyah. 

Despite many people spelling Aalyah's name as "Aaliyah" since her on-screen appearances, her Instagram page and her father's tattoo confirm that her name is spelled with a double A.

Aalyah has around 436k followers on Instagram, mainly sharing pictures of her vacation trips with her boyfriend, Joshua Thomas. She has been dating Joshua since 2020.

Inside Rey Mysterio Family Tree

Rey Mysterio comes from a cultural family born to Rosario Gutierrez and Roberto Gutierrez Sr. Dominik is close to his grandparents.

His grandfather is active on Facebook and regularly posts pictures of the grandkids and spouse spending holidays together. Similarly, Roberto Sr. also shares images of his grandkids' accomplishments and trips to various destinations, including Italy. 

Dominik's maternal grandmother, Rosario Alcantar is also a part of their family trips.

Rey's brothers and Dominik's uncles are also active on social media. Luis Gutierrez, one of Rey's brothers, graduated from Montgomery High School in San Diego and has been married to his partner, Norma Nunez, since May 1, 1993. 

Family tree of the Gutierrez's three generation
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They have three grown-up kids. Dominik's cousin, Maribel Gutierrez is a veterinary technician at Summit Veterinary Surgery Service and studied animal service at the University of California, graduating in 2016.

The Gutierrez lineage is also known for their gatherings, such as Roberto Sr.'s wedding to Gabi in Tijuana, Mexico, where five generations of the Gutierrez were present to celebrate the occasion. Roberto Sr. uploaded pictures of the event on his Facebook page.

The Gutierrez family tree shows three generations of the bloodline, demonstrating the close bond and strong ties within Dominik's household.

Per The Athletic, Rey's family has been heavily involved in the professional wrestling industry, with his uncle, Rey Misterio training him.