Andre Drummond former girlfriend Elizabeth Costadoni is an Instagram model. Andre has been in high-profile relationships over the years.

The professional NBA player currently plays for the Chicago Bulls. After spending eight seasons at the Detroit Pistons since he first got drafted in the 2012 NBA Draft, he joined the team in July 2022.

Drummond became the first player in the league's history to score 15 points and 11 rebounds in 15 minutes in 44 years after NBA legend Daryl Dawkins in the 1978-79 season.

Andre achieved the landmark against the Charlotte Hornets on February 3, 2023.

The Chicago Bulls star became the father of two kids in 2019, each born to a different partner.

His first baby was a son named Deon with his ex Abigail Russo and later that year, Andre welcomed a daughter Aubrey with Elizabeth.

Drummond Dated Elizabeth Costadoni In 2018

Andre Drummond began dating Elizabeth Costadoni in 2018. They welcomed a daughter Aubrey Ellarose on 22 March 2019.

The couple did not last a year and parted ways by the end of 2018. However, during their brief time together, the two spent quality time in several countries.

Aubrey celebrated her third birthday in March 2022. She lives with Elizabeth
Source : instagram

During Aubrey's birth, Andre and Elizabeth were not a couple and had already broken up.

After giving birth, she posted a video and several images of the baby on Instagram.

A short clip where Aubrey smiles at the camera as Elizabeth caresses her sweet little cheeks is so heartwarming to watch.

She announced her pregnancy via a post in December 2018 with a picture of her wearing a light pink fitted long-sleeve apparel.

Her hands were on her lower belly, which had grown into a slightly noticeable bump.

It is typical for an Instagram influencer like Elizabeth to post photographs regularly. She has shared several images boasting her enlarged belly afterward. 

In February 2019, a month before delivery, she had a baby shower at her home, with several of his family members and friends attending the function.

Andre holding Aubrey on her first's birthday at home in March 2020
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Her sister Gabrielle Costadoni was also among the attendees. Gabrielle is a licensed esthetician and the owner of Sorella Beauty Bar. 

Aubrey, 3, lives with her mom, with Andre making the occasional visits to meet her. In March 2020, the athlete posted a picture with her little princess wishing her a warm birthday. 

Andre Drummond Has A Son With Abigail Russo

Andre has a son with her former partner Abigail Russo. She gave birth to Deon King Drummond in February 2019.

The NBA star found himself in the public limelight in 2018 when he got two women, Elizabeth and Abigail, pregnant at the same time. 

And the irony is Andre was no longer in a relationship with either of them.

He got huge criticism and backlash on social media when people discovered he was seeing both women simultaneously.

Andre Drummond never married Abigail but she had plans to be his wife. Things fell apart quickly once the controversy hit. 

Drummond Saved Deon From Drowning

Andre restored his reputation when he came to rescue his two-year-old son Deon from sinking in the swimming pool. 

Andre took Deon to a basketball game on his second birthday in 2020
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On 12 August 2021, Deon was playing near a pool at one of Andre's residences when he suddenly fell into a puddle.

The Chicago Bulls center had his "father instinct" activated with the incident, and he immediately plunged into the swimming pool to save his boy. 

The CCTV footage shows Andre scooping right after Deon tripped into the pond and rescuing him.

Later he posted the video on his Twitter with the caption, "Not All Heroes Wear Capes." He also admitted it was the worst nightmare as a parent and made sure Deon was not hurt.

Drummond received much acclaim from his supporters and admirers for his heroism, and some even coined him "Superdad" and "Dad of the Year."

Candice Brooks in 2015

Andre Drummond dated reality tv star Candice Brooks in 2015. Andre was in a relationship with her for only four months.

The two began dating in March of 2015 but had to retrieve shortly after because of their differences.

Four months into the relationship, Andre and Candice announced they were no longer dating. 

Andre and Candice were together for a brief period in 2015
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Candice is a New Yorker, born in July 1987 in New York to an entrepreneur mother and an interior architect dad.

She is known because of her dating life which includes some big names such as Chris Brown, French Montana, and Safaree Samuels. 

The model and singer is seeing German and Bayern Munich winger Leroy Sane. The pair has a daughter Rio Stella. Likewise, Candice has a son Tobias from his past relationship. 

Her mom inspires the 35-year-old to venture into business endeavors.

According to Famous Birthdays, she co-starred in the 2016 tv reality About the Business with Eva Marcille.

Furthermore, Candice had a brief cameo appearance in the music video of "Tell Me Part 2" by Emile Danero.

Andre Drummond And Jennette McCurdy In 2013

Drummond and Jennette McCurdy were a thing back in 2013.

Though they were together for a short period, it was enough to create a racket among the fans on the internet.

Andre Drummond gf Jennette was a promising actress. Just 21, she had a sizable fan base and was the crush of many teenage boys. 

Andre and Jennette holding strolling outside holding their hands in September 2013. They broke up shortly after
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Andre revealed he received several threats on Twitter when his relationship with the iCarly star became known to people.

Though they did not stay together for long, their love romance garnered much interest. After all those years, the 30-year-old actress is single and is not married.

There were claims Andre once dated social media influencer Jenna Shea.

However, speaking with TMZ Sports, the basketball athlete cleared his name off Shea's dating list as he denied seeing her.