Brian Flores and wife Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores married in 2009. Brian and Jennifer have three kids in the family.

The two first met during spring break during college and married in the summer of 2009.

Flores, a former Miami Dolphin head coach, started his coaching profession with the New England Patriots as a scouting assistant in 2004. He worked his way up through the ranks, serving as a defensive, linebackers, and safeties coach before being named the team's defensive play-caller and coordinator in 2018. 

The 41-year-old has been with the Pittsburgh Steelers since the start of 2022. However, news broke out recently that The Cleveland Browns, who parted ways with its defensive coordinator Joe Woods are monitoring the possible appointment of Flores in that position, per CBS Sports.

Brian Flores And Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Married Life

Brian Flores and Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores had a summer wedding in 2009. Brian and Jennifer are celebrating their 14th anniversary in 2023.

Though they did not go to the same school, Brian and Jennifer's story began when they were in college. Fortunately, both chose the same destination for their spring vacation, i.e., the beautiful beach city of Acapulco in Mexico.

Flores saw her first while standing on a local bar's balcony. He then pointed out Jenn to his friend Mike Miller and confidently told him that he was going to marry him, Brian told Yahoo.

Brian met the love of his life Jennifer as they both visited Acapulco during their college's spring break in 2009
Brian met the love of his life Jennifer as they both visited Acapulco during their college's spring break in 2009 ( Source : facebook )

At first, Miller was confused because he was unsure whether it was him speaking or the drink. Turns out the NFL coach did not say those words on a whim. The pair married in 2009 and went on to have three children, two sons, and one baby girl.

For Flores, Duncan has been a lucky charm, and ever since he started dating her, his professional life has reached incredible heights as a result of the abundance of doors that have opened up for him.

Flores, who served Patriots as an assistant coach from 2004 to 2009, was promoted to assistant offense & special teams coach following his marriage. Similarly, his coaching profession and community involvement seem to have a lot of support from Jennifer.

Brian Flores And Jennifer Have Three Wonderful Kids

Brian and his spouse Jennifer are raising three wonderful children at their home in Pittsburgh.

Among their three little babies, two of them are sons, Maxwell Flores and Miles Flores, while the last one is a daughter Liliana.

Maxwell is the eldest child, born in the year 2013, and he is nine years old. Similarly, Miles is the second born, who was born a year later in 2014. 

Brian enjoying with his two sons Maxwell and Miles after his farewell game for the Patriots in February 2019
Brian enjoying with his two sons Maxwell and Miles after his farewell game for the Patriots in February 2019 ( Source : twitter )

Neither Flores nor his soulmate Jennifer is available on Instagram. However, she has a Facebook account and uploaded pictures of the family and kids. Moreover, the NFL coach often brings all three to his game, where they would see the game and cheer for their daddy.

When Brian was chosen to lead the Miami Dolphins in 2019 and announced as the team's new head coach, he attended the announcement function with his family of five.

Jennifer Gave Birth To Their Third Child In 2017

Jennifer had a pregnancy complication while giving birth to their third baby in January 2017.

She did not have any difficulties during her previous two deliveries. However, she had some minor issues while welcoming their third. Jenn was in the stadium attending one of Brian's games, Patriots against Houston, Texas.

Duncan went into labor and felt unsettled all of a sudden. During the match, her water ruptured, and she needed to be transported to the hospital.

Brian with his partner Jennifer and children at the airport in Florida Miami in February 2019
Brian with his partner Jennifer and children at the airport in Florida Miami in February 2019 ( Source : facebook )

Brian, who has been in the staffing section with then Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was informed of the news by other personnel. He then told Belichick Patriots were in a comfortable position leading Texas with points.

Coach Bill insists Flores go with his partner Jenn to the hospital, though she persuaded him to complete the game while assuring him that she was not yet going through contractions.

Everything turned out okay in the end. Next to the Patriots' victory, Flores and Duncan welcomed their little princess Liliana the following morning.

Jennifer Duncan Career

Jennifer taught Spanish at Foxborough Regional Charter School in Foxborough, Massachusetts. 

Her name can be traced from the 2009–2010 academic year course log at Foxborough. Heavy reported the Spanish Department textbook for middle and high school has her name listed on their pages.

However, following her marriage with Brian, she left the job and moved in with him. Based on her tweet back in September 2011 that said, "First day at the new job tomorrow! Can't wait to meet all of my students!" Duncan found another teaching job in New England.

Brian and Jennifer at an event in July 2022.
Brian and Jennifer at an event in July 2022. ( Source : facebook )

Jennifer's Facebook post from August 2018 tells us that she has not left the teaching profession and still working as a teacher. Shortly after that, in 2019, the pair relocated to Miami, Florida, when her husband Brian was appointed the head coach of the Miami Dolphins in February. 

Besides educating students, Duncan has also been involved heavily in humanitarian and charitable works. She has engaged in a number of charity initiatives.

Early in 2021, to support the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami, she and the spouses of the Miami Dolphins coaches established a fundraising effort called Dolphins Challenge Cancer.

Brian Parents Raised Him In Brooklyn New York

Brian was born to his parents, Raul and Maria Flores, in Brooklyn, New York. He is one of five sons in the family.

His father and mother were not originally New York natives but immigrants from Honduras. Raul and Maria migrated from the Central American nation in the 70s.

They were the victims of the aftermath of the Great Depression, which created Honduras a battleground of warfare. Seeing no future in the country, they fled to the United States. 

The former Dolphins head coach did not have a sound childhood and grew up in a bad neighborhood. Flores worked his way out to the top playing football from the age of 12 with his fireman uncle.