Does Ryan Garcia have any siblings? Yes, Ryan Garcia has one brother Sean Garcia and three sisters Demi, Sasha Marie and Kayla Garcia. 

Sean Gracia, his younger brother, is also following in his footsteps and has already made a name for himself in the world of boxing, while his sisters are pursuing careers far from sports. 

Generally, Ryan began boxing at the age of seven, and ten years later, in June 2016, he turned professional and had his first fight against Edgar Meza in Tijuana.

Moreover, Ryan and his four siblings were raised in a household exposed to boxing. The five siblings share a close bond, and their social media posts depict their relationship and show how supportive they are towards each other. 

Demi Elise Garcia

Demi Elise Garcia is the eldest of five siblings. Demi works as a freelance makeup artist for private customers, celebrities, and makeup application services.

Before opting to pursue a career in the beauty business, she worked as an actor and model, as well as a host for 11 Hospitality, which sparked her interest in the professional field and the devotion and abilities of makeup artists.

Demi looks stunning in her leather ensemble and minimal makeup look
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In October of 2018, she received her Master Makeup Artist credential from the Online Makeup Academy.

Right after graduating, she continued to study editorial artistry and professional makeup application with private clients, and opted to advance her career aspirations in the beauty business by studying esthetics to earn her esthetician license. 

Furthermore, she is 29 years old, having been born on November 11, 1993, and presently resides in Studio City, California, as per her Facebook bio. 

Sasha Marie Garcia

Ryan second oldest sister Sasha Marie Garcia resides in San Deigo, California. Sasha is a business owner who sells women's clothing and jewelry on Depop.

Garcia with her boyfriend, Chris Mashbrown after a dinner date in January 2021
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Besides, she has an account named @cherieepop where she offers a combination of selected resale and her personal collection of women's dresses, heels, jewelry, and other items.

Sasha's Depop profile where she sells her personal collection
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Furthermore, her Instagram feed is filled with photos of her with her boyfriend, surfer Chris Mashburn.

Sean Garcia

Sean Garcia is an American boxer who fights in the featherweight class. Sean was born on October 24, 2000, in California, USA.

Garcia, 22, made his professional debut on October 28, 2017, defeating Luis Eduardo Ochoa via technical knockout (TKO).

Sean poses for a family picture with his wife, Surrissa and daughter, Blue, on May 14, 2021
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In addition, Sean and Surrissa, with whom he is engaged, are parents to two daughters, Layla and Ellie. And in October 2019, at their baby shower celebration, Garcia got down on one knee and proposed to her, per Sasha's Insta post. 

Kayla Elisabeth Garcia

The youngest of five siblings Kayla Elisabeth Garcia is 19 years old and was born on December 14, 2003. Kayla is a high school graduate who was diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Kayla experienced her first seizure in 2020, according to a mother's Instagram post, and as a result, the family started raising awareness about epilepsy and signed up for the Walk to End Epilepsy.

Garcia, dressed in a mini top and denim pants, sits on top of a rock, smirking at the camera
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Similarly, Ryan also dedicated his boxing match to support his younger sister and cousin, Scott, in his quest to eradicate epilepsy, as per a Facebook post. 

She is also active on Instagram, where she has a few thousand followers and six postings in total. One of her images depicts her relationship, and her brother's past companions, Catherine and Andrea, have also left their comments.

Kayla and her partner donning matching outfits and posing for a portrait on December 27, 2022
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Meanwhile, her Instagram highlights illustrate their family vacation to Italy, with a section dedicated to their stay in Rome.

Ryan Garcia Family

Ryan Garcia family are originally from Victorville California. Ryan grew up alongside his three sisters and a brother. 

His father is a boxing trainer who has instilled a love for sports in both of his sons and has been training them since their early ages. 

Ryan and his elder sisters and brother during their childhood days
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Furthermore, the Garcias are frequently seen traveling together to multiple destinations and celebrating holidays jointly. 

Ryan Garcia Parents

Ryan Garcia parents Lisa Marie and Henry Garcia have been involved in his amateur career. Henry has assisted him with his professional career as his trainer. 

Similarly, his father, Henry, began to train Ryan and Sean in boxing when they were only seven years old. Knowing the value of mobility, Henry would purchase reflex bags for his son's training. However, when his boys became stronger and quicker, the bags would eventually crack and burst.

Garcia shows off his lion tattoos as his father, Henry, wears a lion branded jacket
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Trying to do the best for his son's training, Henry decided to build his reflex bag, and after numerous rounds of modifications, he finally created a robust reflex bag.

This not only aided his kid's careers, but the Gracia family later named it The Fierce Reflex and turned it into a family company.

Lisa Marie wore casual clothing and a leopard print scarf to a brunch in a seaside resort
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On the other hand, his mother, Lisa Marie, is a personal administrative assistant for business initiatives. Her Instagram bio includes highlights from The Fierce Reflex, indicating that she is also actively involved in the family company.

Lisa is a Whittier, California, native who earned a degree in public administration from USC.

Ryan Garcia Girlfriend List

Garcia girlfriend list includes Catherine Priscilla Gamez and Adrea Celina. Ryan name was also linked with TikTok star Malu Trevejo. 

His first romance with Catherine began in 2017. Gamez is a resident of Palmdale, California, and a 2018 graduate of Rosamond High School. 

Catherine takes a picture while sunbathing in June 2021
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Her current location is listed on her Facebook profile as Norwalk, California. Likewise, her Instagram page has over 93 thousand followers and only two bold photographs. 

Furthermore, she is often tagged in Ryan's mother's postings, showing that the family may maintain a close relationship despite their separation following the birth of their first child together. 

Although the specifics of his relationship are unknown, he began dating Andrea "Drea" in 2019, and the Mexican and Italian Instagram model was pregnant with Ryan's child when his viral video was released on October 24, 2020. 

Ryan controversial intimate moment with TikTok star Malu outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles
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She was expected to give birth to his second child in seven weeks at the time. The viral video showed him making out with TikTok star Malu Trevejo in front of spectators. 

Following the startling video, his girlfriend stated on her Instagram page, that he was a betrayer. In his defense, Ryan also said in a now-deleted post that he and Malu went as friends but got caught up in the moment. 

Is Ryan Garcia Single In 2023?

Ryan Garcia is not single in 2023. Garcia and Celina were trying to mend their relationship after the viral clip in 2020 jeopardized it. 

Celina celebrating her child's first birthday image posted on Lisa's Instagram page
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Possibly, the pair might have reconciled, as Ryan and Drea are still following each other on Instagram, and she was also seen hanging out with the Garcia family frequently throughout the holiday season. 

Also, Ryan's mother, Lisa, has shared several photos and videos of Celina with her daughter, Bela. 

Ryan Garcia Daughters

Garcia has two daughters from his two different partners, Rylie and Belicita Garcia. The Garcia sisters are a year apart in age. 

On his verified Instagram profile, the father of two frequently publishes photographs of his adorable girls. The toddler's photos are mostly accessible through their grandmother's social media handles.

Rylie and Bela dressed as princess during a photoshoot in August 2021
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Lisa's post highlights her granddaughter's growth and development over the last few years. There's a video of them holding Auntie Love, a children's book given to them by WBC champion and author Maricela Cornejo. 

Rylie Garcia

Ryan Garcia first daughter Rylie Garcia is 3 years old and was born on 20 March 2019. Rylie lives in Los Angeles California with her mother, Catherine Priscilla Gamez. 

The kindergarten alumna also has an Instagram page that is handled by her father, Ryan. In the social media application, the three-year-old already has 21 thousand of followers.

Rylie watching her dad's first boxing match in Texas in April 2022
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Similarly, among the posts, there is a snapshot of Rylie and Ryan strolling through Disneyland, with the toddler dressed as a Disney princess. 

Rylie also has boxing DNA running through her veins, but her father told TMZ that her chances of becoming a pugilist in the future are little to none. However, his firstborn enjoys sports and attended her first boxing bout in Texas in 2022, where she had a great time. 

Bela Garcia

The unbeaten lightweight boxer's second child Belacita "Bela" is two years old. Bela was born on December 5, 2020, to parents Ryan Garcia and Andrea Celina. 

Ryan's day out with his girls, Bela and Rylie in June 2022
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A video uploaded on August 13, 2021, on Lisa's Insta page, shows Bela's small hand smacking her mother, prompting Lisa to claim that boxing is in her DNA. As she grows older, she may pursue a career as a boxer.