Next Chicago Bears head coach options for 2024 are Ben Johnson, Jim Harbaugh, Dan Quinn, Brian Johnson, Eric Bieniemy, Frank Smith, and Bobby Slowik.

After a very poor run of form, the Chicago Bears are more likely to sack the current head coach Matt Eberflus.

Numerous coaches are linked and gossiped about to be their new head coach but it is just a rumor, nothing is confirmed yet and the search for it is still going on.

The first name on the list who could be the Bears' next head coach in 2024 is the Offensive Coordinator of the Detroit Lions, Ben Johnson.

He has an established track record of success, and he possesses a youthful, creative offensive mind that has the potential to revive the Bears' offense.

Johnson has experience coaching young quarterbacks and has a track record of success. During his tenure in Detroit, he assisted in the development of Jared Goff into a more efficient and productive quarterback.

Johnson would be an excellent appointment for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who is still in his early stages of development.

Likewise, there are many other coaches who could replace Matt Eberflus. Bobby Slowik is definitely one of them.

Slowik is well-known for his ability to foster a positive culture within his players. He is highly demanding of his players, yet his players respect him.

Chicago Bears Coaching Staff 2023

Matt EberflusHead Coach
Luke GetsyOffensive Coordinator
Alan WilliamsDefensive Coordinator
Richard HightowerSpecial Teams Coordinator
Jim ArthurHead Strength and Conditioning
Dave BorgonziLinebackers
Zach GableOffensive Quality Control
Andre CurtisSafeties
Jim DrayTight Ends
Isaiah HarrisPlayer Engagement/Strength and Conditioning
Justin HindsAssistant Defensive Line
Jon HokeCornerbacks/Passing Game Coordinator

Ben Johnson - Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator

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Ben Johnson is one of the leading candidates to get the head coach job at the Chicago Bears. Currently, an offensive coordinator of the Lions is likely to be the Bears next year.

In 2019, he was appointed by the Detroit Lions as an offensive quality control coach. soon after a year, he was elevated to the position of tight ends coach, and the Lions kept him on even after the appointment of Campbell as head coach in 2021.

As Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn's position fell during the 2021 season, Johnson became more of a coordinator of passing games.

Following that season, Johnson was promoted to the position of offensive coordinator.

One of the top young play callers in the NFL is thought to be Johnson. He is the one who revitalized QB Jared Goff's career as he passed for 5467 yards, 35 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions in 21 games.

Last season, the Lions' offense was fourth in total yards and fifth in scoring. He has the ability to bring out QBS's best qualities.

His coaching background at practically every offensive position on the field further raises his level of expertise.

The Lion's offense has become one of the most effective in the NFL under Johnson's direction.

His growth chart clearly shows that now he is ready for the head coach position.

Jim Harbaugh - Michigan Head Coach

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The current head coach of Michigan Jim Harbaugh is another candidate for the Chicago Bears head coach position.

He has worked as a head coach for several teams including San Diego, Stanford, and San Francisco 49ers. But he started his coaching career with the Oakland Raiders as a quarterback coach.

He has been with Michigan since 2015 and it is still going strong. Seeing his good relationship with the team and how his team is performing every season under his guidelines, it is unlikely that he will leave the team.

However, nobody knows the future and there might be some deciding factors that can affect his decision to leave the team after spending almost a decade.

The Wolverines are 53-17 in Big Ten games under his leadership, with a 74-25 overall record.

Under his direction, Michigan has won seven bowl games, five 10-win seasons, two New Year's Six bowls, three more New Year's Day bowl games, and two consecutive games to the College Football Playoff Semifinals.

His teams have six times finished the season ranked in the national polls, with three of those results being in the top 10.

Under Harbaugh's direction, thirteen Wolverines have won eighteen All-America honors.

If he is appointed then it is likely that other Chicago Bears coaches will leave and have a whole new set of Chicago Bears staff.

Jim Harbaugh is a dynamic and passionate guy who has excelled at both professional and collegiate levels. He is renowned for his creative offensive methods, his ability to inspire teammates, and his deep love for the game.

Dan Quinn - Dallas Cowboys Defensive coordinator

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Dan Quinn who is one of the Cowboy's assistant coaches, works as a defensive coordinator and is a highly sought-after coach in the world of American Football.

He even worked as a head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from 2015 until 2020, where he managed to help the Falcons to the Super Bowl.

That excellent season in 2016, was rewarded with the Coach of the Year award in the National Football League.

Unfortunately, his team saw a disastrous run of form which led to his sacking by the Falcons in the 2020 season.

After being sacked from his previous team, he has been working as the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, who are showing excellent display at the back in his leadership.

He was even acknowledged as the Assistant Coach of the Year in 2021 for his team's top-level performances.

Quinn is someone who is very humble because taking a job of a bit lower position right after looking at a team as a head coach is not what everyone would be open to doing and most of them would hesitate as they set their standards.

These attributes of his make him even more special and with the hefty experiences that he has collected so far, he definitely deserves another opportunity to become the new head coach of the Chicago Bears next season.

However, Quinn in January 2023, announced that he would love to continue working as the defensive coordinator of the Cowboys and showed no intention of leaving the role any time soon.

But in case he gets a good offer and gets the chance to work as a head coach again, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the current Dallas coach.

Brian Johnson - Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator

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Brian Johnson has coached at several levels in both college and professional football. He currently is the offensive coordinator of the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2008, Johnson started working as a graduate assistant coach at Utah State University. After that, he went on to Mississippi State University, where from 2009 to 2012 worked as a QB coach.

He was elevated to the position of offensive coordinator at the University of Utah in 2013.

Johnson joined the Texans in 2016 as the quarterbacks coach. In 2020, he left to become the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Florida Gators.

He became the quarterbacks coach for the Eagles in 2021. In 2022, he received a promotion to offensive coordinator.

Johnson recently said that trust among the team is very important for the success of the team and that is what helped him achieve the favorable outcome in recent times.

Hopefully, if he gets appointed Chicago Bears head coach he will also hope to get similar treatment and most importantly trust from Chicago Bears assistant coaches, players as well as from Chicago Bears owners.

Frank Smith - Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator

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Frank Smith is a former Chicago Bears coach, who worked as a tight ends coach from 2015 to 2017.

He is now the Miami Dolphins' offensive coordinator in the National Football League. He has worked as the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders' offensive line coach and coordinator of the run game in addition to the Los Angeles Chargers.

He was appointed assistant offensive line coach by the New Orleans Saints in 2007. In 2012, he received a promotion to offensive line and offensive assistant.

The New Orleans Saints were a regular postseason challenger and the team won the Super Bowl in 2010 while he was there.

In 2015, Smith became the tight ends coach for the Chicago Bears. In 2018, he became the tight ends coach for the Oakland Raiders. He received a promotion to offensive coordinator in 2019.

His aggressive tactics have received recognition for their originality and inventiveness. He has a reputation for being able to maximize a team's offensive potential by developing players and making the most of their skills.

In 2021, Smith became an offensive line coach and coordinator of the run game for the Los Angeles Chargers. In 2022, he was appointed by the Miami Dolphins to serve as their offensive coordinator.

Since, Smith has already worked for the Bears, though it was for a very short period of time, he now might have a chance to show his true talent and accomplish his unfinished business, i.e. if he gets appointed as the head coach.

Eric Bieniemy - Washington Commanders Offensive Coordinator

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Everywhere Bieniemy has gone, he has succeeded. Before being appointed as the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach in 2013, he advanced through the coaching ranks at UCLA, Colorado, and in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings.

2018 saw him advance to offensive coordinator after he demonstrated significant potential.

As the coordinator of the finest offense in football history, which won two Super Bowls, he was crucial to the rise of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs were consistently a top-five offensive team and a Super Bowl contender under Bieniemy. The Chiefs would never have won those Super Bowls without Bieniemy.

Bieniemy is deserving of the position of head coach Chicago Bears. He has the ability to create a revolutionary attack that will lift the Bears out of the NFC cave.

Chicago is also a great place for a new head coach to start their career because it has a healthy salary cap situation and two first-round picks in the next draft.

Bobby Slowik - Houston Texans Offensive Coordinator

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The last name on the list of potential candidates for Chicago Bears head coach is Bobby Slowik.

He is the current offensive coordinator for the Houston Texans after his excellent coaching strategies and tactics, his team's offense is thriving exceptionally.

He has worked for Washington Redskins as a Defensive assistant and as a Defensive quality control coach for the San Francisco 49er.

Even though he started off as a defensive coach, he then switched his coaching role to the offensive.

He has been an instrumental coach who has dealt with injury crises to important players but successfully managed to overcome that problems with ease.

His arrival with the Houston Texans in 2023 changed the team's offensive problem and managed to get the best out of the quarterbacks in no time.

This is the change that Chicago Bears would want to see in their team next season.

If you see the Chicago Bears head coach history in recent times, it seems that they just get rid of coaches who can't bring immediate success.

So, he might be the perfect fit.