Deandre Hopkins girlfriend Breanna Young is a licensed commercial flight pilot. Hopkins has been dating her since 2022.

The 30-year-old NFL star player shared snippets of their trip to Mexico on his Instagram.

Since becoming romantically involved with a professional athlete, Breanna has seen a surge in her popularity on Instagram. She's an avid Instagrammer.

Hopkins was a highly sought-after prospect in 2013 when the Houston Texans selected him in the first round of the NFL Draft. 

Since arriving in the league, this dynamic wide receiver has been named to the Pro Bowl and First-team All-Pro three times, firmly establishing himself as one of the premier players in the NFL.

According to CBS Sports, the Cardinals are doing their assignments to build a better team, and they are ready to make necessary amendments to their deal with Hopkins and are eyeing to move him.

Breanna Young Is Also A Fitness Model

Breanna Young has expertise in fitness and Instagram modeling.

Young isn't your average girl. She holds a commercial pilot's license (CPL) with a multi-engine class rating. Hopkins is one lucky guy to have a GF like her. 

Unlike other celebrity wags, Breanna has a successful career of her own. She acts as the pilot-in-command (PIC) of a multi-engine aircraft for hire and has piloted several flights in her career.

Despite all the excellent qualities, Young prefers to live a quiet, stress-free life away from media and people. She is barely active on social media. Her Instagram account has 18.5K followers and 65 posts but is kept private. Her personal life is wholly seized within the four corners of her house, with no room for escape.

Hopkins sweetheart Breanna is a Multi-engine commercial flight pilot
Hopkins sweetheart Breanna is a Multi-engine commercial flight pilot ( Source : instagram )

Breanna loves to stay busy and fit, and she's got the petite figure to prove it. She makes sure to hit the gym regularly to stay in shape. She has a toned physique that she maintains through healthy eating and exercise.

Besides that, she also loves cooking and being a chef of the house during the festive seasons.

She has written "Long strolls through Costco at peak sample hours" on her Instagram bio. She loves doing that and often has a fun experience. 

Costco is renowned for providing its customers the complimentary samples of various food items. It presents an ideal opportunity for individuals to sample novel dishes because it is always full of people.

Deandre Hopkins Vacation To Mexico In 2022

Hopkins and Young went on a holiday trip to Tulum in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. 

On new year's eve, DeAndre made an unexpected social media move, sharing a photo with BreAnna that left fans of the NFL star wondering if there might be something special between them.

The rumored relationship began circulating in the media in May of 2021, but they started dating in 2022. 

DeAndre and BreAnna went to Mexico to celebrate the NFL star's 30th birthday in June 2022
DeAndre and BreAnna went to Mexico to celebrate the NFL star's 30th birthday in June 2022 ( Source : nypost )

The New York Post also published an article about their vacation tour to Mexico on June 10, 2022.

Hopkins flew with his newfound love Breanna to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo on the Caribbean coast, where they celebrated his 30th birthday in a resort.

DeAndre and Breanna struck a romantic pose in front of Cafe Monarch like a newly married couple. Finally, they enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner.

He shared some fantastic photos of them having a great time exploring the ancient ruins, admiring the breathtaking natural scenery, experiencing the vibrant city life, and indulging in the delicious local cuisine.

Deandre Hopkins Family Life

Hopkins grew up in a family of six in Clemson, South Carolina, U.S. Deandre has three siblings.

From a young age, Hopkins was lovingly known as 'Nuk' by his mother, who noticed his habit of chewing through his NUK pacifiers. Hopkins started playing football after he joined D. W. Daniel High School in Pickens County.

Hopkins lost his dad in an automobile crash

Deandre Hopkins was born to parents Harris Steve Hopkins and Sabrina Greenlee. He had a challenging childhood with emotional experiences.

In November of 1992, Harris perished in a vehicular collision on I-85 while he and his family traveled from their visit to relatives in Atlanta. He was only five months older at that time.

Deandre with his mother Sabrina Greenlee attending an event by Grey Goose Entertainment in July 2021
Deandre with his mother Sabrina Greenlee attending an event by Grey Goose Entertainment in July 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Harris was driving the Ford Mustang GTS with his wife Greenlee on a slippery road and lost balance while turning. The car flipped over and collided with the guardrail at the side of the road.

DeAndre's mother, Sabrina was lucky to survive the horrible accident with minor bruises, but Harris could not make it. This misfortune left her to care for him and his three siblings. 

Born and raised in a single-parent household, Hopkins credits his hardworking mother for his success. Greenlee juggled two jobs throughout her son's childhood, working long hours at an automotive factory. This upbringing fostered a strong work ethic in Hopkins, which has helped him achieve his goals.

Hopkins Has Three Siblings 

Hopkins has two older half-siblings, Kesha and Marcus and one younger sister Shanterria Cobb.

Kesha and Marcus are not his biological blood but are from his mom Sabrina's past relationship. Kesha is the oldest of all four who graduated from Southern Wesleyan University.

Throwback picture of kid Hopkins with her mom Sabrina (right)and his two siblings Kesha (top) and Marcus
Throwback picture of kid Hopkins with her mom Sabrina (right)and his two siblings Kesha (top) and Marcus ( Source : instagram )

Afterward, she relocated to Houston, and he started working as a basketball instructor.

Similarly, Shanterria, his younger sister, joined Texas Southern University in 2016 and played basketball at the college.

Having been a three-time all-region selection in basketball at D.W. Daniel High School, Shanterria was a star athlete who was sure to make a mark on the collegiate court.

Furthermore, his older brother, Marcus Greenlee, also had a knack for sports. Marcus was an impressive football and basketball player in high school, attending the Georgia Military College for a short time.